21 Waterfalls Near Mumbai – Monsoon 2022

“June 2022, Monsoon Rains are almost here, and here is an updated list of 18 Waterfalls near Mumbai at a radius of 100 to 125 Km distance for One Day Picnic, Rain Outing, Excursion and Trekking in This Year’s Monsoon. Locations like Kasara, Neral, Virar, Vasai, Belapur, Kharghar, Badlapur, Malshej Ghat, Lonavala, Thane, Khopoli, Igatpuri, and more With dense forest, green plateau, and beauty all around these are these selective & famous waterfalls to explore in Monsoon years after years.

Some are very safe, Some are publicly restricted during heavy rains, and some are dangerous for families and kids. Take proper care, extra clothes, first aid box and enjoy safely around each of the below-listed waterfalls that you visit, Happy monsoon to Mumbai city..”

Waterfalls Near Mumbai
Waterfalls Near Mumbai

Vandri Lake Waterfall Near Virar

Vandri Lake Dam Waterfall
Vandri Lake Dam Waterfall
  • Location: Palghar (Western Railway Route).
  • How to Reach: Via private vehicle. See Route Map
  • From Mumbai: At distance of 82 Kilometres from city, It take about 2 Hour to reach this waterfall.
  • Complete details here.
Vandri Lake Waterfall

Bhavli Waterfall, Igatpuri

Igatpuri Bhavli Waterfall
Igatpuri Bhavli Waterfall
  • Location: Igatpuri (Central Railway Route).
  • How to Reach: Best recommended via private vehicle, Alternately by train. See Route Map
  • From Mumbai: At distance of 128 Kilometres from city, It take about 1 Hour and 30 minutes to reach this falls.
  • Complete details here.
Bhavli Waterfall

Dodhani Waterfall, Panvel

Dodhani Waterfall Neral
Dodhani Waterfall Neral
  • Location: About 1 hour road distance from Panvel (Navi Mumbai).
  • How to Reach: About 21 Km (51 minutes on Panvel Matheran Road to Umroli Gaon Road to Dhodani Road). See Route Map
  • From Mumbai: At a distance of 55 Kilometres from the city, It may take about 1 Hour and 50 minutes to reach these falls. Rappelling inside falls in mid-monsoon is fun. The waterfall is 120 feet in height. Multiple waterfalls are seen.
Dodhani Waterfall

Jummapatti Waterfall, Neral

Jummaptti Waterfall Neral
Jummaptti Waterfall Neral
  • Location: A small station on the Neral Matheran route is Jummapatti at about 4 Km distance which has this lush greenery and a waterfall.
  • How to Reach: Reach Neral and take toy train to Matheran. On the way is Jummapatti. Or head on a private vehicle as it takes about just 10 minutes from Neral to reach this waterfall location. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 2 Hours Ride at distance of 77 Kilometres from city.
Jummapatti Waterfall

Pandavkada Waterfall, Kharghar

Pandavkada Waterfall Kharghar
Pandavkada Waterfall Kharghar
  • Location: Kharghar (Navi Mumbai).
  • How to Reach: 6.7 Kilometres from railway station which hardly takes 30 minutes. The vehicle can reach Chapewadi and then take the trek towards the waterfall. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: 1 hour 15 minutes to reach the base of Pandavkada waterfall at a distance of 30 to 35 km from the city.
    107 Meters in height, This is a giant plunge waterfall. The water force is very heavy so do not try the adventure below, Just enjoy the pond area with family and friends as it is huge. During peak rainfall, This place is public restricted & Now recommended for family crowds.
Pandavkada Waterfall

Sector 8 Waterfall, CBD Belapur

CBD Belapur Sector-8 Waterfall
CBD Belapur Sector-8 Waterfall
  • Location: CBD Belapur, Sector 8.
  • How to Reach: From CBD Railway Station Sector 8 is about 2.6 Km which hardly takes 10 minutes by car. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 25 Kilometres of road distance taking about 50 Minutes to reach.
  • Note: I am not very sure about the exact location of Sector 8, But this is what my research took me to.
Sector 8 Waterfall CBD Belapur

