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“A handy guide to a perfect 2022 monsoon destination near Mumbai, At just 120 Km from the city. For first-timers, Igatpuri hill station is monsoon heaven, A perfect destination for waterfalls, Serenity, Greenery, Mountains, and nature lovers. Below is my personal experience & travel review for this attraction place..”


Igatpuri Fast Facts

  • Location: A Railway station on Central Railway Route for Mumbai Local and Outstation Trains
  • Perfect Time & Season to Visit : Monsoon between Mid June till September End (Better ignore during very heavy rains days).
  • Known For: Hill station, Weekend Gateway, Monsoon Destination, Ghats, Waterfalls, Valley view.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 120 Km, On Mumbai Nasik Agra Highway.
  • Total Days Required For Sight Seeing : In Maximum 2 days one can complete all sight seeing locations in and around Igatpuri. Although many visit Igatpuri for a daty picnic too.
  • Other Attractions: Drive ahead to Nashik as there are couple of Vine yards, A Famous Shiv temple ‘Trimbakeshwar Jyotirling Mandir’. A casual drive from / to this temple via Triambak Gothi Road is a day well spent on a traffic free road with beautiful villages, No pollution.
  • Vehicle Recommended: Yes, If coming via train, Autos available near railway station.
  • Accommodation: Ample stay facilities for all budgets available.
  • Toll Charges: Nasik highway toll charges are Rs.105.
Train at Kasara Ghat
Train at Kasara Ghat

Road Drive Experience

With my experience, I would always recommend starting your drive early around 6:00 Am as to avoid city traffic. Once you are on Mumbai Nashik Highway crossing Shahpur, The wow experience starts.

Those waterfalls, the Scenic Valley of Igatpuri are still far, Here comes the mesmerizing experience of driving on Kasara ghat road and I am sure, You will love to take a break and click some pictures selfies at one safe corner of the road.

I would like to detail on few important points, mistakes to avoid while on such a drive. Read on.

Road Drive Experience

Ghat Roads
Ghat Roads

Drive Video

Merely 120 km on Mumbai Nasik Highway (NH 160), The Fun starts as soon you cross Bhiwandi, Vasind & Shahpur as the green mountains welcome you with clouds ready to greet you. The zigzag roads of Kasara ghat with hardly any highrises, But a perfectly picturesque location, and most mobile cameras will be ready automatically.

Cross the Ghat area and in no time you will reach Igatpuri highway which is part of a 15 square Km area, Elevated 600 meters above sea level. If you are coming from Vasai Virar location or far from Gujarat, A shortcut road from Virar Highway (On Left towards Mumbai) that can save you from Huge traffic, Nashik toll & most important ‘Time’.

Road Cautions: Steep roads near Ghat, Drive slow. Stopping vehicles on Ghat is not permitted. Police vans are on continuous patrol here.

The road route that starts on Virar Phata Usgaon Vajreshwari ambadi Naka Gondravali and Other small village on Ambadi Vasind road which finally connects to Mumbai Nashik Road.

Road Cautions: The road between Ambadi Naka till Vasind (Nashik Highway) is 24 Km and most of the time, the condition is very bad. You may not go beyond speed 20 here.

Igatpuri Attractions

  1. Vihigaon Ashoka Waterfall: Also locally called ‘Lake Vaitarna Waterfall’, If lucky and no heavy rains, Ashoka waterfalls at Vihigaon village is the first thing one should explore before heading to Igatpuri.

    WHY? Because this waterfall is located just after the Kasara ghat and before Igatpuri. A small road on the steep turn of ghat goes to Vihigaon waterfalls. On the left is a very small board that is easily ignored while driving, So keep the map handy here.

    Since it is a one-way road and Igatpuri is 16 Km ahead, A drive down back from the hill station towards Mumbai and back to the ghat area towards Igatpuri maybe not be a good plan.

    Reaching Vihigaon waterfall: If you are lucky (not like me who missed Ashoka waterfalls due to restrictions / closed due to heavy rains) you will reach and enjoy the biggest waterfall attractions near Mumbai before reaching Igatpuri mountains.

    Since, It is a bit risky place and a couple of incidents have already happened, Police restrict this place once heavy rains start, So early monsoon days are best to visit here.

  2. Thal Ghat, Kasara: Moving ahead on Kasara roads comes ‘Thal Bhor Ghat’ area which is part of Kasara Ghat and can be the second scenic attraction towards Igatpuri. Frankly, nothing much but just a beautiful location from where one can see the Railway tracks and that famous Bridge that is seen in many Bollywood movies like Kabhi Haa Kabhi Na.

    While on this location of Ghat towards Igatpuri, Vehicle stopping is not allowed. But many still stop to click some pictures. Exact location Hint: On one of the turnings while driving, On the right side, comes to a little waterfall (The first one seen on the drive), Exactly from that place one can see the railway bridge.

    Below Video Taken From Moving Train That Covers Ghat Area & The Road Drive route can also be seen.

    Thal Ghat Kasara
    Thal Ghat Kasara

  3. Camel Valley: After enjoying the Ghat drive you will finally reach the Igatpuri top. No more ghat, Just long flat roads. Camel valley point is a mountain valley scenic point located exactly opposite the famous ‘Manas Resort & Petting Zoo’, ‘Rain Forest Resort’ & ‘Mystic Valley Spa Resort’.

    These are some of the known good & bit expensive resorts and hotels as soon one reaches the Igatpuri highway location. ‘Hotel Ashwin’ near Mahindra’s, a little ahead of the same is one of the best if you are looking for a budget place to stay as a full-day one may be out to enjoy Igatpuri attractions.

