Powai Lake and Waterfall Dam During Monsoon – Mumbai

“The Artificial Powai Lake (Also called ‘Talav’ in Hindi) and the overflowing Dam which is a fun Mini waterfall for locals in monsoon are two major attractions here.

Once called Powai Valley, A Small village surrounded by connected jungles of Aarey & National park on one side and mountains on other side which is now converted to posh residential township called ‘Hiranandani’.

One can Unwind self at the lakeside promenade or rush to the Dam area during rainy days. The location is now densely populated with some well known Educational institutes like IIT & NITIE, Pubs and Lounges, Star Hotels etc..”

Aerial View Powai Lake
Aerial View Powai Lake
Boating Inside Powai Lake
Boating Inside Powai Lake
Lakeside Fishing
Lakeside Fishing

Powai Lake

  • Historics : Built in 1891, With the main purpose of providing fresh drinking water to Mumbai city. This artificial lake is about 6.61 Square meters in area with a maximum depth of 12 meters. But since the quality of the water was unfit for drinking purposes, People started abandoning the supply. A few years went by, and a proposal to keep it slit-free, clean, and fit for drinking was also made.

    It was the British Raj then, But nothing happened, and finally the lake was handed over to the Western India Fishing Association, which is still there. Since then, It has been used for fishing and for industrial water supply needs. There was no proper cleanliness, and the then-untidy Powai Lake seemed like a total blunder during that period.

    About 65 years later, the Maharashtra State Angling Association took the initiative under some strict government rules, and since then, Sewage and slits from water have been timely removed, the famous Indian fish (Mahaseer) has been given proper attention towards conservation, and many more positive things have started happening. Now, The lake is Beautiful, clean, and an important water body in the vicinity.

  • Lake Location : From Jogeshwari Vikhroli Link Road (JVLR), The lake is on the left side from the main signal of Aarey. Well connected to Saki Vihar Road, Jogeshwari, Goregaon Aarey, and Vikhroli too.

    This is a famous lake right opposite the affluent residential township called ‘Hiranandani’.

  • Parking : A dedicated vehicle (Bike and Car Parking) Zone is not available. People are seen parking their cars on the roadside in the safest way possible. Bikes are a better vehicle choice here. They can be parked inside the premise, seating area, or viewing location of this lake promenade.
  • Washrooms / Toilet : BMC A public toilet is available near the lake area. Rs. 1, Rs. 5 are washroom charges, and Rs. 15 for a bath. Car parking is available near the washroom. Was that a tip from me?
  • Lake Entry Fee : Free.
  • Timings : Always Open.
  • Best time to Visit : Winters and Monsoons Although locals and many others visit this place daily in the summer, The monsoon is always the best here.
  • Nearest Railway Station : Located in the suburbs of Mumbai, Powai is well connected to Stations like Andheri, Jogeshwari, and Goregaon on the western railway route and, towards the central railway route, to stations like Ghatkopar and Vikhroli.
  • Eateries : There are lots of restaurant options around the periphery. Yet, on the spot, you will find Bhel puri, Drink Lime Water (Nimbu Pani), and Pom Pom Idli Wala for some quick bites.
  • Other Lakes Around : Mumbai has its major fresh water supply from a very adjacent lake to Powai, called Vihar lake and Other being Tulsi, Both on the backdrop of Powai isolated by the forest area of Sanjay Gandhi National Park and Goregaon Aarey.

    Please note that Public access to both these lakes are restricted.

  • More Places to See Around : Exactly opposite Powai lake, Inside Hiranandani Residential locality is a beautiful garden called ‘Nirvana Park‘. Locals know this park as ‘BMC or MCGM Park’. Just get inside the township (just a few minutes ahead), and with the help of a map or locals, Reach this park to find unexpected Nature bliss right in the middle of this concrete world. I would especially recommend this place during the monsoon.

    More on the list is Chota Kashmir Boating, A attraction inside aarey jungle. Located at a distance of 9.7 Km from Powai Lake, It takes 20 to 30 minutes via a private vehicle. It will be worth some time to spend some time boating in this green land of Mumbai. Car parking is available.

    Year end and new year day is very special at Hiranandani, Complete township is lit as Winter Light Festival is celebrated for those few days. Many drives in from long distances just to enjoy the enlightened view of complete area.

    The next place to visit is R-City Mall at Ghatkopar. If you love malls and have yet to visit one, R-City is one you should visit, as it is not very far from Powai Lake. The route is via Hiranandani Link Road, and it takes just 15 minutes to reach the destination at a distance of 5 to 6 km.

Lake Attractions

Lakeside Flora
Lakeside Flora

This water body is under the forest land zone and is well connected to Aarey colony. It is now a beautiful lake, which is usually best for those who want to relax a bit and might want to enjoy some boat rides. Expect nothing more from this place. Usually, the place is frequented by locals in the morning and Evening for walking and Jogging, couples, and family and friends throughout the day until late in the evening.

Since last decade, It has had a beautifully constructed promenade just adjacent to the main road on the left side when heading towards Vikhroli from Jogeshwari on the JVLR. Powai Lake has become an important place for many locals. Although the sound pollution from vehicles passing by on the road is very high, we Mumbai citizens, who are very used to such levels of Noise and Air pollution, Still enjoy the beauty of this lake, which also has varieties of fish and a few crocodiles that are rarely seen.

