Tansa Lake Dam at Atgaon – Mumbai

“Tansa lake (Dam) is one of those 3 major drinking water reservoir out of total 6 lakes in Mumbai, Located at Mahuli hills (Atgaon) about 85.3 km from Mumbai Airport, this lake was the only fresh water lake built back in 1892 which has its Tansa Dam project done by 1925 supplying 430 MLD water to city..”

Tansa Lake
Tansa Lake

About the Dam

Tansa is said to be the longest and oldest masonry dam in Mumbai and throughout world that covers are of 320 sq.km (or 2.74 kms). Currently the pipelines at Tansa dam are twin riveted with diameter of 1800 made by Indian engineers.
Government is looking for revamp with dam having single channelled pipeline reaching through km distance which will provide this fresh water for drinking purpose to major city locations. Details of the project are still not clear and will be updated if we have in future.

The beauty of this lake has an add on with the ‘Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary’ that has species of wild animals like Panther, Wild Boar, Cheetah, Four Horned Antelope, Jackal, Hyena and those running around dear with the fast and furious called Cheetahs and more with beautiful scenic greenery that has flora and faunas inside. Tansa lake is a blessing to this wildlife as a drinking water source since centuries now.

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Lake Facts

Address and LocationNear Atgaon at Mahuli Hills (Thane District)
Distance from Mumbai Airport85.3 kms
Other Names Of TansaTansa Dam, Tansa River
Built Period1892 to 1925
Tansa Built DetailsTansa was Built under British territory, Current Dam was done by Indian Engineer with 2 reverse pipes. Government wants it to be a single piped project.
Dam Water CapacityFull Supply Level 128.63 (MTR) and Lowest Drawable Level 118.87 (MTR)
Nearest Station to TansaAtgaon
Other Places Near LakeTansa Wildlife Sanctuary, Lord Shiva temple at Tilsa, Tansa Fort.
How to reach TansaNearest station on central route is Atgaon from where you can reach.
Tansa Road Distance and MapRefer Mumbai to Atgaon (Near Tansa) Road Distance for same.

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