Harish Mahindra Children’s Park Amarson’s Garden Breach Candy – Mumbai

2 Acres of Sprawling children’s park adjacent to Amarson’s garden located at Breach candy on Bhulabhai Desai Road of South Mumbai, Harish Mahindra Children’s Park is the only of its kind to visit, perfect for all age groups of children & kids.

It is an Open air kid’s park facing the Arabian sea with Coastal road development soon to hinder the beautiful sunset view. This park has rides & equipment perfectly planned and spaced separately for children & kids by their age groups which helps physical, cognitive, and mental growth too.

Let us know more about, How to reach this park, the Nearest railway station, Buses to Breach candy area, Entry fees, Parking facilities, Food & Eatery options, Toilet & Washroom facilities, Park timings and Best recommended time to visit.

Embed Harish Mahindra Children's Park
Embed Harish Mahindra Children’s Park

Why One Must Take Kids to Harish Mahindra Children’s Park

Not just kids, This park is perfect for all ages of children. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful sea-facing park, Yet to start with, if you are looking for a new garden or park in Mumbai (If not visited already) for children & kids to spend some time to beat the summer heat of the city & also which has lots many varieties of rides & attractions, this is one place you must visit.

Developed by Raj Shroff and Owned by the Trustee of Bhulabhai Desai Citizen forum of Mumbai, Let us understand why this park is different and special for children compared to other gardens & parks of Mumbai city? Here you got to know below:

Checkout Some Photos Before the Details

Floor Games For Kids
Floor Games For Kids
Grass Made Bhul Bhulaiyaa Maze Game
Grass Made Bhul Bhulaiyaa Maze Game
Kids Playing inside Park
Kids Playing inside Park
Kids Play Area Space
Kids Play Area Space
Know Your Plants Section
Know Your Plants Section
Mermaid at Mahindra Park
Mermaid at Mahindra Park
Nature Trial Jungle Walk Area
Nature Trial Jungle Walk Area
Park Ambience
Park Ambience
Rope Climber For Children
Rope Climber For Children
The Giant Shark
The Giant Shark

Pictures Courtesy: Sohail Siddiqui Channel.

  1. Greenery & Nature trial: Yes, a perfect green space for toddlers, kids, and children. So many botanical trees & plants which kids would love to know about. Why just kids, we parents do enjoy nature, plants, and such a beautiful garden location which has so many trees with shades and greenery in the hustle and bustle city, That too sea facing.

    Did I mention ‘Nature Trail’? Yes, A well-planned cute little shaded dark area covered with large trees inside Mahindra park that gives a feel of nature trial (Walking inside the Jungle) for kids. Tiny sun rays that fall on the ground at a few locations inside the dark trial area make it feel like inside the jungle for a while. Children’s mind makes them feel more awesome than we adults do.

    Artificial Tortoise, Hippos, and Tiger come in the pathway full of leaves in their natural form making the effort made and the idea of this Nature trail a thumbs up. I am not sure if still exist that hunter who was seating up on a tree and looking at a hippo.

  2. Clean Sand at the play zone area: Kids love to play with sand, We parents do love to sit on this beach sand. As soon as the children hit the parking area, the First thing they jump on is the soft and smooth feeling sand to jump and play or start with the rides.
  3. Rides & Equipment: One of the main attractions of this Children’s park is the very well-planned Rides and Equipment that benefit kids in many ways. Everything you see as a play ride helps develop their physical & mental abilities and understand what should & should not be done when it comes to adventure & safety. More about rides are detailed below.
  4. Enjoy the perfect sunset view: This park and the adjacent Amarsons Garden are very famous for their beautiful Sunset view deep inside the Arabian sea. It is highly recommended to visit this place between 4:30 and 6:30 in the evening for a great view of the sunset and to enjoy the park with low heat during summer.

Children Rides & Equipments inside Park

16 zones to play around inside these 2 acres of the green park of Mumbai.

1. Misty Fountain.
2. Play Space (for 4 to 15 year age group children).
3. Gazebo (Viewing Gallery).
4. Giant ball pit.
5. Promenade area.
6. Dome Climber.
7. The Maze.
8. Sandcastle.
9. Peak Climber.
10. Baby Shark Playzone.
11. Know your plants.
12. Deep in the jungle.
13. Fun with Tyres.
14. Play Space (for 6 to 15 years age group children).
15. Play Space (For Toddlers).
16. Cozy Corner (Rest & Stretch).

