Vihar Lake – An IMportant Drinking Water Source Of Mumbai

Vihar lake is yet another drinking water source to Mumbai. Constructed in around 1840, This water reservoir also has water filtration plant on other end which is near to Tulsi lake, Both falling under green forest premise of Borivali national park with road going from film city and behind Powai lake pine line road..”

Vihar Lake
Vihar Lake

Drinking Water at Vihar Lake

Vihar lake was the very first fresh drinking water reservoir and one of the very few water bodies inside Mumbai. Till date it supply piped clean drinking water to city which goes to the water filtration plant connected to the lake.

Located adjacent to Tulsi and falls behind the area of Powai lake. This is one of the best location view from top hills of Filmcity goregaon as the same forest is park of Borivali national park blessed with nature, floras and faunas and all 3 drinking water source to Mumbai, Among which Powai lake is no more a drinking water source.

It is a small lake compared to adjacent tulsi lake and is also scenic during monsoons. Migratory birds, fishes, and reptiles like crocodiles and snakes, frogs and other insects are easily seen around as its one of the best nature friendly locations for same.

How to reach this Lake

Access is restricted by government authority for public. This lake is located behind national park forest and can be seen from far from hills of national park and film city.

Although villages are available, So if you are able to get inside Filmcity road Goregaon, You can easily reach this lake.

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