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“In Mumbai, Monsoon normally arrives in first or second week of June and stays back next 4 months, i.e till September. City is very lucky when it comes to number of Monsoon Hangout Locations and Perfect Excursion Destinations.

Mumbai Rain is blessed with many attractions like scenic places to see, Seashores to enjoy those huge splashes and high tides and also there are awesome hilly destinations near Mumbai specially for monsoon trekking or hangout with friends, families and beloveds for fun. Beat the summer heat this summer and have lasting memories of Mumbai rainy days..”

Monsoon Splashes
Monsoon Splashes

Monsoon Hangout Within City

Nariman Point

Monsoon Season Night Time Splash
Monsoon Season Night Time Splash

Everyone knows that this place which is famously called queen necklace of Mumbai (i.e Marine Drive, Nariman Point) promenade as it looks beautiful at night. All age people love to be around to enjoy morning & evening breeze, jogging and walk here along the soothing waves sound. This place is awesome and one of the top visited Mumbai hangout places ideal for all season.

But many do not know that it is also a preferred Rain Excursion Destination as it is huge fun getting wet along the coastal high tides. Upon study, MET department and BMC declares few 8 to 10 days which will observe High tides at various coastal of Mumbai. Actually, it is an alert for citizen to keep away from shores as the tides raises from 4 to 7 feet and may be dangerous.

But that is also the fun time. Nariman point looks extremely beautiful and scenic during monsoon and the stretch from Nariman point to Chowpatty at Charni Road, Specially at the east west flyover bridge. Check below videos to an idea.

Nearest Railway Station : Churchgate, Marine Lines (South Mumbai) Western Railway Route.
How to Reach : To Reach this destination by Train, Western Railway Route. Get down at Last station called ‘Churchgate’ towards west is the seashore connected to Nariman Point. If you are coming from Central Railway, Get down at CST station and hire a taxi, Its a 10 minutes drive from there.


Gateway Of India

Gateway Of India Water Splashes
Gateway Of India Water Splashes

A heritage hangout & tourist destination of Mumbai, Gateway takes its first bath during high tides huge splashes that hits the Edifice around. The old strong rocky edges of Gateway of India gets hit by those strong current waves and the fun begins for people waiting to see the same. That is the spirit of Mumbai monsoon, Whatever danger it is, There will be few to take pictures, videos and selfie around.

A beautiful monsoon excursion not to miss when in Mumbai during rainy days. See also the iconic Hotel Taj right in front, Small boats, Ferries to Elephanta caves etc. More about gateway here.

Nearest Railway Station : Churchgate and CSMT.
How to Reach : Not more than 5 to 10 Minutes from either Churchgate station or CSMT (Formerly CST / Victoria Terminus).

Haji Ali Dargah

Let’s begin with the exciting monsoon videos at Haji Ali first..

Haji Ali Dargah is actually an very old Muslim mosque inside Arabian sea. It is also one of the monsoon visited destination for many to enjoy the tides along with blessings and have fun of walking on the little pathway with waves and sea water around.

A beautiful Dargah right inside the sea with the blessing which never let it drown or face any monsoon challenges even if it is covered with sea water from all 4 side, except the only tiny pathway to reach the mosque. In any case, during high tide dates, People should not explore such destination for fun and the pathway is fully covered and is very dangerous. Otherwise, during normal rainy days it is fun to walk and a challenge to reach the mosque without getting wet from those salty waves splashes.

The backside area of Dargah is the rocky patch where people are seen enjoying the tides during monsoon and other seasons. That place looks fun, yet is dangerous too so be cautioned before trying for fun here. A 180 Degree Worli view with flowing water waves all around is one of the another reasons for a day off to hangout at this place for Photographers.

Nearest Station and Location : South Mumbai, Nearest Railway Station is Mumbai Central & Mahalaxmi on western railway route.
How to Reach : Two Stations On Western Route, Mahalaxmi & Mumbai Central (Recommended). It is 15 minutes walk if you love to or 5 Minutes in Taxi easy available from railway stations.

Worli Sea face

Lets starts with these monsoon videos and other below.