    Reaching Camel Valley Attraction Point: As said, It is just a scenic location on Mumbai Nasik Highway as soon you complete the ghat drive and reach Igatpuri. You will easily see a few hawkers like Sweet corn sellers and you can make out the location easily.

    It gives a beautiful deep valley view with a small waterfall and little flowing springs seen deep inside the green valley. There is a single farmhouse bungalow seen on this valley mountain. That bungalow got famous for the news broke related to Pakistani actress ‘Laila Khan & Family who were brutally murdered.

  4. Myanmar Gate: 2 Km from Igatpuri railway station and not very far from Highway, Upon crossing an over the bridge is this beautiful yellow looking structure called ‘Myanmar Gate’, Vipassana & meditation center to learn meditation. A tourist because of its picturesque entry gate for some quick selfies and to spend a few minutes inside the art gallery. No entry fee is charged at this place.
  5. Tringalwadi Fort & Talegaon Dam: With the beautiful weather and good waterfalls, Igatpuri has one main attraction for trekkers and hikers, The Tringalwadi Fort which is one place to visit during monsoon if you are looking for some adventure and a hiking location at Igatpuri near Mumbai. For those who do not want to climb the mountain, a beautiful dam in the same vicinity welcomes them to spend some serene time. Note that the pathway is muddy during monsoon and need to plan accordingly.
  6. Bhavli / Bhawali Waterfalls: Saved the best for the last, Bhavli waterfalls is the most attractive place NOT TO BE MISSED if you are already at Igatpuri during monsoons. Just 10.5 Km from the Igatpuri railway station, Or 9 Km from the Highway is ‘Bhawali Dam & Waterfalls‘. 2 beautiful waterfalls adjacent at just a kilometer distance from each other on the same village route, safe to explore with the family. These waterfalls are multi-level deep inside a beautiful village.

    Many people just stop by at the very first waterfall which is more crowded as they do not know about the other one ahead of the same.

    Bhavli Waterfalls Parking
    Bhavli Waterfalls Parking
    Bhavli Dam Lake
    Bhavli Dam Lake
    Bhavli Waterfalls
    Bhavli Waterfalls

    Bhawali Waterfall Videos

More Attraction Near Igatpuri

Day 2 of our trip bought huge smog and heavy rains at Igatpuri hills and our plan to visit Bhavli waterfalls was unsure. So we decided to head to Nasik which is about 50 km from this place to explore the famous ‘Vineyards’ and the famous ‘Trimbakeshwar Shiva Temple’.

  1. Sula Vineyard Nasik: We routed our map to Nasik for a great wine experience and reached ‘Sula Vineyard’, One should not ignore Soma Vineyard. If that heavy rain was not around we would have not explored Nasik and were back in Mumbai without experiencing the famous Wine factories. Many know Nasik is famous for its grape yards and nothing best than these Vineyard experiences at just 55 Km from Igatpuri that takes hardly an hour or so.
    Sula Vineyards Nashik
    Sula Vineyards Nashik

    At Vineyard, one can taste wines and take 15 minutes tour that shows the wine-making process. A special cafe for wine lovers on level one to enjoy beautiful green mountains and the vineyard right in front while sipping your favorite flavor of red or white wine. Some 30 to 50 varieties (Both White & Red) are available.\

    It was worth the time spent during the Igatpuri monsoon trip as the rain was moderate here. Cover charges at the main entry gate of the vineyard are Rs.100 per person (Adults only) and can be redeemed by purchasing your favorite wine, No cash refund. The minimum cost per pint of water is about Rs.470.

  2. Shri Trimbakeshwar Shiva Jyotirling Temple, Nashik: Another 22 Km inside Nasik is this oldest and most famous Shiva Temple, We went for some divine blessings. Few important things to note if you are visiting Trimbakeshwar for the first time.

    Your car will be stopped at the entry gate charging Rs.30 as some kind of local tax and car parking. Then another person will approach you at the entry main gate of the village asking to pay Rs.150 to let you park your car near the temple area, else need to walk about 500 to 600 meters to reach the temple.

    Trimbakeshwar Temple Nashik
    Trimbakeshwar Temple Nashik

    We ignored them and went ahead (They directed us to take another route and not the main gate). We thought it might be the way barricades etc were in place. As soon we went, there was another barricade gate with a person asking the same, Rs.150 which was definitely offending as we understood the motive of earning from the first-timer. We were helpless, Raining, 2 kids and a pregnant lady along, frustrated we decided to give Rs.150 to reach the temple as it was raining too.
    Earning method 2: Direct entry inside the temple for those willing to spend Rs.200 per person, Shiva Shiva Shiva. I thought it will be helpful for you if planning to visit Nasik as we planned from Igatpuri. Hope that helps you decide.

Igatpuri Trimbak Ghoti Road Journey

From Trimbakeshwar temple, DO NOT miss to take this beautiful road route of ‘Ghoti Trimbak Road’ that starts at Pegalwadi, A little ahead and out of the temple. Take a right if you planning to reach Igatpuri back. If you remember a song from DDLJ ‘Hogaya hai tujko to..” and that road drive of ‘Switzerland’ which SRK drives while singing this song, Not same but some similar experience I got on that road trip with no hurdles, traffic, pollution and beautiful village & lake locations.

Hope you enjoyed the read and will love to hear about your experience too in the comment box below.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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