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“Talking about Virar Vasai Tourism and attractions, North from Mumbai at 68 km in Western Railway Route is Thane District famous locations known as Vasai Virar Location, Which has 3 major station which are Virar, Nalasopara and Vasai. Lately these stations and locations around got very famous as tourist spots, one day picnic, and soon going to be introduced in Mumbai tourism sections where foreign tourist can visit the upcoming ‘Virar Vasai Tourism’ which is quite near to Mumbai city. This locations have quite numbers of beaches like Arnala, Kalamb, Rajodi and other attractions like Jivdani Temple On Mountain, Heritage Old Jain temple at Agashi at 7 km from Virar station. Know more about this locations like travel options like VVMT buses, Auto without meter system and also find entertainment and recreation options like Woodland cinema, clubs like one at Yashwant Nagar which has special skatting zone, Swimming pool etc, Sightseeing and attractions like Old Arnala Fort, Beach, Vasai Fort and lots more..”

Virar Location Tourism Pictures
Virar Location Tourism Pictures

See my new article about Virar tourist attractions which covers major places to be visited as detailed below.

  • Tungareshwar Vasai – Temple Waterfalls and Green Heaven Near Mumbai
    Tungareshwar wildlife sanctuary at Vasai, A green belt located at Vasai East is a great option for nature walks, monsoon trials as it has a beautiful temple of Lord Shiva and waterfalls not far from the National Highway at a distance of 59 Km from Mumbai city. Frequented as a Monsoon destination and an ideal location ...
  • Arnala Beach Festival Event 2020 – Arnala Village Virar Near Mumbai
    About the festival 2020, Arnala beach near Virar is already famous as a one day picnic spot. With festival, Details of other nearby locations to enjoy.
  • Virar Vasai Yearly Mayor’s Marathon 2017 Race Dates – Mumbai Suburban
    “Started in year 2011, This is the 6th successful year of Vasai Virar Mayor’s Marathon (VVMM) of 2017 will starts at Virar, Far North city suburb famously known as Vasai-Virar location (Thane / Palghar District / Mumbai Suburban) with total of 3 stations including Nalasopara in middle, dated December 2017. A Multi-Motto marathon pulls thousands ...
  • VVMT Bus Routes Numbers – Vasai Virar Bus Services and Routes
    “With total of 34 and above routes, VVMT recently started municipal bus services in vasai and Virar location, far north suburb of Mumbai in thane (Now Palghar) district. It is one of the most required and proved to be a helping mode of transportation for daily commuting at interior villages too. Since here auto don’t ply on ...
  • Virar Travel Attraction Places to See – North Mumbai
    “With multiple places to see and travel attraction, Virar attracts many tourists and picnic goers to Beaches, Various old Holy temples, Amusement and Water Parks. Virar near Mumbai is at about 65 Kilometres road distance towards north of western railway local trains route. Travel to Virar, a green heaven in monsoon and ideal picnic spot ...
  • India’s Only Saint Mother Teresa Church at Virar Near Mumbai
    “Virar, a far north suburban location of Mumbai at Thane / Palghar District has the only ‘Blessed Mother Teresa Church’ in complete Maharashtra state or say India. The idea inside the land donor’s mind (Mrs Sunita Philip Tuscanoy) from Nandakhal Medodi village (Near Virar) of away of giving back respect to Mother came back in ...
  • VVMT Vasai Mulund Bus Services – Mumbai North
    “40 new Bus Services between Vasai Killa Bunder and Mulund makes commuters life easy who stays around Virar Vasai area, North Mumbai. This is another great move by VVMT (Vasai Virar Municipal Transportation) which started their private bus services on 3rd October 2012. Lets have more details about routes, timings of same..” About Vasai Mulund Buses 13th ...
  • Club One at Rustomjee and Evershine Global City Township Virar
    “Vasai Virar’s First One of Its Kind ‘Club One’ (Note : ‘Ameya Classic Club’ is a Different Venue), An all in one club which has Recreation, Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Swimming Pool, Gymnasium / Fitness centre, Restaurant and Bar, Dance Yoga and Meditation Centre, Banquet Halls with Accommodation and other facilities. Club One is located ...
  • Trek to Chinchoti Waterfalls From Vasai and Naigaon – Near Mumbai
    “Things to known before you trek to Chinchoti near Vasai Naigaon stations, A beautiful Monsoon hangout / trial in nature with a huge waterfall of about 100 feet to spend a adventurous day with your beloved. Chinchoti waterfalls is a one day ideal hilly trek which starts at Kaman village junction / Phata is worth ...
  • 7 Natural Sulphur Hot Water Springs Around Virar Near Mumbai
    “Blessed is Mumbai and Vasai Virar locations which has this Natural Hot Water Springs (Also Called ‘Garam Kund’ locally). Volcano eruptions decades / centuries ago is now the green belt and villages with hot springs, still sacred as per Hindu mythology and solution to multiple skin diseases. Rocky springs / kund water is actually mixture ...
  • Bhajanlal Daries Across Mumbai – Dairy Farm at Vasai
    Known for Pure Desi Ghee (Cow and Buffalo Ghee) and various dairy products, Bhajanson’s famous dairy farm known as Bhajanlal at Vasai East which also have branches in Mumbai western suburban and one at Chira Bazar (South Mumbai is known for its quality dairy products, all listed below. The main farm / branch is what ...
  • Chimaji Appa Ground For Cricket and Kala Krida Event – Vasai
    “Famous and biggest cricket ground in Vasai, Also known for yearly events like ‘Vasai Kala Krida Mahotsav’, Chimaji Appa Ground is one of the fewest big playgrounds in Vasai Virar area. Great place to play and view regular cricket matches or any sports events, This ground is maintained properly and celebrated silver jubilee on 23rd ...
  • Professional Roller Skating Ground Zone – Virar West
    “Professional level publicly open Roller skating ground, With the start up event like Golden Jubilee National Speed Roller Skating Championship started on 21st January 2013 lasted till 25th January at Yashwant Nagar’s Ameya Classic Sports Club which is at Yashwant nagar residential township of Virar (West). This professional level roller skating ground at North of ...
  • Kites Competition at Virar West – Mumbai Suburban
    “Started in 2013, For the first time in a far north suburban of Mumbai’s Palghar district station Virar, Makar Sankranti Special Kites Competition (Also called ‘Patang Spardha’ in Hindi and Gujarati) is Organized at their cricket club ground by ‘Ameya Classic Club’ group (Yashwant Nagar), Virar West. It is one of the bird safe zone ...
  • Vasai Virar MSRTC Bus Routes and Numbers Timetable
    “Updated routes and bus number details for MSRTC (Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation) buses running within Virar, Nalasopara and Vasai location with routes from and to stations and all respected bus depots of this far north suburb of Mumbai city. MSRTC buses are just like BEST buses operating in Mumbai and are not related to ...

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