Worli Sea Face in Monsoon
Worli Sea Face in Monsoon

One of the other longest beach stretch of South Mumbai, Worli sea face has 2 reasons to be visited in Monsoon and is already and sorted Excursion during high tide rainy day. Of course the huge splashes and the mesmerizing Worli sea link ride that connects Bandra bandstand on the other side. If not, check the above video.

If you are already near or planning for Haji Ali, Then Worli sea face is connected at hardly 15 minutes distance, You should not miss. This rocky belt of seashore has one more famous place, The Worli fishing village, which is also a tourist attraction. Enjoy those roasted bhutta (Sweet Corns) along the coastal and those Shivering cool breeze if you are in couple, college gang or with family here.

Location : Worli, Nearest Station Dadar.
How to Reach : Get down at Dadar (West), Get a taxi or bus as preferred. For those who already travel and knows how to reach Worli sea face from Mahalaxmi and Lower Parel too which connects at Worli Naka not far from beach.

Bandra Bandstand

View From Bandra Fort
View From Bandra Fort
Sweet Corn Seller Seen During Rainy Days
Sweet Corn Seller Seen During Rainy Days

I have already detailed lots about this place. Yet Monsoon is very special at this beautifully maintained promenade. So this rainy season, Enjoy the monsoon view of Sea link and the wide open Arabian sea from the old remains of fort near Hotel Taj and walks along the wet promenade clicking pictures of Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan home if you like as this is the most beautiful monsoon location of Mumbai Suburban, that too at the Fashion queen destination called ‘Bandra’ where major Bollywood celebrities stays.

It is a destination you will never forget for those rainy days memories in life. Lucky if it is just a drizzle and you are at bandstand, Nothing like it to enjoy walking on the Promenade and not just standing aside due to heavy rains. Sweet & Roasted corn always welcomes one at the shore with enough option to east. To make a point, A clean wash room (Rs.5 charged) is available at Bus stand opposite Taj.

Monsoon Destinations Near Mumbai

Before anything, Here is something related if you like.

1. Know what Mumbai monsoon is all about.
2. Igatpuri is one great place near Mumbai, Specially during monsoon. Similarly, Malshej ghat for first timers is a must.
3. Some past pictures
4. 17 Waterfalls you must keep on your list.
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6. Rainy season Helplines should always be handy.
7. Mumbai monsoon is also for trekking freaks, Some locations.
8. How about a monsoon picnic ? Here are some awesome rain picnic spots in Mumbai.

Where do Mumbaikars (Mumbai People) hangout in Monsoon ? Where do they prefer going? Which are the best hilly places near city to enjoy Monsoon ? are some of the most common queries by Citizens and tourists from other cities and abroad. Below are few best places near Mumbai, easy reachable and highly recommended for Rainy Days (Between June to September).

Malshej Ghat

For those who love waterfalls and green scenic location for a day excursion, I will recommend Malshej Ghat in early days of Monsoon (Not During Heavy Rains). A video i took while reaching the ghat gives an idea of the location (See below). Better read about Malshaj Ghat and Checkout Picture Gallery.

Sunny Malshat Ghat View During Monsoon
Sunny Malshat Ghat View During Monsoon

Trekking and Other Locations

Waterfalls and Dams : Two famous water bodies which any monsoon lover looks out for a day outing and excursion are Waterfalls and Dams. 2 of the 16 famous Waterfalls nearest to Mumbai city are Tungareshwar and Chinchoti. Talking about Dams and similar locations, Lonavala & Solanpada are places to be seen.

Monsoon Trekking : One of the fun and adventures during Mumbai monsoon is trekking, Lots of enthusiasts are ready every year to trek those peaks of Harishchandra Fort, and other forts of Maharashtra like Karnala, Torna, Gorakhgad, Purandhar, Lohagad Trekking, Vikatad, Raigad, Kotholidag, Rajmachi, Rajgad and Visapur. The what and how details are right here.

Other Rainy Hangout Locations : To list the few we have Lonavala, Matheran, Mahabaleshwar, Dapoli, Bhandardara and other, See Complete list of picnic spots of this season.

More to know About Mumbai Monsoon

Monsoon is not just fun sometimes, See video


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