Bhivpuri Waterfall, Karjat

Bhivpuri Waterfall Karjat
Bhivpuri Waterfall Karjat
  • Location: Bhivpuri Road Railway Station, Dial. Next to Karjat railway station.
  • How to Reach: Via Karjat Murbad road. From Bhivpuri Road station the distance is about 11 Kilometres which takes about 25 minutes to half an hour. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 2 Hours from city at distance of 67 Kilometres. A medium size waterfall with beautiful greenery and mountains around. Safe beneath the falls with ample space for big groups to enjoy inside water. Cloth changing facilities are also available at a Cost of Rs.20 Approximate. This can be said of one of the family-safe waterfall near Mumbai which can be reached without more trekking.
Bhivpuri Waterfall

Kondeshwar Waterfall and Temple, Badlapur

Kondeshwar Temple Waterfall Badlapur
Kondeshwar Temple Waterfall Badlapur
  • Location: Bhoj (Kondeshwar location) at Badlapur (Thane District).
  • How to Reach: It takes about half an hour (28 to 30 minutes by road) to reach Kondeshwar waterfall which is about 9 Kilometre distance from Badlapur Railway station. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai : About 2 Hours Road ride at 60 Kilometres from City. It is a beautiful small waterfall adjacent to the Kondeshwar temple. A rocky surface area with enough pool surface. There are free-flowing water streams to enjoy too. Also safe to dive in. The best part is that kondeshwar is a lush green plateau during the monsoon.
Kondeshwar Waterfall

Vihigaon / Ashoka Waterfall, Kasara

Ashoka Waterfall Vihigaon Kasara
Ashoka Waterfall Vihigaon Kasara
  • Location: Vihigaon Village, Kasara Ghat.
  • How to Reach: Since it is famous as Kasara Ghat waterfall, the Distance from Kasara Railway station (Thane District) to Vihigaon which has this Ashoka Waterfall is about 95 Kilometres takes about 1 Hour 40 minutes road ride. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 2 Hours at distance of 115 Km. This waterfall receives the water from the Middle vaitarna river. Seating right under the falls is dangerous especially when heavy rains. But otherwise, it is fun around. A very rocky patch around the patch and a descend rocky walkway down to reach the falls, (Restricted Access for Public During Heavy Rains).
Vihigaon / Ashoka Waterfall

Zenith Waterfall, Khopoli

Zenith Waterfall Khopoli
Zenith Waterfall Khopoli
  • Location: Khopoli.
  • How to Reach: Just 10 minutes from Khopoli Railway Station at about 2 Kilometres is this Beautiful Waterfall. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 1 hour 45 minutes with road distance of 75 Kilometres. Beautiful view of huge mountains with multiple waterfalls at a glance. It’s a 10 minutes trek to reach this waterfall base. It is a multi-level waterfall with a height of about 100 metres.

Dabhosa Waterfall, Jawhar

Dabhosa Waterfall Jawhar
Dabhosa Waterfall Jawhar
  • Location: Jawhar Hill Station, Palghar district at about 175 Km from Mumbai.
  • How to Reach Mumbai: From Suburban locations like Andheri, It is at a distance of 145 Km and takes about 3 and half hours of drive (Without Traffic) to reach Jawhar Dabhosa Waterfall. It is actually 18 Km away from Jawhar too. But the drive once you cross Bhayandar till the destination is worth it as the greenery is all around. See Route Map.
  • Know more about Dabhosa Waterfall and Other 2 huge Waterfalls of Jawhar which are Kalmandavi & Hiradpada
Dabhosa Waterfall

Tapalwadi and Anandwadi Waterfall, Neral

Tapalwadi Anandwadi Waterfall Neral
Tapalwadi Anandwadi Waterfall Neral
  • Location: Matheran, Nearest Railway station being Neral.
  • How to Reach Just about 2 Kilometres from Neral Railways Station it will not take more than 10 minutes. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai : At distance of 75 Kilometres it may take about 2 hours to reach this waterfall. Tapalwadi is a small waterfall located at the base of vikatgad hills. It has a small pool to enjoy below and the water force falling is heavy. Comparatively Anandwadi waterfall is also small but more beautiful compared to previous one. Overall the location is scenic and fun in Monsoon.
Tapalwadi and Anandwadi Waterfall

