Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden at Colaba Mumbai

“Sagar Upvan, situated in South Mumbai or commonly referred to as South Mumbai’s “Sagar Upvan,” is a renowned botanical garden known as the Bombay/Mumbai Port Trust (BPT/MPT) garden. Nestled in Colaba, this garden has been the sole green oasis in the area, revitalizing the lives of individuals for the past seventeen years..”

Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden
Sagar Upvan Botanical Garden

Inside This Botanical Garden

In the year 2000, Sagar Upvan was nothing more than a vast expanse of garbage occupying about 12 acres (46,000 square meters). However, fast forward 17 years to 2017, and this once neglected dump yard has undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to the efforts of MPT, it has been converted into a breathtaking green paradise. The completion of this project brought immense joy to the residents of Colaba, who now have the privilege of enjoying a spacious botanical garden adorned with vibrant greenery. The pictures of this enchanting place are a testament to the diverse range of bird species that have found solace within its boundaries.

MPT Garden Flora
MPT Garden Flora

Nestled along the Colaba Coastal, a breathtaking haven awaits, where the symphony of chirping birds fills the air. From melodious cuckoos to clever crows, even the elusive regular sparrow graces this natural paradise. As the sun rises, a refreshing sea breeze dances through the lush greenery, inviting senior citizens to embark on their morning walks, jogs, exercises, and yoga sessions. This tranquil oasis stands in stark contrast to the bustling streets and chaotic traffic jams of the vibrant city known as Mumbai.

The public can access the garden at 6:00 in the morning, witnessing locals, children, and eventually tourists and couples. Newcomers at Sagar Upvan are eager to read the informative signs in English and Marathi. Upon arrival, you’ll be greeted by serene banyan trees (Peepal), mango trees, coconut palms, colorful flowers of all kinds, and some cacti scattered along the pristine pathways and lush lawns.

Greenery Inside Sagar Upvan
Greenery Inside Sagar Upvan

When you arrive at the entrance gates of Sagar Upvan, you’ll notice that they are adorned with grills featuring the names of the Mumbai Port Trust in both English and Marathi. These gates not only provide a sense of security for visitors of all ages, but also have dedicated security personnel on duty at all times. As you step inside, your eyes will be drawn to an intriguing sight – an old standee with a circular border made of rusty iron.

Adorned with various icons and the words ‘Mumbai Port Trust’ along with the year 1873 beneath it, this standee serves as a testament to the rich history of the port. Hanging just below is an iron bell, adding a touch of charm to the structure. Supported by a sturdy concrete pillar, this standee proudly speaks of the enduring presence of the Mumbai Port Trust. It’s worth noting that the trust has been diligently maintaining and caring for this beautiful garden for the past 17 years.

Towering trees provide constant shade over the lush green lawns where people relax and kids play freely. In one corner of the garden, there’s a circular concrete seating area perfect for group conversations. Some individuals are even spotted working on their laptops under the tree canopies, seemingly enjoying a peaceful moment away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Sea Facing Benches
Sea Facing Benches

Flora, the magnificent and essential component of this garden, adds a touch of brilliance to its surroundings. Along the pathway, a grand flower plant proudly displays clusters of lavender-colored blossoms, while directly across from it, another plant bursts with vibrant yellow-colored blooms. The garden’s boundaries are adorned with numerous floras and towering trees, creating a picturesque scene. Needless to say, the monsoons have a magical effect on visitors, captivating their hearts and making them fall head over heels for this enchanting MPT botanical garden.

Garden Facing Sea
Garden Facing Sea

Iron fences are strategically positioned to ensure the safety of both the garden and its visitors, particularly young children. What makes this garden even more captivating is the presence of a dedicated area exclusively for plants. Those with a deep appreciation for flora and the ability to recognize different species will undoubtedly find this section particularly delightful. Personally, I have a profound love for plants, although I must admit that my knowledge of their specific identities is not as extensive. Nevertheless, being surrounded by these lush green blessings always fills me with a sense of gratitude.

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Garden Timings, Entry Fees, Address and Other Details

Rules and Restrictions
1. Please be aware that bringing in food and water from outside is prohibited within Sagar Upvan.
2. Kindly note that drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited within the premises.
3. We would like to inform you that outside vehicles, including small bicycles, are not permitted inside the garden area.
4. It is important to respect the garden’s regulations and refrain from plucking flowers, plants, or seasonal fruits without permission.
5. We kindly request all visitors to help us maintain a high level of cleanliness within the garden.

Entry fees: Rs.2 for all age, Rs.10 Extra for Camera, Free for senior citizens.
Timings: Remains open to public from Morning 6:30 to 12:00 and 3:30 till 6:30 in Evening.
Address: 2, WG Union Road, Azad Nagar, Near Colaba Bus Station (Back Side Area), Colaba, Mumbai – 400005.
Contact: +91-22-22019265.
Nearest Railway Station: Churchgate, CST for central railway route visitors.
Distance from Churchgate: 3.5 Kilometres, Time taken : 13 Minutes by car.
How to reach: Via Bus or Taxi from nearest railway station, Or via Private vehicle.
Car and Bike Parking: Outside Garden Available Roadside.

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