Dabhosa Waterfall – Jawhar’s Famous Monsoon Attraction

Located at Jawhar Hill Station, Dabhosa waterfall is on top of the Lendi river and is one of the best attractions of Jawhar tehsil, located in the Palghar district of Maharashtra state.

It is one of the most beautiful and huge waterfalls near Mumbai. Dabhosa waterfall stays at the top of the Jawhar hill station tourism list. It is a perfect monsoon destination not very far from Mumbai city.

As said, Dabhosa waterfall is the best known, most ventured, and one of the giants of the famous 3 waterfalls inside Jawhar, The hill station of waterfall. From the center point of the Jawhar market area (Hanuman Point), Dabhosa is 17.5 km away and takes about 26 minutes. Enjoy the mesmerizing view of this waterfall with family, friends, Kids, and the Elderly from the top viewpoint, which is also a car and bike free parking area.

If you plan to explore the down-sloping hillock to reach the waterfall to get the real feel of the huge fall, You need to trek down for about 15 minutes. The trek starts with small concrete ladders, which soon disappear as they are old and heavy rains have washed them away. That brings in the challenges of a stony, muddy trek, which is not recommended for everyone in the family.

Do not try exploring it with the elderly, kids, or anyone who is not physically fit for this patch of the trek. Alternately, enjoy the safe view from the top. Although experienced trekkers will enjoy the same, Be cautioned about the slippery area and pointed stones, which can be really dangerous. Since the slope is an uneven and muddy hillock, During heavy rains, the mud washes away and the trek becomes difficult for the inexperienced.

The best part of being at this place during the monsoon or winter is that The waterfall can be seen for almost 8 months of the year. While the water falls down from the cascade of 300 feet high during peak monsoon months, i.e., July, August, and September, It is the best view as the force and flow around the green-surrounded nature bring in its charm.

But if you wish to go near and get inside the waterfall pond area for some photographs, Selfies, and Videos, Months after October are great. Although the greenery recedes and the drive pathways of villages are not as fun as during rainy days, it is still worth the visit post-monsoon months.

Reaching Dabhosa Waterfall

From Mumbai, The waterfall is about 150 km away, and on National Highway 48 (the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Highway), the best run is from Manor, Which is a little ahead of Virar Phata. Another route from Mumbai is via Thane Bhiwandi Ambadi Wada Road, which connects Vikramgad village, which comes before Dabhosa Jawhar. See the Google Maps route below.

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