Vandri Lake 2023 – Waterfall | Dam | Camping and More

“Vandri lake is a monsoon blessing to many people who like such locations which have Waterfall, Dam and a Huge Lake with great scenic location and fresh air all over. It seems to be an ideal one-day picnic spot and a superb location for overnight camping inside woods (Dense Forest area).

The year’s monsoon 2023, The Second year after COVID restriction and DAM closed, This attraction is open and ready to get crowded like never before. Vandri is much near to Vasai Virar location with main attractions like Dam, Waterfalls, and Camping, Which makes it a perfect monsoon destination for bikers, cyclists, and family friends too..”

Madpan View Point
Madpan View Point

The Vandri Lake

Last year in August I visited and the craze is till on for this year 2023. Trust me, Vandri Lake is huge and not much found in Wiki so can be said as less explored. Compare it with any other lakes inside Mumbai or just check the map, A huge blue zone around the greenery is what can be seen. It’s an isolated lake deep inside mountains terrain, about 5 Km deep from National Highway 48.

This place is often frequented by locals, bikers, and groups of cyclists too. Most talk about the Sunrise attraction which is of course very beautiful when you are standing near a waterfall, Overlooking the dam towards the mountains from where the Sun rises slowly giving reflections to lake water and surroundings.

An important point to be noted here is that outsiders (Non-Local Villagers) are allowed post 7:00 Am inside the lake & dam area for the safety and security of everyone since the place is isolated and serene.

So lucky if you got a chance to click some selfies and landscape images of a rising sun early morning here. But there is more to the location attractions post Sunrise. 3 main attractions to explore around this lake are :

Dam and Waterfall

  • Dam and Waterfall

    Welcome to Dhekale Village which has this lake and connected Dam. Once you are inside on Vandri lake road (Off-Highway), at about 3.5 Km you will see a small Sign Board (White Colour, On the left) with a small lane heading inside. That is the pathway to reach the Dam Flowing Waterfall.

    The entry pathway starts just about 500 meters before you reach the Madpan Lake viewpoint.

    Trust me, You will surely say ‘WOW’ & will really like the width and length of Vandri waterfall and that huge flowing pathway. Since the water overflows from the lake area and is not like other waterfalls that fall from mountains, The height is not to be thought of.

    Yet the water force, flowing stream, width, access, and safety to enjoy the freshwater is a thumbs up. Cross your fingers for the year 2023 and this Monsoon Heaven.

    As said Vandri waterfall is very safe. A huge group of more than 100 people can enjoy themselves together at various spots inside the flowing stream. You will find small shades and local fishermen on either side and a few fishing nets around.

    Although safe, the currents and water flow are to be taken care of for kids and ladies who are not used to it. Park your car on the road adjacent and head towards the dam or waterfall location.

    Not Anymore Seen: At the entry point of the waterfall was a small shade where a villager had a shop that prepared Vada pav, Bhajiyas, and Tea. Hot and crispy made after your order and no need to say, how it feels like eating hot bhajiyas with chai at such locations surrounded by greenery, streams, and waterfalls.

    I think the pictures of the waterfall, dam, and lake on this page talk better, So let me end up here. See also : Best waterfalls near Mumbai

  • Madpan View Point

    Hardly 5 minutes ride ahead and you reach this scenic/picturesque location, Often referred to as the lake viewpoint. It is a small hilly slop adjacent to the lake with ample tree shades for those who come in summer too. You can park your bike, cycle, and car right in front of this lake and have a wide-open front view of the beautiful huge lake and the greenery around it. When I visited, I saw a beautiful couple with their car parked and enjoying the very moment of nature around.

    Madpan Point is also a preferred spot for film shoots as we saw a small crew with vanity etc already at the spot as the day has a perfect climate, not-so-heavy rains, and bright enough to shoot. Pin Drop Silent is what you can expect at Madpan which brings the sound of nature, The chirping birds around, or else soothing music that goes along the location to make a perfect environment will also do.

