Fresh Drinking Water Source Lakes – Mumbai

“Of many beautiful natural lakes in Mumbai, There are 6 to 7 drinking water source lakes, Both Inside Mumbai and at about 90 to 105 Km in north of Palghar District.

Purest form of Rain water which is sweet & clean goes through water filtration plant connected to Vihar Lake towards Bhandup. Those famous and important lakes are Tansa, Modak Sagar (AKA Lower Vaitarna), Bhatsa, Upper Vaitarna, Tulsi and Vihar.

Details of these water sources that provides drinking water to South Mumbai & Suburban, vasai Virar and Other locations every day. The water is ample and is stored via the Dam constructed at many of those reservoirs.”

Drinking Water Source
Modak Sagar AKA Lower Vaitarna Lake

Vaitarna River
Vaitarna River

How Mumbai Gets it Drinking Water

Around 1860, Britishers identified the forest area of Sanjay Gandhi National Park which is located at Borivali (Western Railway Suburban, Towards North). 2 Human made lakes were made which are now called Vihar & Tulsi lakes.

Vihar is comparatively Larger in size and storage then Tulsi and is from where South Mumbai and Suburban gets it fresh drinking water. It is located deep inside the forest area in the backdrop area of Filmcity (Goregaon) & Aarey Colony which connects Powai Lake on Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road.

Initially Powai was also a fresh water source, But now no more. So 3 lakes as detailed are adjacent to each other.

4 More Lakes play a vital roles in water supply to Mumbai, Central & Western Suburban, Far North locations like Vasai Virar which are part of Palghar District. Tansa & Bhatsa lake which comes next and leading both are Modak Sagar (Lower Vaitarna Lake & Dam) & Upper Vaitarna (Located at Igatpuri).

When the rainfall in low in Mumbai, Modak Sagar and Other lakes water is released to Vihar & Tulsi lake which gradually gets filled and their is not scarcity of Water Supply.

Vaitarna Modak Sagar Lake Map
Vaitarna Modak Sagar Lake Map
Upper Vaitarna Dam
Upper Vaitarna Dam
Tulsi Lake 2020 Google Satellite Map
Tulsi Lake 2020 Google Satellite Map
Vihar Lake Sahi Banguda Village
Vihar Lake Sahi Banguda Village
Vihar Lake Water Treatment Plant
Vihar Lake Water Treatment Plant
Vihar Lake View
Vihar Lake View

Freshwater Sources / Lakes

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Powai Lake in Mumbai
Powai Lake (Not a Drinking Water Source)

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