Kids Balodyan Garden: A Haven within a Hanging Garden of Mumbai

“Balodyan stands out as a truly unique and exceptional playground and park designed exclusively for young children. Nestled in Charni Road, this delightful Balodyan Garden offers an abundance of lush greenery where toddlers and kids can frolic and have a blast. For more information about this enchanting place, you can also visit the Hanging Garden…”

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Balodyan (Hanging Garden) Mumbai
Balodyan (at Hanging Garden) Mumbai

Balodyan Garden

Situated on the western side of Charni Road, close to Charni Road station at Malabar Hill, lies this enchanting Garden. It has become a beloved destination for families, particularly children and their mothers. This garden holds a special place in the hearts of little ones, as it aims to nurture their creativity and intelligence. As a result, only children and women are granted access to this park, which is a delightful extension of the Hanging Garden.

Tucked away in the Charni Road Vicinity, Balodyan Garden stands out as one of the closest green spaces in the area. It holds a special place in history, as it was inaugurated on February 24, 1952, by none other than the esteemed President of India, Mr. Rajendra Prasad.

Address : Hanging Garden, Ridge Road , Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400006


Discover the wonders of Balodyan Garden, open from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. and from 4:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. This enchanting place has become a hub for young minds to nurture their artistic skills and delve into the fascinating realms of art and science. Kids have truly flourished here, expanding their horizons and gaining invaluable knowledge.

This place is a delight for children to visit, as it is conveniently situated near Kamla Nehru Park and Girgaum chowpatty beach. The proximity to these attractions adds an extra element of fun for the kids.

You might also want to know about Priyadarshini Park and Harish Mahindra Park at Nepeansea Road, Malabar Hill.

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