As already said, One of the main attractions of this park is its Children’s rides and types of equipment. Properly planned play space according to their age group. All the rides are well organized and placed according to the safety and required play area planning. They are fun rides, But actually helpful for Children’s Physical, Mental & Cognitive development.

If played regularly they enhance the motor development skills of Children. The energy and concentration they put into the playful activities actually is helping them unconsciously develop physically. Rides help muscles strength & development, promote healthy bones, remove the fear of falling, and most importantly enhance the ‘balancing the act’ skills inside. 3 Separate play area has been designed and divided as per children’s age groups, i.e 4 to 15 years and 6 to 15 years, and one for toddlers.

Some quick details of attractions are available inside.

A Beautiful Mermaid

A beautiful-looking blue Mermaid is placed which is seating calmly facing the Arabian sea. This mermaid has been kept inside a secured boundary and is surrounded by green grasses and flower plants. The area is restricted to the public going near or touch, Just to keep away from any statue damage.

Elephant & Frog Relaxing Near Pond

Do look at the tiny stoned-filled pond area which has a very cute elephant and a stylish frog facing each other. They are seating at the edge of the circular little pond, Smiling and having leisure time to tell you that you too can do the same.

A Giant Shark Fish With Open Mouth

Wow, this fish is giant. It’s a Shark with those huge teeth and a mouth wide open to swallow anything that goes inside. Would you dare to put your hand in her mouth?

The Play Area

Walk through a cute-looking wooden bridge and you enter a kid’s play zone with the floor nicely filled & secured with white sand so that kids can seat, jump, and roll over without any fear of hurting or falling from any ride.

Colorful plastic block climbers to explore, Some zig-zag slides, Iron Spinners, Floor Games, Small & Big Round balls to climb on, and a Cute little ‘Lakdi ki Kathi, Kathi pe Ghoda’ style rider for small kids.

Sand Castle

There is a cute-looking sand castle that kids can climb onto and is safe to adventure. This miniature form of some giant castle is actually cute for kids and they cannot resist climbing and jumping from the same.

Floor Games

There are a few floor games that the age group of 4 to 10 years will really enjoy. Those colorful rubber kind soft material floor mats have games like snakes and ladders and some number games etc with directions to play.

Rides for All Age Children Group

Egg shape cups that spin which kids can sit or stand, Climb and Walk the maze of ropes that looks like a complicated spider net, Cross the rope bridge, Jump around the monkey bars, Hip up on the Twisting machine, They Hang on for some natural pull-ups and they do love those simple swings. These rides and equipment are non less like Gym equipment all available in this open-air park1 for kids.

In the meantime, Guardians and Parents can hang around, Walk, Do some jogging, and have equally fulfilled leisure time in this park.

Park Details

  • Location Address of Harish Mahindra Children’s Park

    Amarson Garden, Warden Road, Breach Candy, Cumballa Hill, Mumbai 400026, Maharashtra (India)., Grant Road (West), Mumbai., 400093.
    Timings 7:00 Am to 12:00 Pm & 3:00 Pm to 8:00 Pm (All Days Open).
    Latitude : 18.97081 degree, Longitude : 72.80311 degree.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Grant Road (West) is a best accessible railway station on Western Railway Route of Mumbai. See Station Codes & Railway Map if any help required to understand.

    Alternately, If you get down at Mumbai Central station and take a taxi, That too is perfectly ok. It hardly takes 10 minutes to reach the ‘Harish Mahindra Children Park gate on Bhulabhaoi Desai Road. Just tell the taxi driver to take a location called ‘Breach Candy’ or ‘Amarsons Garden’.

    A decade or so back, There used to be US Consulate here which was a known perfect landmark. US Consulate has now been shifted to BKC.

  • Entry Fees: Rs.10 Per Person (All Age group)
  • Washrooms & Toilets:Available.
  • Car & Bike Parking: Parking is available at the entry area of this park. Restricted to 2 Wheelers only.
  • Best time to Visit: Anytime during the year. Except for heavy rainy days in monsoon. Evening time is 4:30 Pm to 7:00 Pm best.
  • Outside Food: Not Allowed. Lots of fast food options are available outside the gate like Pani Puri, Bhel, Seasonal Corn, Sandwiches, Coconut Water, etc at stalls. There are also farmers market stalls at the inside pathway of the entry gate with fresh vegetable available between 3:00 Pm to 9:00 Pm.
  • Location Map:Here is the Google location map of this park for directions.

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