Best Places to See When Around Churchgate in Mumbai

“Churchgate, a railway station on western railway route in South Mumbai has lots of places ro see. It is the first station where the local trains starts from. It got the name as ‘Church Gate’ in 1860’s with reference to a gateway built on a flowing water body to reach Saint Thomas Church. Now been referred as a single word ‘Churchgate’, this location of city is one of the oldest business hub and also has multiple education institutes and places of old attractions till date like Gateway of India, Mantralaya, Nariman Point Sea Face, Flora Fountain, Elephanta caves, Fashion Street and many more as detailed below. Lets understand this station and its attraction places as of today and why those are the best places for so many visitors since decades, both citizens and tourists from around the world to Mumbai.”


Top Attractions

Mumbai is blessed with lots of attractions and churchgate station is on top list to explore. Before you start exploring listed best places, if i can explain the location map in simple words, this location OR station is a point where a tree starts branching out and all the places you can explore as detailed below and beyond it has nothing but wide open sea from 3 sides. To help you go ahead and visit other stations around city and many places on that individual stations, refer our road distance calculator and Check Distances from Churchgate to other stations of Mumbai. Oh, Not to forget Churchagte has some of the Top Colleges of Mumbai City.

Nariman Point and Queens Necklace

Nariman point is one of the best promenade of Mumbai is at Churchgate, spread across till marine lines which is a bliss for all season. Monsoon rains, Summers or Winter the romance goes on. Also watch out the queens necklace video to know why so called.

Gateway of India

Gateway Of India
Gateway Of India

I am thinking of how the word ‘Gate’ comes highlighting in South Mumbai, I think Britishers loved gates. More about this attraction here. As soon you reach, you also see the iconic Hotel Taj exactly opposite same. Also know about ferry to Elephanta caves and also known about Kanhoki Angre Lighthouse for serene lovers that can be visited from gateway.

Elephanta Caves

Inside Elephanta Caves
Inside Elephanta Caves

As you reach Gateway of India, You will see that little ferry going to take a trip to and from Gateway of India to Elephanta caves and also for a joy ride. The only historic and heritage caves of South Mumbai for all those planning a day off from busy city to a serene island feeling the waves of Arabian sea and spend a whole day inside caves with family and friends. More here. Kindly note that the both stations (CST and Churchgate) are nearest to read Gateway.

Colaba Causeway

Just adjacent to Gateway is the iconic Regal Cinema, (Also known about Eros Cinema exactly opposite churchgate station) and next to Regal starts the lane of Colaba market which is one of the many reasons shopholic people from far north and suburbs of Mumbai travel. Its Colaba Causeway, a street side shopping heaven for fashion and trendy products major imported and related to fashion and accessories at cheaper prices with bargain option.

Shivaji Museum (CSMVS), Formerely called Prince of Wales

Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sngrahalaya (Bombay Museum)
Chatrapati Shivaji Vastu Sngrahalaya (Bombay Museum)

Pre-Independence also gave Churchgate a Museum which was called ‘Prince of Wales’ formerely, Later renamed to CSMVS (Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya). To list few things on display inside are Sculptures, Miniature Paintings, Old Indian Coins , Far Eastern Art, Arms and Armour, European Oil Paintings, Pre and Proto History, Modern and Contemporary Art, Decorative Art, Textiles and Natural History Section and more.

RBI Monetary Museum

Talking about Old Coins and Currency of India ? The only best place is the RBI Monetary Museum, only one in Mumbai city and is located right near Churchgate & CST Railway stations. Many old coin collectors, school students and foreign nationals visit this Museum to understand the History of Indian Currency. Trust me, Few of the old embossed coins will make you think of the saying India Had ‘Sone Ki Chidiya’, resembling a country richness comparing gold.

Flora Fountain, Fort

Flora Fountain at Fort Churchgate
Flora Fountain at Fort Churchgate

Commonly called as Fountain or Fort area by citizens which is hardly a kilometre OR at 5 minutes walking distance from Churchgate railway station. Named after Roman Goddess the beautiful statue in centre of the road made up of Portland stone was specially imported from Rome. In 1996 when major old streets were renamed, the then called ‘Flora Fountain’ also got its new name ‘Hutatma Chowk’. Primary attraction of this place is the street side shopping and business hubs and age old stores of electronic goods which are sold on both sides of road that goes till CST station (Central Railway).

Asiatic Library at Town Hall

Asiatic Library
Asiatic Society Library Town Hall

Also called Town Hall library located at SBS Road, Mumbai GPO (Fort), Town Hall, Shahid Bhagat Singh Road, Nearest station being Churchgate. This is one of the biggest library with beautiful looks from outside, getting a digital transformation from keeping books in traditional way inside. Best place for Oldest reference library related to Mumbai and many other subjects local and international. To know more about published journals, digitizations process of about 10,000 to 15,000 odd books, Visit Asiatic library for sure if around churchgate or anywhere in south Mumbai.

Fashion Street

Fashion Street
Fashio Shopping on Streets

The fun of buying latest fashion and trendy clothing is at fashion street, a location at 10 minutes walking distance from Churchagte railway station towards Metro cinema, Marine lines. This is another shopping heaven like Colaba causeway, But dedicated to clothes. The fun of bargaining on streets of Mumbai and getting the best fashion deals by youths is fun to watch & of course to do.

Rajabai Clock Tower

Get down at Churchgate station and head straight parallel to Eros cinema which is opposite railway station and immediately you see a huge open ground called ‘Oval Maidan’ which brings relief to many. Its a historic play ground which has memories of British rules and Indian freedom fighters. If i am not wrong, the Independence day parade of 1947 was done here. Rajabai Tower, also called Clock tower of south Mumbai is still at its best that can be seen from distance. Watch the video to feel it now.

Hey don’t forget to have a look at University building and Mumbai High Court next to it.

Churchgate Location Map

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