Paragliding Institutes Workshops Near Mumbai | Paragliding at Virar Kamshet

“Paragliding at Virar and Kamshet near Mumbai are two major options for aviation sports. Take secure paragliding Joyrides and workshops for this aviation sports under professional guidance like Space Apple and Indus near Mumbai..”

Paragliding Equipments
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Paragliding in Mumbai

This adventure aviation sport workshop is held by couple of sports company in or better say very near to Mumbai. Paragliding rides are possible once you are age 5 and above and preferred age is below 35.

Yet if you are above this age, you can learn and enjoy the joyrides if you are fit enough physically and are not victim of problems like vertigo and best not with heavy body which helps in take off and landing which are big adventurous and might hurt to an over weight person.

One of the best options to fly high in sky is with Samson Dsilva of Space Apple who frequently takes up groups of 4 for Paragliding at hilly mountains and coastal of Vasai Virar, located at Extreme north of Mumbai on western railway route.

Another location to learn this air adventure is at Kamshet Ghat near Mumbai at Pune Express way by a company called Indus. An ideal location with Ghat (Hilly Area) around to learn the international standard paragliding being so near Mumbai.

Space Apple Paragliding at Virar

Started in 1998, Space Apple is a aviation adventure and sport institute, famous as ‘Paragliding Institute in Virar’ owned by a Mr. Samson D’silva who stays at Agashi village (Inside Virar).

After quitting his job to follow his paragliding passion, As a paragliding instructor he started conducting trainings and giving joyrides along with other air adventures sports like Power Kitting, Para-motoring, Aero modelling and Para-Sailing at about 5 to 7 hilltops like Jivdani, Sydney Hills, Black Beauty, Twin Rocks, Tungareshwar, Bordi and Coastal locations like Arnala, Kalamb and Rajodi, Navapur Beaches well connected and widely spread at about 30 kilometres.

With years of experience now, Space Apple has achieved a milestone with varieties of Air adventures in and near Mumbai. They also train students at IIT Powai and helps with training and practical sessions to other Government authorities like Army and Navy departments. Not just this, helping Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) of India to develop automatic aircraft that can be used by Indian Defence team is what they have done.

The approximate charges around 2011 to learn paragliding is Rs.10,000/- which takes about 3 complete days to learn the techniques of flying with such gliders. Once learned, one can be a independent private jet rider (Paraglider) and purchase same which costs about a lakh rupees and more. Alternately one can rent same for a day paying nominal rentals about about Rs.1000/- to 1500/- and enjoy same.

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Contact Address

1st Floor, Ishkrupa, Near Bassein Catholic Co.Op. Bank, Gajbhat, Agashi. Virar West – 401301, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. Contact Numbers : 9822499281 / 9822311459

Blue Bulb Institute Virar

Another name in aviation sports who teaches Paragliding in 1 day with charges about Rs.3500/- is Blue bulb. This institute works and teaches all 7 days at Virar. According to Paragliding professionals and instructors, Mountains and Hilly areas of Virar and Vasai is an ideal location as it has wide costal and wind is predictable.

Ideal time for newbie Mumbai para-gliders is morning and evening at Virar and afternoons are also great for advance flyers with experience. Safety gears and trainings are done by professional instructors with best safety equipments available.

Contact and Address : Contact through website only. (We are not sure if Blue Bulb still operates in Virar vasai locations).

So these are 2 paragliding institutes near Mumbai in Virar for Joyrides, Training and Air adventures (Aviations).

Indus Paragliding at Kamshet Near Mumbai

At about 100 Kilometres from Mumbai city On Mumbai Pune Express Highway is this Kamshet Ghat, a ideal location for paragliding adventure. Indus institute of Paragliding teaches there and also takes trip across India at ideal locations.

The speciality of Indus Paragliding Institute is that the course is designed according to ‘British Hand Gliding and Paragliding Association’ (BHPA) to prepare any learner to become a Paragliding pilot in India. So that makes this institute to be one of the best air adventure and company near Mumbai.

Contact and Address : Sanjay Pendurkar ( +91-7798111000 / +91-9764036423), Plot No. 67, Kamshet – Kundali Road, Near Khamshet, Bhajgaon, Maharashtra 410405. (Kamshet Ghat).

Paragliding Video at Virar Mountains (Near Mumbai)

Take Off Training Video at Virar Mountain

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