Trek to Chinchoti Waterfall From Vasai and Naigaon – Near Mumbai

“Before embarking on a trek to Chinchoti waterfall from Vasai or Naigaon stations, it is important to be aware of certain details. This beautiful monsoon hangout boasts a huge waterfall of approximately 100 feet, making it an ideal location for an adventurous day out with your loved ones.”

Group Enjoying Under Waterfall
Group Enjoying Under Waterfall

The 1 Hour Rough Trek to Reach Chinchoti Waterfall

The Chinchoti waterfall trek is a one-day hilly trek that commences at Kaman village junction/Phata and is a perfect monsoon picnic spot due to its proximity to Mumbai. The pathway is surrounded by lush greenery, and the air is filled with a refreshing freshness that is rarely experienced in the city. To ensure a safe and enjoyable trekking experience, it is essential to know the road distance, how to reach the location, things to take care of, water and food options, and safety factors

The Chinchoti jungle, located in close proximity to the renowned Tungareshwar Waterfall, offers the second best monsoon attraction in the area. This picturesque destination boasts two main highlights that are sure to enhance your day trip experience.

Firstly, you will be captivated by the awe-inspiring 100 to 150 feet tall waterfall, accompanied by a serene natural water pool at a lower level.

Additionally, the hilly trek through the enchanting woods, adorned with flowing streams, melodious birds, and fascinating insects, provides a perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature. Conveniently situated just 60 kilometers away from Mumbai, a straight drive of approximately one hour and thirty minutes, Chinchoti promises an idyllic forest adventure amidst lush greenery.

Embark on this remarkable journey during the monsoon season, when the rainfall is moderate, and be rewarded with a day well-spent exploring the diverse array of insects and birds that inhabit the stream trek.

Chinchoti Trial Trek
Chinchoti Trial Trek

Before you embark on this monsoon adventure, there are a few important points to keep in mind while preparing your luggage.

Distance from Mumbai : Approximately 60 kilometers north of National Highway 8, lies the destination. The estimated travel time by road ranges from 30 to 40 minutes, while the train journey takes approximately one and a half hours.

The nearest railway stations on the Western Railway Route in Thane District (officially Palghar now) are located at Vasai (also known as Bassein) and Naigaon. See Station Names.

Waterfall Location

To commence the trek, head towards the lane situated on the left-hand side of the road at Kaman Village Junction (alternatively known as ‘Kaman Phata’ or ‘Chinchoto Phata’) on Vasai Bhiwandi Road. This village is located just a few minutes away from National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway).

The Recommended Route

The ascent to the peak is challenging due to the uneven terrain and absence of a designated path. The duration of the trek varies between one to two hours, contingent on individual fitness levels (not recommended for children, infants, and elderly individuals).

It is imperative to remain in a group and adhere to the given directions. The route is marked with helpful hints etched onto stones and trees, leading to the waterfall destination. The locals are amicable and willing to provide guidance if required.

Things You Must Know Before Starting For Chinchoti

Road Distance: The distance to the primary waterfall in Kaman Village (accessible via a left turn from Vasai Bhiwandi Road) spans 2.5 to 3 kilometers, requiring at least an hour of walking time.

Attractive Little Streams: During the trek, there are refreshing ankle-deep streams of fresh water that are both beautiful and clean. If you become tired of walking on the stony path, these streams offer a cool and enjoyable respite. It is worth noting that there are no leeches or other poisonous insects present, making it safe to have fun in the stream water even on a moderately rainy day.

Flowing Streams
Flowing Streams

Photography: Ideal destination for nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, and photographers seeking a memorable hiking experience. Capture stunning photographs and videos amidst the lush greenery of the dense forest, breathing in the fresh, unpolluted air this monsoon season. We welcome you to share your unforgettable journey in the comments section below.

Perfect Season and Time to Visit this Waterfall: The Monsoon-only spot mentioned in the provided link is an ideal destination to visit at the opportune moment.

Outside of the monsoon season, this location may appear as nothing more than a barren mountain. However, when the rain arrives, the main waterfall, towering at a height of approximately 100 to 150 feet, cascades down with powerful currents.