Kune Falls, Lonavala

Kune Waterfall Lonavala Khandala
Kune Waterfall Lonavala Khandala
  • Location: Kune Village, Khandala, 30 Minutes from Lonavala.
  • How to Reach: About 4 Km (10 minutes distance from Lonavala). See Map Route.
  • Speciality : Two waterfalls with height 150 and 300 feet with zipline adventure. NOTE, Not at all recommended for family, elderly and kids.
Kune Falls

Malshej Ghat Waterfall

Malshej Ghat Roadside Waterfall
Malshej Ghat Roadside Waterfall

See : More Malshej Pictures

  • Location: Mountain Pass near Pune.
  • How to Reach From Mumbai: At distance of about 130 Kilometres, Malshej ghat location may take about 3 and half hours to reach from Mumbai city. See Route Map.
  • Speciality: Worth with family, The only location not far from Mumbai in western ghats which has waterfall along the roadside on hilly mountains. Every few metres distance one sees a small and medium size waterfall to stop and enjoy. Monsoon is the only fun at Malshej. Apart from enjoying waterfalls, It is very scenic and has a few points to enjoy the view of the foggy ghat area during rains. Keep a note that during heavy rainfall the Ghat is closed due to dangerous landslides and tree falling possibilities on road.
Malshej Ghat Waterfall

Yeoor Hills Pachwad Waterfall, Thane

Yeoor Hills Waterfall Thane
Yeoor Hills Waterfall Thane
  • Location : Thane Yeoor Hills, Pachwad, Ghodbundar Road.
  • How to Reach: From Thane Railway station Yeoor hills is about 9 kilometres taking about 30 Minutes to reach. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: It may take anywhere between 45 minutes to an Hour to reach Yeoor waterfall which are about 25 Km distance from the city. It is at the backdrop of Sanjay Gandhi National Park in the thane area. Yeoor is a beautiful mountain plateau known for Mountain biking adventure. About 45 feet in height, this Waterfall is 2 staged and is surrounded by dense forest. Trial, Not recommended for family, elderly and kids.
Yeoor Hills Pachwad Waterfall

Kasarvadavali Waterfall, Thane

Kasarvadavali Waterfall Thane
Kasarvadavali Waterfall Thane
  • Location: Thane, Kasarvadavali near Ghodbundar road.
  • How to Reach: From Thane station Kasarvadavli falls is at 30 minutes. Take local help to reach the waterfall area. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai : Distance of 30 Kilometres taking 50 minutes to an hour. I would recommend this waterfall for boys only group. The vehicle does not reach the waterfall base, Yet Bikes reach some distance. It is a very small waterfall and usually, local villagers and citizens of thane are here to enjoy it. Not recommended for family.
Kasarvadavali Waterfall

Chinchoti Waterfall, Vasai

Chinchoti Waterfall Vasai
Chinchoti Waterfall Vasai
  • Location : Vasai Highway.
  • How to Reach: From Vasai railway station auto are available till village. Another 1 hour of a hilly trek to cover by walking to reach the waterfall. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 2 to 2 and half hours to reach Chinchoti village covering about 75 Kilometres of road distance on National Highway 8.
    Deep inside the forest at about an hour of the walking trek on the hilly mountain is Chinchoti waterfall. Kindly note that a corner area below the falls inside the pool area is very dangerous and has fatalities recorded. For video and more details see, Chinchoti waterfall article.
Chinchoti Waterfall

Tungareshwar Waterfall, Vasai

Tungareshwar Waterfall Vasai
Tungareshwar Waterfall Vasai
  • Location: Vasai Highway, Tungareshwar nature park forest area.
  • How to Reach: From Vasai railway station Tungareshwar temple is 11 Kilometres taking about 40 minutes. See Route Map.
  • From Mumbai: About 57 Kilometres taking 1 Hour 40 minutes around.
  • Famous for its Shiva Temple, Tungareshwar has a couple of waterfalls and some beautiful streams running around the pathway. It is a great place to be around during Mumbai rains. A walk of 40 minutes is a must to reach the temple area and waterfall are in the same area on the pathway. Nature lovers and those who are fond of forest and jungle scenic should visit this waterfall.

  • See detailed article about Tungareshwar temple and waterfall for video.
Tungareshwar Waterfall

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My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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