Monsoon High Tides Dates 2019 – Mumbai | Monsoon Tides Days

“Note these High Tides Dates for monsoon 2019 in Mumbai. Details about dates for every individual month (June, July, August and September) with Highest / Tallest wave to be expected on a particular day with waves height in metres & feet at detailed below..”

NOTE : Dates for 2019, Yet to be received. We will update it as soon possible.

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Gateway Of India High Tides Picture
Gateway Of India High Tides Picture

If you agree with me, We Mumbai people are actually less concerned about monsoon High tides days when it comes to going or not going for our job if declared tides crossing almost 4.5 metre height at coastal of Mumbai. Most of we monsoon loving citizens look for great monsoon hangouts locations like Nariman point, Gateway, Worli Sea face etc to enjoy those high tides, Get some pictures and videos, take cool SAFE selfie and share with friends, Right ?. Concerned are those who moves inside sea to fish and earn their regular and are parents who worry about their children taking risk for such splash fun.So here are the dates, days and timings with details about Tide height in Meters and Feet for current year monsoon 2017, For Months June, July, August and September months. All credits to IMD and leading newspapers like Hindustan Times, Mid-Day, DNA and Tides-forecast website for these data..

High Tides 2018

Mumbai High Tide Dates & Days 2018
JUNE 2018    
13th June 2018 (Wednesday)   4.68 Meters (15.35 Feet)
14th June 2018 (Thursday)   4.85 Meters (15.91 Feet)
15th June 2018 (Friday)   4.92 Meters (16.14 Feet)
16th June 2018 (Saturday)   4.91 Meters (16.10 Feet)
17th June 2018 (Sunday)   4.82 Meters (15.81 Feet)
18th June 2018 (Monday)   4.65 Meters (15.25 Feet)
JULY 2018    
12th July 2018 (Thursday)   4.65 Meters (15.25 Feet)
13th July 2018 (Friday)   4.85 Meters (15.91 Feet)
14th July 2018 (Saturday)   4.96 Meters (16.14 Feet)
15th July 2018 (Sunday)   4.97 Meters (16.30 Feet)
16th July 2018 (Monday)   4.89 Meters (16.04 Feet)
17th July 2018 (Tuesday)   4.70 Meters (15.41 Feet)
AUGUST 2018    
10th August 2018 (Friday)   4.60 Meters (15.09 Feet)
11th August 2018 (Saturday)   4.82 Meters (15.81 Feet)
12th August 2018 (Sunday)   4.95 Meters (16.24 Feet)
13th August 2018 (Monday)   4.96 Meters (16.27 Feet)
14th August 2018 (Tuesday)   4.85 Meters (15.91 Feet)
15th August 2018 (Wednesday)   4.62 Meters (15.15 Feet)
SEPTEMBER 2018    
8th September 2018 (Saturday)   4.53 Meters (14.86 Feet)
9th September 2018 (Sunday)   4.75 Meters (15.58 Feet)
10th September 2018 (Monday)   4.85 Meters (15.91 Feet)
11th September 2018 (Tuesday) 12:36 Am 4.63 Meters (15.19 Feet)
11th September 2018 (Tuesday) 12:58 Pm 4.83 Meters (15.84 Feet)
12th September 2018 (Wednesday) 1:20 Am 4.65 Meters (15.25 Feet)
12th September 2018 (Wednesday) 1:36 Pm 4.68 Meters (15.35 Feet)

With the above table data, Top 3 High tide days with strongest splashes hitting Mumbai coastals are as :

  • 15th July : 16.30 Feet High Wave.
  • 14th July & 13th August : 16.27 Feet High Wave.
  • 12th August : 16.24 Feet High Wave.

ALERT !!! : Seating, Standing and Walking on the border of sea shore (Where usually all seat and enjoy) is extremely dangerous. Such huge tides usually pulls inside or the push might throw one to get major injuries. So, enjoy at the safest if you are really excited to reach the beach fronts or at locations like Nariman Point, Marine Lines, Bandra Reclamation & Bandstand area.

High Tides 2017

So are you excited about 2017 High Tides in Mumbai for June, July, August and September this monsoon ? Below is what IMD (Indian Meteorological Department) has today about High tide dates 2017 with details about day of highest tide for every month which can go as high as 4.97 metres, 4.89 metres and so. Below are the dates you can make a note to be careful and also have fun at Marine Drive, Worli Sea face, Nariman Point and Gateway of India.

  • Dates for June 2017 : High Tides From 22nd June to 28th June with Tallest waves 4.97 metres high to be observed on 25th June.
  • Dates for July 2017 : 22nd of July lasting till 27th with Highest tide on 24th July at 4.89 Metres.
  • Dates for August 2017 : August has 4 days of high tides (21 to 24), 4.75 Metres will be highest on 22nd of August.
  • Dates for September 2017 : 19th September to 22nd September 2017 are high tides days with going monsoon in Mumbai. Tallest wave is expected at 4.54 Metres on 22nd of September.

That brings in 18 total days of huge waves to be enjoyed in Mumbai. (See Videos Below to just get Glimpse. Note that clip was taken after tide effects).

Previous Year Dates 2016

Updates as of March 2016 by HT, below dates are to be watched out for high tides which may go above normal tide level / height which is 4.5 metres. This year 2016 it might hit as high as 4.91 metres on 6th June. Below are the dates for monsoon months.

  • June : 4th to 8th, 6th being the highest tide at 4.91 metres timings around 1:30 pm on Mumbai sea faces. On 5th and 7th June also higher then normal.
  • July : 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th. Then 22nd, 23rd and 24th.
  • August : 2nd, 3rd and 4th, Then 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd.
  • September : Between 17th and 20th of Month.
FUTURE UPDATES : We will update this place with monsoon tides days data next year, We update on Google+ so stay tuned with updates by FOLLOW button below.

Monsoon High Tides Videos

See Also : Monsoon Trekking Locations, Picnic Spots, BMC Helplines. Also the short code for any emergency flood contact are 1916, 101.

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