  • The Scenic Dam Walkway

    Adjacent to the waterfall is a small rough walking path that takes you to the top, The main walkway location of Vandri lake dam. If you are here in monsoon, You or someone in your group will immediately give a ‘WOW reaction’ as soon reached on top.

    That soothing sound of the waterfall with water rushing down on the left side, a Huge lake right in front, and many green mountains all around make it irresistible to pull out cameras for selfies and to capture those beautiful moments around. A few photos and videos on this page will give you a glimpse. A perfect location for that ME time. CAUTION: Although safe, if you are with kids, you must make a point to hold their hands and give special attention at this location.

Lake & Dam Address and Route

Vandri Lake Map
Vandri Lake Map

Many people think Vandri Lake has located in Vasai or Virar area, But that is not a fact. It is near these locations at a distance of about 37 Km from Virar station and 22 Km from Virar Highway (Shirsad Naka) in the Palghar district. Although the map is my best friend now, To help with my personal experience I will detail some extras and the exact address of this multi-attraction monsoon destination with a Dam, Waterfall, and a very huge and serene lake to reach.

Route: MumbaiAndheriBorivaliBhayandar CreekVasaiVirarShirsad NakaCrossing Tansa River BridgeCrossing Khaniwade Toll PlazaNext 15 Km to Nakoda Dham Jain Temple (Dhekale Village)Keep left and take bridge subway to cross other sideYou are on now on Vandri Lake road4.2 Km to Vandri lake (Madpan view point).
Address: Vandri Lake, Jayshet, Palghar District, Off Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway, Right turn below the Flyover bridge from Nakoda Dham Jain Temple, Maharashtra 401404.
Time: To reach from Mumbai to Vandri Lake: 82 Km taking about 2 hours with minor traffic as expected.
Car Parking: Ample space near Madpan view Point. But when you plan to visit the Dam & Waterfall area, Keep your cars a little away and walk for 5 minutes. Although cars do reach the location, more than 5 cars at a time is a challenge in itself.
Things to note: Strictly keep premises clean, Fishing is strictly prohibited (Only Local Villagers are allowed to do Fishing here).
Vandri Lake Road Condition: Narrow Concrete road with hardly any potholes, Safe to drive.
Location Safety For Family: Village area is friendly. Lake and waterfall area is isolated and serene so recommended to move out before sunset. Overall, Safe for family and friends.

Overnight Camping

Little ahead on Vandri Lake road at some 4 to 6 km, Once you cross the lake area are camping points ideal for overnight camping in a natural unguarded forest area with no electricity, and hardly any mobile networks. Just you and wild nature with water streams, and the dense forest around.

It can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience available near Mumbai. Little information was found about the same and available details are below. Possibly 2 of the organizers who arrange overnight camps here as detailed below :

  • Castra Into The Woods : Castra, Jayshet Village, Thakur pada, Vandri Lake Road, Dhekale, Maharashtra 401404
  • Renature Camping In The Woods : Jayshet Village, Thakur pada, Vandri Lake Road, Dhekale, Maharashtra 401404

Both of these camp locations are adjacent/near to each other a few kilometers ahead of the main lake area. In the dense forest with narrow concrete roads, you will find multiple water streams flowing in monsoon with water rushing down from mountains on one side of the road and reaching the lake via those streams (See pictures).

I personally entered the stream as the picture on this page and trust me it was a superb experience. Some seasonal fruits like Carissa spinarum (‘Karvanda’ in Hindi) etc can be seen inside this area.

More details will be added as soon as received.

Camping Pictures Courtesy : Amey Pimpale.

Other Places to See near Vasai Virar highway area : Vajreshwari and Ganeshpuri temples and Hot water springs, Tungareshwar and Chinchoti waterfalls, Bhajanlal for Dairy delicacies, Mahavir Dham Jain Temple, More about Vasai Virar attractions here and Monsoon hangout locations here.

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  2. Very nice place, serene , untouched, not so crowded hence pure in feel. Though I visited only lake and dam area but surroundings must also be equally beautiful.. your description helps a lot. Thanks..

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