Malabar Hill Treetop Walkway: Upcoming Adventurous Nature Trial Experience

“The elevated treetop walkway in Mumbai, which is being constructed in Malabar Hill, is set to become a popular tourist attraction. The locals and tourists are eagerly awaiting the completion of this unique natural trail. Let me give you more details about its exact location and appearance..”

Elevated Treetop Walkway
Elevated Treetop Walkway (Pictorial Representation)

The construction of the treetop walkway is ongoing, and the images provided are merely for illustrative purposes to showcase its appearance. A Google Maps snapshot displays the Malabar Hill walkway’s position along with nearby points of interest. Despite my efforts to provide accurate information, there may be variations once it is completed and accessible to visitors.

Walkway Introduction

Malabar Hill Natures Trial Treetop Walkway
Malabar Hill Natures Trial Treetop Walkway

I firmly believe that the new treetop walkway in Malabar Hills will truly enchant both the locals of Mumbai and visitors. This natural path guarantees a wonderful adventure, giving people the chance to enjoy the stunning views of Girgaon Chowpatty beach, the grand Arabian Sea, and the famous Queens Necklace at Marine Drive.

Iron Railings Treetop Walkway
Iron Railings Treetop Walkway

A View Deck near The Shoe House (Also Called ‘Old Lady Shoe’) at Kamla Nehru Park in Mumbai is currently captivating the attention of both tourists and locals. Mumbai77 website has highlighted this must-visit spot, which offers an awe-inspiring aerial view of the famous Queen’s Necklace and Chowpatty. What’s more, the location is currently undergoing expansion, making the area even more spacious and introducing an extended walkway. This means visitors can now immerse themselves even more in the breathtaking scenery.

Wooden Treetop Walk Pathway
Wooden Treetop Walk Pathway (Singapore Style)

Take a glimpse at the preliminary visualization of the project’s final appearance.

In a bid to kickstart the project, BMC’s (MCGM’s) Hydraulic Engineers Department organized a pre-bid meeting on August 9, 2021. This gathering brought together a dynamic mix of staff members, architects, structural consultants, and bidder companies. The primary objective of this meeting was to initiate the project and tackle any queries that cropped up along the way. The ambitious plan aimed to wrap up the project by 2022, making it accessible to the public. Fast forward to 2023, and the wheels are already in motion, with the grand opening for the public just around the corner. Just waiting for the current year, i.e 2024 to experience the treetop walk.

Currently, we don’t have all the specific information about entry charges, the possibility of free entry, operating hours, parking facilities, and other regulations. We also don’t have details about age restrictions for children and adults, safety measures, and more. However, it’s important to mention that there are some fascinating details that we can share with you at this point:

Fast Facts of Malabar Hill Treetop Walkway

The walkway’s public opening in 2023 was delayed due to ongoing construction work in a silent zone, limited working hours, and changes in planning and architectural adjustments by BMC.

The walkway will be situated in the southern part of Chowpatty beach, starting from Kamla Nehru Park by the Shoe House and Juta Ghar. It will stretch 700 meters into the lush greenery of tall trees, running alongside BG Kher road.

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey along nature’s trial walkway, stretching an impressive 756 meters! Within this expanse, 56 meters have been thoughtfully designated for service access areas. As you traverse this enchanting path, be prepared for the width to fluctuate, ranging from 1.5 meters to 3.5 meters, and occasionally expanding to a generous 5.4 meters. And that’s not all, Brace yourself for an extraordinary experience as certain sections of the walkway boast glass bottoms, offering a truly unique perspective on the world beneath your feet.

Get ready to embark on a mesmerizing journey as you stroll along the walkway in Mumbai. At one end, a magnificent ring-route circle awaits, inviting you to retrace your steps and immerse yourself in the breathtaking beauty of Malabar Hill’s vibrant flora and fauna. This remarkable design, reminiscent of the renowned treetop walkways in Singapore, reflects the city’s unwavering dedication to crafting extraordinary recreational spaces.

For more details on the operating hours of the walkways, entrance fees, and the current roadside parking situation, you can visit Kamla Nehru Park and Hanging Garden. These two parks are conveniently situated close by. Stay tuned for any future updates on these arrangements.

Other Places to See Near Malabar Hill

All the below listed attractions are at 15 to 20 minutes proximity from Malabar hill treetop walkway.

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