Mesmerizing Jawhar Hill Station – Waterfalls and Other Attraction Places to See

Monsoon 2023, Attracts tourist places and attractions of the beautiful and scenic Jawhar Hill Station, A tehsil in Palghar district located far north of Mumbai suburban. This hill station is not much explored like other famous, But gaining popularity as one of the best Monsoon destinations in the Palghar district in Maharashtra state.

Since, not that famous and less explored compared to Mahabaleshwar, Lonavala, etc, Many questions are natural and will be better answered in this article via photos, videos, and updated details, of course, this is my personal experience after visiting this hill station.

So if you are thinking of visiting Jawhar this monsoon and want to know things like is it worth visiting? or What are the tourist spots or monsoon specialty and other details like the Best time to visit, Family safety details, Car Parking, Distance from Mumbai and Gujarat, Major attractions, Staying options like Hotels & Resorts, and how to reach by road and train, Stay tuned till the end of this page.

Jawhar Hill Station
Love Jawhar

Jawhar Places to See

In my personal visit to Jawhar and I would say this place near Mumbai is a must-visit during monsoon. If you want some breathing space that is less crowded compared to Lonavala, Spend a day or two here which is rejuvenating.

Philosophically, I can define Jawhar Hills as only 3 colors that made this a preferred monsoon destination near Mumbai. Blue Sky, Lush Green all around, Every corner, and Every hill, and Brownish Black, The Road & Huge tree branches, That’s it.

Mesmerizing experience of a village hill station that too not very far from Mumbai city, which I am sure many would have missed to date as didn’t know how beautiful this place is.

Jawhar Lush Greenery
Jawhar Lush Greenery

Of major attractions inside Jawhar village, 3 major Waterfalls are on the top list of places to see. In fact, Jawhar is called the ‘ Hill Station of Waterfalls ‘ near Mumbai, during and post monsoon too. Let us start with what comes to mind first when we talk about attracting places during rainy months.

As said, 3 Major waterfalls pull up all the crowd and keep this offbeat location and hillock of such an interior village crowded. In fact, One of the waterfalls called Kalmandavi is recommended to be visited post-monsoon as detailed below. Hopefully Soon, Jawhar Hill Station will be officially declared as one of the known monsoon attractions and weekend destinations near Mumbai (Maharashtra State) by the tourism department.

If you love exploring long flat lakes which has a wide green zone accessible to humans, Jai Sagar Lake as seen adjacent to the main road is for you. Khadkhad Dam is another one-time watch place to see. Hanuman Point and Jai Vilas Palace are adjacent to each other as soon you enter Jawhar from Vikramgad road (Manor), Wada, or Silvassa Road (Gujarat). Want that feeling of driving on a zig and sloppy tiny road with all green around? Welcome to Jawhar.

That are all monsoon attractions like Waterfalls, Scenic valley view at Hanuman point, Sunset point, Dam & River. But, my personal experience and love of this place were the Serenity, The Road drive inside the green Hillocks (No Concrete), and Those Small villages which felt like nature has come down to bless me with all the freshness.

Check The Jawhar Road Drive Video

Now, Let us start step by step on places to see. I will try to guide you with my experience and what you need to know first and what next considering the various attractions of this hill station. This will help make some better time-saving plans on what to and what not to explore when with family or friends, Elderly or Young adventurous group of friends.

Attractions Map Route and Road Distance

The below map will help you with all the sightseeing places to see once you enter Jawhar Hill Station. If this is your first monsoon trip here, You will really need this map often, So (BOOKMARK IT Or Share this page on WhatsApp with someone as a bookmark).

As you cross Vikramgad and the Ghat area and reach Jawhar’s market area, Jai Vilas Palace & Hanuman Point are 2 attractions nearby to each other. These 2 places are all season BUt recommended are Monsoon & Winter only. From the market area, all other monsoon attractions places such as Khadkhad Dam, Lake, and Waterfalls are at some distance which takes about half hour drive each.

