Thane Lakes – Masunda (Talao Pali) and (Pokhran) Upvan Lake

“Off the Mumbai City are 2 of Known Thane Lakes, A district in itself, Yet Thane Station has these 2 of the many beautiful public lakes called ‘Masunda lake’ (Also known as ‘Talao Pali’ lake) and another at just one kilometre distance from thane station called ‘Upvan lake’ (Or Pokhran)a natural forest side lake in Thane..”

Upvan Lake at Thane Yeoor
Upvan Lake at Thane Yeoor

Masunda Famous (Talao Pali) Lake of Thane

Since locals called it Talao Pali, where Talao means ‘Lake’ in Hindi it is one of the oldest and biggest lake of Thane city right near the station with a beautiful view.  Masunda lake can be reached in 15 to 20 minutes from any location of thane city, it giving shades to tired and frustrated people who wants to relax at lake side for a while before going ahead and is one of the favourites among families who comes to masunda for hangout & leisure in evening times.

Masunda talao has every thing ideal for a great pass time  and relaxation, for foodies it has lake side eateries like ‘Chana masala’, ‘Peanuts’, ‘Chinese corner’, Mumbai’s famous jhunka Bhakar stall and cutting chai (Half tea). For toddlers the lake has entertainment options like Balloon vendors, Sweet candy (So called ‘Buddhi Ke baal’ in hindi between local people) which makes it an ideal location for family and friends.

One of the other speciality of lake being the boating facility, very rare in Mumbai, But Thane lakes has it. Paddle boat service that takes you in centre of the lake where there is a huge statue of Hindi god, lord Hanuman (Also called ‘Bajrangbali’, God with monkey face that has a tail too). This idol inside lake is about 20 foot high. Masunda is one of the most frequently visited lakes by senior citizens of thane city.

Upvan (Pokhran) Lake

Few kilometers ahead of thane city crowd in Pokhran lake located in a small village. This is another and must visit 2 of Thane lakes, is also famous as Upvan lake, Quite and silent, a great choice for those who likes to meditate in open air as it connects the Yeoor hills which is part of Borivali National Park forest. This helps Upvan lake to be clean from all those pollutions, its a natural lake in thane district with birds humming around that soothes your ears.

Due to the solitude environment, Upvan lake also attracts lots of couples, Can say a nice lovers point at thane. Here also their is a hindi shrine which attracts families for prayers. Monsoon makes this lakes scenic with all those natural looks.

How to reach this lakes

As said Masunda lake is just walking distance from station and Upvan is about 15 to 20 minutes inside the city near famous Yeoor hills.

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