Powai Lake Lovers Point
Powai Lake Lovers Point

A small playing zone for children plays a vital role for all those visiting here as family. Youths enjoy the hangout for some good time with friends and take some cool selfies and reel videos. I must say, a couple 5-star hotels like Lakeside Chalet, Mumbai Marriott, and Renaissance Terrace Garden add to the beauty of this water body.

Crocodiles (Called ‘Indian Magar’ in Hindi)

A 2022 survey at Powai Lake by BMC revealed the positive side of this lake and the hidden and restricted lake called ‘Vihar’. They counted a total of 18 Crocodiles (Both adults and Small). Also called ‘Crocodylus palustris’ in science, They seem to travel between these nearby lakes via a route that is not so safe for them.

Such a huge count of Crocodiles seen in Powai Lake talks about the florishing nature of this lake, and it seems like lots of them are already present in Vihar Lake and Tulsi, which are located deep inside national park forest boundaries.

By law, these are secured species and should not be harmed in any way. Early morning Sunrise is the correct time if you want to have a glimpse of these reptiles inside Powai Lake. They are seen taking some vital vitamins from the sun at banks near the Renaissance Hotel and waterbody Campur area of IIT. Try not to disturb them and enjoy those natural moments in peace and harmony with these reptiles seen right in the middle of Mumbai.

Old Powai Lake
Old Powai Lake

Powai Vatika

Powai Vatika
Powai Vatika

The lakeside promenade is a perfect place to unwind and have some relaxation time with family and friends. Keep walking, and at the extreme end you will find another entrance towards a beautiful point called ‘Powai Vatika’. This is also the part of Powai Lake that one should not miss, especially keeping photography in mind. Powai Vatika gives a beautiful view of Hiranandani Township Buildings against the backdrop of this lake and the main road, Just like we see Queen’s Necklace at Nariman Point.

It also has a small Ganapati temple and a large seating area to chill around with your group and take some really good shots of this lake. I can say this picturesque and scenic point of Powai Lake is a perfect serene location to actually feel peaceful from inside, As compared to the main attraction promenade location, which is a bit chaotic due to the adjacent road traffic.

This lake also attracts couples as one of the best-visited lovers points in Powai. From the middle area of Lakeside promenade till the end and also at Powai Vatika, One can see couples and lots of Love scenes going on without any hesitations. So, a point to be noted for all visiting with family and kids

Monsoon showers some extra blessing around the lake periphery as Balsam flourishes its carpet of greenery and pink purple flowers and is very picturesque, List of Fauna at Wiki.

ALERT !! Do not try to jump off the fencing or seating area of the promenade and go inside the green grass patch as it is not a solid area to stand. It is actually a BOG (A wet, muddy area with water beneath, Called ‘Daldal’ in Hindi) covered with green grass and beautiful flowers (See Pictures). Just enjoy that from a distance.

Powai Dam Waterfall

Powai Dam Waterfall
Powai Dam Waterfall

Not actually a waterfall, But a mini waterfall, like when the Dam water overflows and creates a small fall. Powai Dam is one of the most sought-after by young monsoon hangout wanderers. Let us see some vloggers video first.

Powai Dam is one of the best attractions for the young crowd (Bikers and Cyclists) who wander inside ‘Powai Garden’ (Also called ‘Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Park’). As soon as the Dam overflows, the crowd gathers to get those first few showers at the overflowing Dam.

I would not recommend a group of families visit the Powai Dam location adjacent to the ‘Powai Garden’ area as it is not an official tourist spot and getting inside the flowing water may be risky. Reaching this spot from some distance just to enjoy the view is not that worth it, to be honest. Usually a young local crowd, some bikers and cycling enthusiasts enjoy a day-long monsoon hangout trip here with friends. The above videos might have given some idea of this small yet beautiful Dam area.

Reaching The Waterfall Area

Address : Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Garden, 76, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai, Maharashtra 400076.

Reaching : From Jogeshwari towards Vikhroli, Reach the Powai Lake main signal and take a left towards Saki Vihar road. Keep walking or driving till you see the Big Gate Entrance to Powai Garden on the right side. The landmark is the Mithi River flowing bridge. The entry gate is on the opposite side of the road. This park is maintained by BMC and has no entry fees. The walk inside this park itself is very beautiful, as it is a muddy forest path with fewer concrete creations.

Upon entering the gate, Take a right to reach the DAM and WATERFALL area. If you keep walking straight, You will reach a little upper slope area that also has a small Dam Overflowing structure that is safer. The local young crowd takes a dip inside this small exit pond-sized area (See the Picture).

Best Time to Visit : After a couple of initial days of rainfall, the lake is filled with enough water and gets overflowed via this Dam area. It creates a waterfall-like view of some 50 or so meters in length. Keep a note to not visit during heavy rainfalls or post-July months, as the force increases and you will be restricted to entry into that premises.

Pictures & Video Courtesy : Kriti Patel, Rahul Virendra Tiwari, KOKA Vlogs, Avi Gupta, Suchit More.

See Also : Thane Lakes.

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