Trombay Jetty: Upcoming Destination for Flamingo Watching and Eco-Tourism

“Nestled along the eastern coast of Mumbai City, Maharashtra, the picturesque Trombay Jetty can be found at the coordinates 19.02663° N, 72.9549° E. This location is conveniently positioned near the popular Chereshwar GYM, the Cheeta Camp metro station, and Essel studio, all within a short distance of just 500 meters.

Exciting developments are underway at Trombay Jetty. If all goes as intended, guests can anticipate a breathtaking flamingo exhibit, a peaceful Walkway winding through the mangroves, an engaging nature path, bird watching platforms for bird lovers, an intriguing museum, a serene turtle pond, a lively butterfly garden, and a charming cafe. To enhance the experience for tourists, there will be sufficient parking and an E-Buggy shuttle service to transport them from the parking lot to the jetty..”

Cityscape View From Trombay Jetty
Cityscape View From Trombay Jetty

Eco-Tourism With Flamingo View Deck and More

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has some thrilling surprises in the works for Trombay Jetty. Get ready to be amazed by a breathtaking flamingo viewing gallery, a cutting-edge digital museum, and a delightful mangrove cafe, all designed to captivate nature enthusiasts as they venture through the enchanting trails. This incredible project will stretch from Essel Studio in Mankhurd to the jetty, providing a plethora of activities for visitors to immerse themselves in. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey.

The BMC has taken great care to ensure convenience by strategically designing a parking space on the left side of the area. Moreover, for those seeking a truly immersive experience, an electric buggy will be at their disposal to transport them inside. On the right side, towards Trombay jetty, nature enthusiasts can embark on enchanting natural trails, enabling them to fully immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings at their own leisure.

The BMC’s new eco-tourism project in Trombay is breaking new ground, highlighting their dedication to sustainable tourism and uncovering the natural beauty of the area. Situated in the M East ward, surrounded by slums and the Deonar dumping ground, this initiative is set to revamp the neglected ward’s reputation.

Brace yourself for an extraordinary adventure as you step into the realm of Trombay Jetty. The BMC’s unwavering vision is to nurture the area’s ecological equilibrium and honor the thriving fishing endeavors. With the creation of the mesmerizing flamingo viewing gallery, captivating digital museum, and serene mangrove cafe, they aspire to craft a lively and welcoming haven that celebrates the awe-inspiring allure of Trombay Jetty. Prepare to be captivated as you embark on an indelible voyage through this enchanting destination.

Flamingo Watching
Flamingo Watching
Trombay Jetty
Trombay Jetty

Did you know that Trombay Jetty, although not widely known as a sanctuary for migratory birds, becomes a temporary home for these stunning creatures during December and January? A civic official from M East ward revealed that visitors to the jetty are treated to a mesmerizing sight of birds elegantly gliding around the mangroves.

At present, when people envision flamingos, their thoughts immediately turn to Sewri Creek and Vashi, drawing in numerous bird enthusiasts. Nevertheless, there is an exhilarating endeavor underway that will revolutionize Trombay Jetty into a bustling center of activities. Envision the thrill of kayaking, boating, and observing birds from towering structures, alongside the presence of turtle and crab ponds and observation decks. Additionally, a scenic trail will be established, providing visitors with the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the marvels of nature.

Get ready for some thrilling developments at Trombay Jetty! Along with a nature interpretation center, a butterfly garden, and a mangrove cafe, the project is focused on improving the area while safeguarding its ecological balance and ensuring fishing activities can carry on undisturbed. Although the impact on fishing activities is uncertain, the BMC is ready to address any potential disruptions by implementing electric carts and solar power. Exciting times are ahead for Trombay Jetty.

Localities around this place

Here are some nearby localities close to Trombay Jetty:

1. Cheeta Camp: A delightful locality nestled near Trombay, renowned for its picturesque low-lying terrain.
2. Anushakti Nagar: A bustling residential township in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, housing esteemed establishments such as the Bhabha Atomic Research Center, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Directorate of Construction Services and Estate Management, and Atomic Energy Education Society.
3. Lallubhai Compound: A serene residential colony situated in the suburban region of Mankhurd, Mumbai.

Reaching Trombay Jetty

If you’re planning to get to Trombay Jetty, head to Mankhurd Railway Station, which is the nearest railway station. Take a train from Mumbai Central to Mankhurd, and from there, you can easily find a bus or taxi to reach Trombay Jetty. Look out for buses such as 352, 360, 663, A-372, and A-380 as they all have stops near the jetty. Check out all the buses that go to Trombay bus stop by visiting the link provided.

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