7 Natural Sulphur Hot Water Springs Around Virar Near Mumbai

“Blessed is Mumbai and Vasai Virar locations which has this Natural Hot Water Springs (Also Called ‘Garam Kund’ locally). Volcano eruptions decades / centuries ago is now the green belt and villages with hot springs, still sacred as per Hindu mythology and solution to multiple skin diseases. Rocky springs / kund water is actually mixture of natural minerals and sulphur which when is geothermal heated, is thrown upward towards surface. Below are village locations, address and other details like how to reach, temperature, maps of nearest 7 locations to Mumbai..”

Natural Hot Springs
Natural Hot Springs

Vajreshwari and Akloli Village

Shree Vajreshwari Yogini Devi temple is what the main reason to reach this formerly called vadavli village. But at times people reaches the near village called Akloli which has multiple sulphur water springs. Just a kilometres ahead to Vajreshwari temple are this Kunds on the river bank of Tansa. Very crowded during monsoon and winters and springs averagely maintained but sure worth a visit if you have never seen hot springs any time before. More details here.

Ganeshpuri Village

Step back 1 to 2 Kilometre towards Shirshad / Virar and their is a better option to take a dip into this sacred springs. Two main springs, safe to get in with around 43 ° temperature. A beautiful temple / meditation centre of Late Saint Nitananda and these 2 Sulphur water hot springs inside premise. This is second higest crowded place for which more details are available here.

Below are some of the less frequented and crowded spring location inside various villages in and around Virar and Vasai location and at close proximity from Mumbai city. I am not sure if all below are still available and gives the hot sulphur water experience round the year.

Nimboli / Nimbavali Village Near Ganeshpuri

As said 2 of the most famous and known hot springs locations are Vajreshwari temple (Akloli / Akaloli village) and at Ganeshpuri. Another 6 natural hot springs are available at just 5 Kilometre distance from Ganeshpuri and are very less known and visited by tourists and locals too. The location is Anasuya Mata temple inside Nimboli village (Also called Nimbavali). This village is maily known due to the historic disciple of Swami / Saint Nityananda baba of Ganeshpuri, named ‘Omkarananda’ who was famously called ‘Rakhadi Baba’, currently not in the village and is said to be moved towards Himalayas in north India. The name Rakhadi in Hindi means (Ash) which he applied always on his body. Being a spiritual person he stayed around Anasuya Mata temple & Hot springs around for bath and meditation. All 6 of the hot kund’s are at 150 to 200 steps walking distance once you are inside Nimboli village temple area. Natural smell of sulphur and moderately hot water around (43 ° celsius) is what makes it a must get into during winters and monsoons.

Direction Map From Ganeshpuri to Nimbavali Village

Banganga Spring

It is said that about 4 to 5 kilometres from Vajreshwari some one has found few springs inside a village called ‘Nandni Gaygotha’. Sulphur smelling pure water is available all 12 months and is open to public. I have personally not visited or seen this spring and will update this section as soon possible. Request to please update us in below comment box or write personally about Banganga springs with Photos and videos if visited.

Pimplas Hot Water Springs

Wada village which can be reached via and ahead of Ganeshpuri Vajreshwari with an alternate route via National Highway 8 (Take Right from Manor), is about 45 to 50 kilometre from Virar has a village location called ‘Pimplas’. At a river front junction intersection of Vaitarna and Pinjal is where 2 other Hot springs are seen. Its a wide open plot areas with villages far seen. Exact location of this Hot springs is still unknown, Yet the location Map below with a resort name ‘Waterfront’ is shown at close proximity around.

Sativali Vandrai Village Varai

On National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad) after crossing Virar towards Palghar District at 22.3 Kilometres from Shirsad Junction Virar Highway comes Sativali village. On the way on highway the land marks are Bhalivali, Baba Bhaskar Pawar Vrudhashram, Green Meadows, Royal city, Rural Health Training Centre, Shreeji Auto Services, Dhekale. Next comes Varai village and then comes Sativali inside Palghar district. Before Siddhivinayak Petrol Pump take the left turn which goes to Lord Shiva temple, Ask any one and they will guide you to 2 to 3 clear hot water springs which are less frequented and not too deep inside village.

Tatwani Hot Springs Shahapur

Shahapur is a location near Asangaon Railway Station which has 2 small sized hot water springs called ‘Tatwani Springs’. About 62 Km from Shirsad near Virar (National Highway 8) take turn from Great Escape Water Park road Or From Mumbai (78 Kilometres) take National Highway 160 which takes about 1 and half hour drive in low traffic. Both the springs are very basic and small in size, less liked by visitors and said not worth the distance travel. Those kunds are also not comfortable for woman as size is small and with couple of people inside it is no more a fun the dip. A river flowing adjacent is a plus which is worth a visit during monsoon as the stream is flowing and can make your journey worth if springs alone are not.

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