Upper Vaitarna Lake Modak Sagar Dam Water Source Near Mumbai

Vaitarna Lake (Originally called ‘Modak Sagar’) is also known as Vaitarna Dam. Located in North of Mumbai at 105 Km in Wada Taluka of Palghar District. At the higher hilly slopes of Igatpuri area has another very large reservoir called ‘Upper Vaitarna Lake’.

While Modak Sagar is restricted to Public, Upper vaitarna is a beautiful scenic location for monsoon visitors who loves camping around the flowing river at Igatpuri Nasik area of Ghoti Vaitarna Road. Both are fresh water reservoir lakes that provides Drinking water to major residential locations in Palghar, Thane District & at times Mumbai city too.

Vaitarna Lake
Vaitarna Lake

Upper Vaitarna Dam
Upper Vaitarna Dam

Vaitarna Lake Dam Water Reservoir

Of 6 to 7 drinking water source to Mumbai, Suburbans, Thane & Palghar areas, Vaitarna lake plays a crucial role every year. Specially to Mumbai city during emergency when rainfall in the city location is low. Both Upper Vaitarna & Lower Vaitarna (Modak Sagar) is Beautiful, Serene and Peaceful.

Public access to Modak Sagar is restricted after 1992 for security reasons. Special permissions are required to access this beautiful DAM & LAKE area from where the Vaitarna River starts flowing towards the west and connects to Arabian sea.

Vaitarna River
Vaitarna River

Vaitarna river flows down the hilly slopes from Modak Sagar dam and passes through adjacent palghar district villages like Patare pada, Kalambhe, Balivali, Kalambholi, Tilsa, Shirsad, Pethranjani, Crossing national Highway at Wada, Gates Khurd, Alman, Vaitarna Nagar Village, Pinplas, Takali, Boranda area which has the Vaitarna River Bridge, Ghodmal, Flowing towards Manor and many such villages. Upon reaching the Tandulwadi hills it goes via Dahiwale & Darshet village and crosses the Wadhiv Saravali Railway Lines (Mumbai Gujarat) to connect the Arabian Sea.

It is important to note that major information is about the Drinking water source lake as it is ‘NOT a TOURIST SPOT’ and public access is restricted at Modak sagar checkpost itself. If you are looking out for some scenic lake area which has public access and also has a Dam waterfall located in forest area, Near Mumbai which is safe and secure, I would recommend Vandri Lake.

Talking about Vaitarna Dam, Before 1992 it was a famous picnic spot and heaven tourist destination of Thane Palghar districts who use to visit the Dam of Modak Sagar Vaitarna Lake for boating and picnic activities. Crocodile spotting was very much possible then.

Few workers lost their life constructing this Dam and as locals says ‘Swami Samarth Math’ was build in their memory. Upon construction of this Modak Dam, It was a big relief to vasai virar resident locations which previously had water problems.

2 More lakes, Fresh Drinking Water Reservoirs are location in the wide vicinity that connects Palghar & Nasik Mumbai Road area. To keep it simple to understand, Tansa lake on left side (Palghar District) and Bhatsa lake on Right side while on the way towards Mumbai Nasik Highway. Lakes are not near Highway locations and deep inside.

As and when required, Excess water from Vaitarna Lake (Modak Sagar) is released and is diverted to Tansa lake. If required also to Tulsi and Vihar lake located inside Mumbai city National Park forest zone area.

Vaitarna Modak Sagar Lake Map
Vaitarna Modak Sagar Lake Map

Looking at the Google map, One can understand that in North-East direction from Mumbai towards Palghar & Nasik area, Major Drinking water sources of Mumbai, Palghar (Including Vasai Virar), Thane area, On the Top is Upper Vaitarna Lake which is also a biggest water reservoir, Little below is Modak Sagar (Vaitarna Dam & Lake), Little more towards Mumbai are Tansa & Bhatsa lakes and then inside Mumbai city vicinity is Tulsi Lake, Vihar lake and the most openly seen Powai Lake. Powai lake is no more a drinking water source.

Lake Distances

  • Approximate Distance from Modak Sagar to Tansa lake is about 20 to 22 Kilometers.
  • Mumbai to Modak Sagar (Lower Vaitarna) (105 Km).
  • Mumbai to Upper Vaitarna Reservoir (153 Km).

How to Reach Vaitarna Lake / Dam

A remainder once again, Modak Sagar (Lower Vaitarna) is not a tourist spot & is a restricted zone. Talking about Upper vaitarna, It is located at Igatpuri area off Mumbai Nasik Highway.

For those visiting Upper vaitarna from Mumbai, Thane Nashik road is the best. Upon crossing Kasara Ghat, One can take a route from Vihigaon or Go straight towards Nashik and take a left to ‘Ghoti Vaitarna Road’ a very beautiful road drive in monsoon. Ghoti Vaitarna goes on left from ‘Khambale’ after Igatpuri when towards Nashik.

For Those looking out for a route towards Modak Sagar, From ‘Mumbai Ahmedabad Highway’ upon reaching Manor, Take a right and reach Wada taluka. From Wada Village take a route towards Shahpur & Atgaon.

See Also : Few attraction around if you like to visit are Ganeshpuri & Vajreshwari (Temple & Hot Water Springs) and Mahavir Dham Temple. See also Vasai Virar Attractions.

Two of the Thane lakes, Masunda (Talao Pali) & Upvan are good for daily visits.

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