So, I have considered ‘Hanuman Temple Point’ as the center point area below the map to understand other location distances. A map will show the route, time taken & distance to Dabhosa, Kalmandavi & Hiradpada Waterfalls, Khadkhad Dam, and Jai Sagar Lake. I have unmarked the Road distance from Mumbai to Jawhar as that may be a little confusing on this subject.

Dabhosa Waterfall

Dabhosa Waterfall Aerial
Dabhosa Waterfall Aerial

Jawhar means Dabhosa waterfall, Is what usually it starts with. Actually, that is the fact as indeed it is one of the huge and best location that can be reached with family and friends of all age. A nice parking area which has a view point to enjoy the beauty of nature & the beasting fall is what can be a place to see on your planning list.

But if you are planning to reach near the waterfall, An important thing to note is to not try exploring it with elderly, kids or anyone who is not physically fit for this patch of down hill trek. Although experienced trekkers will enjoy the same, Be coutioned about the slippery area and pointed stones that can be really dangerous.

Since the slope is a muddy hillock, During heavy rains, the mud washes away and the trek becomes difficult for the inexperienced. Otherwise, it is a mesmerizing experience.

Dabhosa Fast Facts

  • Can one reach till base waterfall area: Yes, During heavy rains, i.e Peak monsoon in July & August, The Flow is very high and risky, Still you can. Just that you cannot swim or explore inside the water pond area. The Downhill trek is not recommended for kids, ages, or any kind of physically challenged people.
  • Car and Bike Parking: The Viewpoint at the top from where everyone can enjoy the waterfall is safe for all age groups. Ample vehicle parking area available.
  • Road Conditions: Overall road conditions of Jawhar from regular mapped routes are good for both cars and bikes. Cautioned if taking any offered / less explored routes of hilly slopes, Specially by car.
  • Nearby Attractions to Dabhosa: On the way to and from this attraction place, Jai Sagar Lake and Khadkhad Dam can be explored. Hiradpada waterfall is also in the same direction, But the route and distance differ.
  • Best time to visit: Of course monsoon, But if you plan to get inside the Waterfall & Rocky Pond area of Dabhosa waterfall, Post monsoon after October is what is recommended when the flow trickles.
  • Mobile Network, Fuel, Food & Water: Low network, Carry Food & Water from Village market. Keep the tank filled as much as possible.

Once you reach the waterfall, I am sure you will forget all the risks and hurdles of that trek area and will fall in love with it. Enjoy this lovely video.

Read More: About Dabhosa Waterfall.

Kalmandavi Waterfall

Kalmandavi Waterfall
Kalmandavi Waterfall

The second largest waterfall of Jawhar, Kalmandavi is a multi-level waterfall located deep inside the valley of this Hill station and is not recommended to be explored with family, kids, and elderly. Read on the fast facts below and jump to detailed articles which have photos and videos of the location, So you can plan accordingly.

Kalmandavi Fast Facts

  • Best time to visit: Early or Late monsoon after October because the flow and risk are too high during monsoon days i.e from July to September.
  • Recommended for Kids, Elderly etc: Strictly NO. One needs to trek downhill via rough patch for 20 to 30 minutes to reach this valley waterfall. Bikers can still reach the nearest point with less trek, Car needs to be parked away.
  • Risk factor: The Depth is about 100 meters, So do not try jumping in unless you are a good swimmer. Past history has few accidents recorded. Just enjoy the view, Take good photos and videos and come back safe.
  • Nearby attractions: No attractions around, Need to get back to the Jawahar market area at hanuman point to take enjoy another attraction.
  • Food, Water, Fuel, etc: Carry ample of these things with you in advance.
  • Police restrictions: Usually not, But for people’s safety during heavy rains, Yes.

Read More: Kalmandavi Waterfall.

Drone shots by Bhauzz are worth watching, Below is the video.

