Powai Lake Near Andheri Hiranandani – Mumbai Suburb

“Powai lake is one of the 6 major lakes of Mumbai located at Andheri suburb, Supplying water to Industries as of now, and is part of green zone which connects Sanjay Gandhi National Park located at south of Hiranandani Complex..”

Powai Lake
Powai Lake

About Powai Lake

About 6.61 Square Meter area of Powai lake with a maximum depth of just 12 meters, Powai lake is one of the three major sources of water that supplies water to Mumbai suburbs locations and industries. This lake is located next to the developing location called ‘Hiranandani Complex’ at Powai, Andheri (East). About 45 minutes travel distance from Andheri station, Complete surrounding of Powai lake falls under Non Development Zone that is stretching till National Park at Borivali.

This lake has varieties of fishes, Since sometime now some species in this lake had died since few years because of pollutant water of this lake, which is now just used as non drinking industrial supplying water and not good for drinking purpose. It also has about 10 to 15 crocodiles and species of birds migrating every year this famous lake of Powai. If already at Powai, You must visit the Nirvana Park inside Hiranandani Township.

With beautiful turtles seen it is a great place to visit. This is one of the artificially created lakes in Mumbai that was built by British in 1890-91 as a emergency source of water supply in Mumbai city suburb range, But since the development in near locations, this lake has been polluted with slit by which residents staying around are quite unhappy. According to news only 85 inches is the average waterfall which is received by lake now. This is the only lake running Mumbai’s first and only fishing club since last 75 years, run by Maharashtra state Angling Association. Also in 1995 national lake conservation plan has included Powai in its of 10 major lakes for revival.

During old Mumbai time, Powai village was having small wells around which was called valley of Powai. People enjoy the Monsoon climate here and come to take lovely pictures of this beautiful Powai lake and a famous 5 star hotel near Powai Dam called ‘Hotel Renaissance’ adjacent to this beautiful lake view. Its is also a famous sight seeing location of Mumbai suburb as a well developed township for rich residents called ‘Hiranandani’ which is located just next to this lake.

Vihar Lake and Tulsi Lake are two important drinking and usable water sources near this lake.

How to Reach this water Reservoir

The best option to reach this reservoir is from Andheri, which is Mumbai Suburb. Auto / Taxi or bus from East side of station will take about 30 to 45 minutes towards L & T after which Powai comes.

From Western Express highway, take Andheri Kurla road and alternately their is an options from Jogeshwari Vikroli road which is comfortable with less traffic.

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