Tulsi Lake – Fresh Drinking Water Reservoir in Mumbai

“Tulsi is one of the purest and fresh drinking water lakes in Mumbai suburb, Other one is Vihar lake both adjacent to each other in the forest area of Sanjay Gandhi National Park.

Tulsi lake is about 2.5 to 3 Km deep inside the forest area and is a restricted zone for public access. One of the scenic drinking water reservoir right behind National Park & Film city area.

This dense forest area lake was built around 1860 and has numerous species of local & migratory birds, fish and other reptiles like Crocodiles surrounded by lush greenery around..”

Tulsi Lake
Tulsi Lake

Tulsi Lake 2020 Google Satellite Map
Tulsi Lake 2020 Google Satellite Map

About Tulsi Reservoir

Tulsi is a fresh drinking water reservoir, Which is said to be once a small old river called ‘Tasso’ in the dense forest of Borivali National Park. Upon looking at the location and need of fresh drinking water requirements, It was built during British era in the year 1860 around and was declared as secured forest zone with entry restricted to public.

Compared to Vihar lake which is not too far and under same national park secured zone, Tulsi lake is smaller but one of the very important drinking water source for South of Mumbai. Vihar on the South side is also connected to Mithi Nadi and next to it is the famous Powai lake.

This 1.35 Square Km Surface area of lake has Birds, Animals and Reptiles visiting throughout the year. It is said that the lakeside areas are very beautiful with varieties of flower plants, Butterflies those sweet butterflies seen throughout the year.

Famous reptiles in the vicinity are Freshwater crocodiles and snakes. Panther & Leopards are the known wild animals which are kept note of by forest officials and are often sighted near Tulsi lake and other area of National park.

As seen on Google map, Just before reaching the Kanheri caves area, Goes a road towards the deep jungle that connects Tulsi lake. The Road shows permanently closed now, Or may be restricted to Forest officials only.

How to reach this lake

Nearest station on western railway route is Borivali, Tulsi lake is located in midst of dense forest inside National park on Western Express highway at North Suburban of Mumbai city. As said, Public access to this lake is restricted and special permissions are required from authorities to access the lake or overflowing locations.

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