Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden at Colaba Mumbai

South Mumbai’s ‘Sagar Upvan’, which is also known as South Mumbai’s “Sagar Upvan”, is a famous botanical garden, which is also known as the ‘Bombay/Mumbai Port Trust (BPT/MPT)’ garden located at Colaba. It is the only green garden in the location, rejuvenating people’s lives for the last 17 years.

Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden
Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden

Inside This Botanical Garden

About 12 acres (46,000 square meters), Sagar Upvan was a mere garbage dump yard in the year 2000 (17 years now as of 2017). Soon, MPT took charge and planned to convert it to a green paradise. As soon as the work was completed, Colaba residents cherished such a large space with lush greenery (see pictures), welcoming varieties or birds inside this botanical garden.

MPT Garden Flora
MPT Garden Flora

The sea-facing natural paradise at Colaba Coastal now attracts the humming sound of birds, including cuckoos, crows, the rare regular sparrow, and many other birds. Early mornings are fresh with a cool sea breeze entering the greenery, and senior citizens are seen walking, jogging, exercising, and doing yoga inside. A not very small nature heaven right adjacent to the hustle and bustle and traffic jams of the very city called ‘Mumbai’.

The garden is open to the public in the early morning hours of 6:00 for all, where one sees locals, kids, and gradually tourists and couples too. First-timers inside Sagar Upvan are keen on reading the information labels all around, written in English and Marathi. As soon as you enter, you will find bliss as there are sacred banyan trees (Peepal), mango plants, coconut trees, blossoming flowers in huge varieties, and a few cacti to balance around the clean walking tracks and green lawns.

Greenery Inside Sagar Upvan
Greenery Inside Sagar Upvan

Entry gates are grilled with the MPT names in English and Marathi. Safe and secure for all ages of visitors, as proper security personnel are always on duty. As soon as you enter Sagar Upvan, one sees an Old standee that has a rusty iron circular border with some icons with ‘Mumbai Port Trust’ written on them and the year 1873 written below the same. An iron bell hangs right below, and the whole structure is supported and erected on a concrete pillar, talking about the Mumbai Port Trust existence. They have also been taking care of this garden for the last 17 years.

Tall trees that give ample shade all the time to the green lawns with people seating and enjoying leisure time and also to kids jumping and rolling all around. At one of the locations inside the garden is this circular concrete seating, ideal for a group to sit and chit-chat. People are also seen on lawns with their laptops below tree shades, which looks like they are having some relaxed time, grounding all the negative electromagnetic waves from the machine.

Sea Facing Benches
Sea Facing Benches

Flora is awesome and an integral part of this garden. On the pathway is a big flower plant with lavender-colored flowers in bunches, and just opposite is another flower plant filled with yellow-colored blossoms. There are many such floras and big trees all around the garden boundaries. There is no need to say that monsoons make people fall in love with this MPT botanical garden.

Garden Facing Sea
Garden Facing Sea

Iron fences are well placed for garden and visitor (especially small children) security as the Arabian Sea is connected to them. A special enclosed section for plants is another attraction inside this garden. Those who love plants and can identify them may actually enjoy the section better. I love plants, but my understanding of their individual identities is not that good. But as always, I feel blessed when around such green blessings.

A wastewater treatment plant can also be seen here. An ideal example for school kids on how to treat wasted and used water again for some or other purpose.

Garden Timings, Entry Fees, Address and Other Details

Rules and Restrictions

  • Bringing in food and water from outside is restricted inside Sagar Upvan.
  • Drinking and Smoking not allowed.
  • Outside vehicles or even small bicycles are not allowed inside the garden premises.
  • Plucking flowers, plants, or seasonal fruits as and when seen by kids or adults is restricted.
  • Keep it very clean.

Entry fees: Rs.2 for all age, Rs.10 Extra for Camera, Free for senior citizens.
Timings: Remains open to public from Morning 6:30 to 12:00 and 3:30 till 6:30 in Evening.
Address: 2, WG Union Road, Azad Nagar, Near Colaba Bus Station (Back Side Area), Colaba, Mumbai – 400005.
Contact: +91-22-22019265.
Nearest Railway Station: Churchgate, CST for central railway route visitors.
Distance from Churchgate: 3.5 Kilometres, Time taken : 13 Minutes by car.
How to reach: Via Bus or Taxi from nearest railway station, Or via Private vehicle.
Car and Bike Parking: Outside Garden Available Roadside.

Other Botanical Gardens and Institutes in Mumbai

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