Hiradpada Waterfall – A Scenic Waterfall Viewpoint at Jawhar

Hiradpada waterfall, One of the huge waterfall monsoon attraction in Jawhar. Located about 3 and half hour from Mumbai city. It is a View Only Waterfall, Not accessible to public.

About half an hour’s run from Jawhar, inside deep interior villages, is this giant fall with a flowing river that can be seen from the Viewpoint deck installed. The photos on this page speaks it all.

Below are details of this waterfall viewpoint that many misses or do not know. Also are details on how to reach Hiradpada, Car & Bike Parking, Road conditions and common questions like Will car reach this point, etc.

The aerial view of the Hiradpada waterfall deep inside that village shows the strength and beauty of nature, Especially that of water. Kindly note, that Hiradpada waterfall is an ‘AERIAL VIEW ONLY’ waterfall sightseeing location of Jawhar hill station at a distance of 15 Kilometers from the Village market area which takes about 30 minutes to reach. One can just view the beauty of nature from a distanced viewpoint.

The road conditions are good, But very narrow once you reach Hiradpada village. If you love slope hill zigzag drives, lush green hillocks, and very old villages during monsoon, The drive is worth it (See the latest monsoon video below).

This place is one of the very interior villages of Jawhar tehsil. Villagers walk for miles and hardly any shops etc can be seen. One unique and sweet thing about this village is that people (Kids especially) are very happy seeing the visitors who come to enjoy this waterfall.

The elderly and kids standing around the tiny homes keep waving you bye all the time. A small recommendation & experience from my visit to this place. Please carry a few foods, Chips packets, cold drinks, etc kind stuff to give away to the kids who are always asking for the same with their innocent faces at the viewpoint. You will admire the innocent smiles and happiness on their faces upon receiving chips, bottled drinks, or money that is given. A small food stall (I believe it is ‘Wada Pav’) comes just as you near the waterfall viewpoint area.

As soon as you reach the hillock mudflat point, A view deck can be seen. It is specially built to enjoy the beautiful Hiradpada waterfall and the long-running stream next to it. The view deck is a kind of watch tower made of iron bars on which about 5 to 6 people can stand and enjoy the scenic view. I recommend that fewer people on top is better as the deck floor is made of wood and can be risky too, So it better be safe.

I would rather talk less about the beauty of this waterfall and let you enjoy this video taken from the view deck.

Note: Many who visit this place for the first time do not know that there is a total of 2 viewpoints to enjoy this waterfall. The one with a view deck and parking area and the other one which I missed is on the left side of same area. Just before you enter the parking area or this point, A small pathway is on the left. A downhill small slope that has some old concrete ladders has another viewpoint that actually gives a better view of this waterfall. Check this video by ‘Kunal Bharsat’ to enjoy and learn about the same.

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