Hiradpada Waterfall

Hiradpada Waterfall View Point
Hiradpada Waterfall View Point

The aerial view of the Hiradpada village waterfall shows you the strength and beauty of nature, Especially that of water. Kindly note, that Hiradpada waterfall is an ‘AERIAL VIEW ONLY‘ waterfall sightseeing location of jawhar at a distance of 15 Kilometers from the Village market area which takes about 30 minutes to reach.

Enjoy this waterfall from the hillock mudflat point that has a view deck installed. Get some beautiful photographs and aerial videos of the Hiradpada waterfall and the lust greenery from the top.

Note: Many who visit this place for the first time do not know that there is a total of 2 viewpoints to enjoy this waterfall. The one with the view deck and parking area and the other one which I missed being on the left side of the same area. Just before you enter the parking area or at this point, A small pathway is on the left. A downhill small slope that has some old concrete ladders has another viewpoint that actually gives a better view of this waterfall. Check this video by ‘Kunal Bharsat’ to enjoy and know about the same.

Read More: About Second view point & other details about Hiradpada Waterfall.

So now you know what is special in Jawhar and if it is worth visiting? Yes, the waterfalls. And more attractions as detailed below.

Khadkhad Dam and Camping Site

KhadKhad Dam Waterfall
KhadKhad Dam Waterfall

30 Minutes from the Jawhar market area is Khadkhad village which has this huge Dam and a camping site which little inside the village area. Below is the latest video of the Overflowing Khadkhad dam and the feel of the location around just to get an idea of what it looks like being there. It is worth spending a few minutes at Khadkhad bridge (Car & Bikes reaches this point) to enjoy the Sound & Force of the water.

Caution: The main route to this Dam is via Khadkhad village, From the dam area if you try to map back to Jawhar, It will show you a route that starts from another side of the bridge you came from. It is a very rough patched isolated hillock area with the worst road conditions that make feel like no one has visited this place for years. Large stones and risky hillock connects the Dharampur village.

Once reached Dharampur, You will see some life and the little better concrete road that connects the Jawhar-Nashik highway. The place is also isolated and not worth exploring by car. Bikers will have no issues, Still, try avoiding it even if it is a shortcut route to Jawhar town. I tried the route by car and so thought of highlighting the experience.

Lake Camping: The overnight camping location is nearby to dam inside Khadkhad village. The site Address and contact number are Jawhar Camping, Khadkhad Village Dhaparpada, Khadkhad Road, Jawhar, Maharashtra 401603. Contact – 7559402729. I have personally not verified this contact, So please excuse me if that does not connect.

Hanuman Point

Hanuman Point Aerial View
Hanuman Point Aerial View

Enter Jawhar and one of the 2 main attractions adjacent to each other is Jai Vilas Palace (Rajwada of King) and this Scenic Viewpoint location called ‘Hanuman Point. The name comes from the ‘Katya Maruti Hanuman Temple’ located right inside the location.

This is a scenic viewpoint ideal to be visited during Monsoon & Winters. Monsoon gives a very beautiful valley view with everything turned green between June & October. Winter brings in the smog or fog as one says which makes this a perfect sightseeing location for Jawhar hill station.

On the left is a beautiful selfie point ‘Love Jawhar’ which also has a tiny butterfly drawn on one of the walls as a kid’s photograph and selfie point. A Kid can stand right between the wings and get one of the best butterfly pictures with themself.

On the extreme right of this viewpoint, one can see the very famous ‘Jahwar Palace’, named ‘Jai Vilas’ located on a similar Hillock as this one the ‘Hanuman Point. The view is worth the visit. Spend some time relaxing on the installed seating tables facing the valley of green Jawhar with tiny roads seen. Some food stalls, Pani puri, and fast food are available here.

Aerial Photo Courtesy: Vasaikar Uttam.