Pool Area
Pool Area

Beware of Fatal Spot inside Waterfall Pond Area: The pool frequented by the main picnic group is generally safe, but it is important to be cautious as there are a few areas that exceed a depth of 5 feet, which can be potentially fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize safety measures before considering venturing into these areas, as the stones can be slippery and accidents resulting in fatalities have already occurred.

Alternatively, just below the primary waterfall, a natural pool has formed, which is comparatively safer. Unfortunately, in October 2015, three individuals from a group of seven from Jogeshwari lost their lives due to a lack of understanding regarding the depth of one of the pool locations below the waterfall, which also had strong internal currents.

A Note to Keep: This trekking destination is exclusively suitable for a day trip. It is advisable to commence your journey early in the morning to ensure ample time for exploration and to vacate the Waterfall and Pool area before evening. Embark on your descent from the hills at approximately 4:30 PM, allowing you to arrive at Kaman village just before dusk.

Some Safety Tips: It is advisable to refrain from visiting this location alone, as it is not a typical picnic spot and may pose safety risks. It is recommended to visit in a group and avoid bringing infants, young children, or elderly individuals who may have difficulty walking or suffer from asthma.

Please note that there are no lifeguards or police security present at this location, and vehicles must be parked in Kaman village as there is no access to the site.

Waterfall View
Waterfall View

Eateries and Options: Ensure to bring an ample supply of food and potable water as the area is a wilderness with no commercial establishments or restroom facilities available. When the need arises, one must venture into the surrounding woods.

Recommended: When embarking on a stone hilly trek, it is recommended to wear comfortable shorts, such as cargo shorts, instead of tight jeans. Additionally, it is important to wear sport shoes and avoid slippers or floaters. To prepare for the elements, it is advisable to bring raincoats if there is a chance of rain and insect/mosquito repellent creams for protection.

Plastic or polythene bags are useful for protecting electronic items like mobile phones and cameras. It is also recommended to bring a good pair of towels and clothes, as well as some form of identification.

Accommodation Options: As there is no overnight picnic location, it is important to note that there is no accommodation available in the vicinity. The nearest recommended place to find lodging is Vasai.

Keep Clean
Keep Clean

Reaching Chinchoti From Vasai or Naigaon Railway Station

To reach Kaman village, the starting point of the trek, there are several travel options available. One can take a local train on the western railway route and get off at Vasai Road or Naigaon station, which are the nearest stations.

The journey takes about an hour from Andheri suburb or half an hour more from South Mumbai stations. Alternatively, one can drive on National Highway 8 and take a left after crossing Vasai, following the Bhiwandi Road direction signboard.

If coming from Mumbai, take a right below the flyover towards Bhiwandi Road after crossing Naigaon. Those coming from Thane and Navi Mumbai area can take National Highway 3. Regular MSRTC buses from Vasai Railway Station West Depot are also available, costing about Rs.15.

Share and private autos from Vasai Railway Station and Naigaon (both east side) are available, with private autos charging around Rs.100 to Rs.150 till Kaman Village and share autos taking anything between Rs.20 to Rs.30 per head.

Other Recommended Places Near Chinchoti

Bhajanlal Dairy

Located just a few meters ahead on the main road in Kaman village, lies the renowned Bhajanlal Dairy – a perfect spot to satiate your hunger pangs. Indulge in their delectable dairy items such as Lassi and other mouth-watering delicacies, all freshly prepared and simply amazing. Additionally, restroom and toilet facilities are also available for your convenience. Check out the videos below for a glimpse of what’s in store for you at Bhajanlal Dairy.

Kathiyawadi Dhabas On National Highway

At Naigaon on National Highway 8, there are renowned Kathiyawadi Dhabas, known for their delectable cuisine from the famous village of Kathiyawad in Gujarat. Indulge in the pleasure of relishing an open-air lunch or dinner on Charpai, while immersing yourself in the picturesque surroundings.

Tungareshwar Waterfall and Temple

Tungareshwar, which is linked at the beginning of the article, boasts stunning waterfalls and shares similarities with Chinchoti. This location is revered as a place of worship for Lord Shiva, with a temple nestled deep within the jungle and waterfalls along the trail.

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