Monsoon High Tide Dates 2023 – Mumbai | Monsoon Tides Days

“Note these High Tide dates for Monsoon 2023 in Mumbai. Details about dates for every individual month (June, July, August, and September) with the highest or tallest wave above 4.5 meters to be expected on a particular day, with wave height in metres and feet, are detailed below…”

Gateway Of India High Tides Picture
Gateway Of India High Tides Picture

Seating, standing, or walking on the border/edge area of the seashore (where we usually all sit and enjoy) is extremely dangerous. Such huge tides usually pull inside, or the push might throw them out and create injuries. So, enjoy at the safest if you are really excited to reach the beach fronts or at locations like Nariman Point, Marine Lines, Bandra Reclamation, and Bandstand area.

If you agree with me, We Mumbai people are actually less concerned about monsoon tide declared dates when it comes to jobs and fear of flooding due to high tides and heavy rain together. No senior actually cares; Job is job, and you must come.

It is until that moment if you get caught up in the combination of high tide and flooding that you actually fear and your seniors get worried.

Many of citizen who love monsoon actually look forward for some great waterfall or monsoon hangout locations like Nariman point, Gateway, Worli Sea face etc to enjoy those high huge tides and get some pictures and videos for reels etc.

Actually concerned are those fisherman who regularly go deep inside the sea to get some fish that make their day with their daily earnings.

So below are the dates, days, and timings with details about tide height for the current year for June, July, August, and September months.

High Tides For June 2023

Day Date Time Height (Meters)
Sunday 04-06-2023 12:16 Pm 4.62
Monday 05-06-2023 1:01 PM 4.69
Tuesday 06-06-2023 1:47 Pm 4.69
Wednesday 07-06-2023 2:35 Pm 4.62
Thursday 08-06-2023 3:25 Pm 4.51

High Tides For July 2023

Day Date Time Height (Meters)
Monday 03-07-2023 12:02 Pm 4.60
Tuesday 04-07-2023 12:49 Pm 4.72
Wednesday 05-07-2023 1:36 Pm 4.78
Thursday 06-07-2023 2:23 Pm 4.77
Friday 07-07-2023 3:10 Pm 4.69
Saturday 08-07-2023 3:55 Pm 4.52

High Tides For August 2023

Day Date Time Height (Meters)
Tuesday 01-08-2023 11:46 Am 4.58
Wednesday 02-08-2023 12:30 Pm 4.76
Thursday 03-08-2023 1:14 Pm 4.87
Friday 04-08-2023 1:56 Pm 4.87
Saturday 05-08-2023 2:38 Pm 4.76
Sunday 06-08-2023 3:20 Pm 4.51
Wednesday 30-08-2023 11:26 Am 4.59
Thursday 31-08-2023 12:06 Pm 4.80

High Tides For September 2023

Day Date Time Height (Meters)
Friday 01-09-2023 00:22 Am and 12:44 Pm 4.54 and 4.88
Saturday 02-09-2023 01:07 Am and 1:22 Pm 4.68 and 4.84
Sunday 03-09-2023 1:52 Am and 2:01 Pm 4.67 and 4.66
Thursday 28-09-2023 11:00 Am 4.56
Friday 29-09-2023 11:37 Am 4.71
Saturday 30-09-2023 00:08 Am and 12:12 Pm 4.74 and 4.73

Monsoon High Tides Videos

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