Sunset Point

Jawhar Sunset Point During Monsoon
Jawhar Sunset Point During Monsoon

Just 2 Km from Jawhar market is this ‘Sunset Point’, which takes no more than 7 to 10 minutes. During monsoon, Enjoy the valley view and other seasons like Winter and Summer, One can enjoy the beautiful sunset from here. I have not visited this place, So cannot share more about this location.

Jawhar Palace (Jai Vilas)

Jai Vilas Palace Rajwada
Jai Vilas Palace Rajwada

‘Jai Vilas Palace’ or as called ‘Jawhar Rajwada’ or ‘Raj bari’ is a historic neoclassical structured palace built by King Yashwantrao Martandraoji Mukane’s royal family. He was the last Hindu Koli King of Jawhar tehsil. One can see his statue on the main road junction while entering Hanuman point. If you want to know everything about this king and some very old historic facts about Jawhar, Shivaji Raje, etc Refer to the historics of making family dynasty.

Since then, This palace is now one of the main attractions in the Jawhar and Palghar districts. Located on a hilltop, This rajwada is surrounded by tall trees facing the depth of the valley which can be seen from a hanuman point.

During heavy rains, vehicles are restricted to the main road and the pathway to reach the palace is wet and muddy. Take extreme care if you are with the elderly or similar. You will surely enjoy the simple-looking but very old palace if you love to explore historic locations.

Shirpamal, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Smarak

Shirpamal Jawhar
Shirpamal Jawhar
Shirpamal View Deck
Shirpamal View Deck

Shirpamal is the place where Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj met King of Jawhar Shri Yashwantrao Martandraoji Mukane for some important decisions on invading Surat. It is a historic monument in the Palghar district located on one of the highest hillocks on Jawhar Nashik road. Watch the beautiful Drone shot and aerial view video that explains better. This place is at the distance of 6 km from Jawhar market which takes not more than 15 minutes by road.

Jai Sagar Dam and Lake

It is a beautiful lake seen when one the way from the Market area towards Khadkhad dam or Dabosa & Hiradpada waterfalls. The view itself attracts the bypassers as the flat surface around the lake water gets green with tiny little grasses.

A bike can even get inside the lake area, Still, be cautioned about wet mud and stones on the pathway. I personally didn’t explore much around this lake and really don’t know why it is called a Dam. Maybe on another side, there is a dam built.

Reaching Jawhar Hill Station

How to Reach Jawhar by Train: Since Jawhar is an interior village tehsil located in Palghar district. There is no direct train station available here. Igatpuri is the nearest railway station (On the Central Railway Route of Mumbai) which is 70 Km road distance from this Hill station. So if you want to reach this place from Mumbai, head on the central railway route, and get down at Igatpuri railway station.

From Mumbai suburban & Palghar districts Vasai Virar area, the Virar railway station is 96 Km from Jawhar. If you are planning to come here via Gujarat, Dahanu Road railway station is at 68 Km. I have detailed these 3 nearest railway stations as per the best availability of road transportation once you reach. MSRTC buses can be seen from certain locations, Else private cabs, Ola, and Uber are the best options near these stations.

By Road: With the help of the map, One can reach here by private vehicle. If you are from Mumbai and planning, the Best traffic-free route with good road conditions is from Manor which is a few kilometers ahead of Virar highway towards Gujarat. From Manor, the route is very straight to Jawhar hill station. An alternate route from Virar highway is from Vajreshwari – Wada (On Bhiwandi Wada Road) National Highway 848 which connects Vikramgad near Jawhar.

Alternatively, Mumbai citizens can take Thane – Bhiwandi route and stay on National Highway 848 which connects to Vikramgad.

From Nashik, take Nashik to the trimbak road (National Highway 848) and from Igatpuri, Mokhada-Khodala Road towards Jawhar.

By Air: Nearest airports are Nashik and Alternate Mumbai airport. Once you reach the airport, Follow the road or railway route to reach this hill station.

Other Hill Stations and Places to See in 2023 Near Jawhar & Mumbai

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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