Trek to Chinchoti Waterfalls From Vasai and Naigaon – Near Mumbai

“Things to known before you trek to Chinchoti near Vasai Naigaon stations, A beautiful Monsoon hangout / trial in nature with a huge waterfall of about 100 feet to spend a adventurous day with your beloved. Chinchoti waterfalls is a one day ideal hilly trek which starts at Kaman village junction / Phata is worth a monsoon picnic spot as this nature trial is very near to Mumbai. A refreshing experience of greenery all around the pathway and freshness in the air till top of waterfall is hardly felt in city. Know details about the road distance, How to reach, Things to take care, Water and Food options, Safety factors before you start this village trek near Mumbai..”

Group Enjoying Under Waterfall
Group Enjoying Under Waterfall

Trek to Chinchoti Waterfalls

Second best monsoon attraction not far from another famous Tungareshwar Waterfalls in same vicinity. To be precise 2 main things that will make your day trip at Chinchoti, First the breath taking 100 to 150 feet tall waterfall and a beautiful natural water pool at lower level and second is the hilly trek in the woods with streams, birds, insects and serenity which is a perfect nature trial at just 60 Kilometres straight drive from Mumbai taking just an hour and 30 minutes around. A perfect forest adventure in lush greenery on a perfect monsoon day with less rain is a day worth spent at Chinchoti jungle with varieties of Insects and Birds along the stream trek.

Chinchoti Trial Trek
Chinchoti Trial Trek

Few things listed below to know before you pack your bags for this monsoon trial.

Distance from Mumbai : 60 Kilometre towards North adjacent to National Highway 8. Approximate time taken by Road is 30 to 40 minutes and by train about 1 and half hour.

Located at Vasai (Also Known as Bassein) and Naigaon are the nearest Railway stations on Western Railway Route located in Thane District (Officially Palghar now) See Station Names.

Waterfalls Location

The Exact location to start the trek is a lane on left side of road starting at Kaman Village Junction (Also called ‘Kaman Phata’ / ‘ Chinchoto Phata’) on Vasai Bhiwandi Road. This village location is at distance of about couple of minutes from National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway).


The trek is hilly and with no fixed route and walk way to reach on top. It takes anywhere between and hour to 2 depending upon the individual (Kids, Infants and Aged People not recommended). Always be with group and follow the directions together. Some help scribbled on Stones and Trees along the walk way to reach the peak location where waterfalls is destined. Villagers are helpful for directions.

Road Distance

Main waterfall from Kaman Village (A lane going towards left) from Vasai Bhiwandi Road is 2.5 to 3 Kilometres which takes an hour or more walking.


Along the trek are Ankle deep fresh water streams, So beautiful, clean and cool to have fun with if tired of walking on stony way. No Leech or other Poisonous insect are casually seen and so is safe to have fun inside stream water on a moderate rainy day.

Flowing Streams
Flowing Streams


Perfect trial and trek location for nature and bird lovers / photographers. Click pictures, take videos in fresh pollution free air inside dense forest with all green around this monsoon Do share your experience in comment section below.

When to Visit Chinchoti

Perfect time to visit this Monsoon only spot, otherwise the location is just a piece of dry mountain. During rainy days the main waterfall which is about 100 to 150 feet high flows with strong currents.

Pool Area
Pool Area

Fatal Spots

The pool where major picnic group gets is safe but few corners are deeper then 5 feet which can be fatal. So excitement needs to be taken care of before planning to get below same as stones are slippery and fatalities have already happened. Alternately just below the main waterfall a natural pool is formed which is safer comparatively. Already 3 from a group of 7 from Jogeshwari lost life around October 2015 as they didn’t understood the depth of one of the pool location below waterfall with strong currents internally. (See TV9 video below)

Keep a note

This is a day only trek location. Start early in morning to get enough time to spend and move out of Waterfall and Pool area before evening. Start your walk down the hills around 4:30 and you will reach Kaman village in an hour before dark.


Not safe for individual hangout as not a regular picnic spot. Be in group and avoid infants, kids and elderly who have problems walking or Asthama etc. No lifeguards or police security available here, No vehicles go here and have to be parked at Kaman village only.

Waterfall View
Waterfall View


Carry enough of food and drinking water as it is nothing but a jungle. No commercial activities around and also no toilet, wash room facilities either. When nature calls one needs to go in the woods.


Comfortable shorts, Cargo compared to tight Jeans. Wear sport shoes and no slippers, floaters etc as not ideal for a stone hilly trek. First aid and insect / mosquito repellent creams are a plus at such locations. If not planning to get wet while walking carry raincoats too. Get some Plastic / Polythene bags for your Electronic items like Mobiles, Cameras, A good pair of towels and clothes, Some kind of Identity cards.


Since not a over night picnic location, No accommodation available around. Nearest preferred place to get stay is Vasai.


Keep Ecology Clean, Do Not Litter.

Keep Clean
Keep Clean

Reaching Chinchoti

Target is to reach Kaman village, The starting point of trek and below are the travel options.

By Train : Local Train on western Railway Route and nearest stations being Vasai Road / Naigaon Station (See Railway Map). About 1 Hour Journey From Andheri Suburb or Half hour more from South Mumbai Stations.

By Car : On National Highway 8, Take left (If towards Mumbai) after crossing Vasai and follow the Bhiwandi Road Direction Sign Board (Do not take the flyover that comes immediately after sign board on Highway). (If coming from Mumbai), after crossing Naigaon take right below flyover towards Bhiwandi Road. Those coming from Thane and Navi Mumbai area can take National Highway 3 (See Map)

By Bus : Regular MSRTC bus from Vasai Railway Station West Depot are available costing about Rs.15.

By Auto : Share and Private Auto’s from Vasai Railway Station and Naigaon (Both East Side) are available. Private auto may charges around Rs.100 to Rs.150 till Kaman Village, While Share Auto may take anything between Rs.20 to Rs.30 (Per Head).

Other Places Near Chinchoti

Bhajanlal Dairy

At Kaman village, Just few meter ahead on main road is the very famous Bhajanlal Dairy a nice refreshment to recharge your stomach. Dairy items like Lassi and other stuff to eat, All fresh and awesome. Wash room / Toilet facilities are available here. See videos below.

Kathiyawadi Dhabas

On National Highway 8 itself at Naigaon there are couple of famous Kathiyawadi Dhabas (Kathiyawad is a famous village in Gujarat & So is the famous food). Enjoy open air lunch and dinner on Charpai with beautiful surrounding feel.

Tungareshwar Waterfalls and Temple

Already linked at start of the article, Tungareshwar has some beautiful waterfalls and is a similar location like Chinchoti. It is actually a place of worship for Lord Shiva with a temple deep inside Jungle and waterfalls on the trial.

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