Nirvana Park: Where Nature Meets Urban Oasis in Powai Hiranandani

“Nirvana Park at Powai’s Hiranandani Gardens township is a hidden gem amidst Mumbai’s suburbs. Spanning across 4 acres, this park is a must-visit for nature lovers. The serene atmosphere and lush greenery create a feeling of bliss, true to its name. The park features beautiful ponds, meandering stone paths, and a vibrant variety of flora. It also offers a perfect spot for kids to play and enjoy the green grass lawn.

The park’s enchanting installations and soothing foot reflexology paths make it truly captivating. Conveniently located just a minute away from Powai Plaza, this park is a haven of tranquility. For more information such as park timings, entry charges, exact location address in Hiranandani, and contact details of the garden authorities, read on..”

Important Note

(Before) Attention all newcomers to this enchanting garden. It’s important to know that the locals and even the auto drivers might not recognize it by its name, ‘Nirvana’. Instead, they refer to it as the BMC Garden of Powai, as it is lovingly cared for by the Municipal Corporation. Don’t be surprised when you arrive at the Entry Gate and find it labeled as ‘Maintained by the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai’ rather than ‘Nirvana Park’.

(NOW): The entrance gate proudly showcases the words “Shri Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Udyan” in Marathi, while a charming lollipop display on the side informs us that it is lovingly maintained by MCGM.

Nirvana Park Wide View
Nirvana Park Wide View

Nirvana Park Attractions

Park Video

Renowned for its tranquil ambiance and serene surroundings, the “Nirvana” garden truly lives up to its name. Derived from the Sanskrit word meaning a state of blissful enlightenment, this exquisite park offers visitors a chance to experience profound peace and a sense of harmony.

In line with the principles of Buddhism, it serves as a sanctuary where one can find release from the burdens of karma and the endless cycles of rebirth. Situated in the vibrant city of Mumbai, the Nirvana gardens and parks stands as one of the finest destinations for nature lovers and seekers of inner serenity.

In the heart of Hiranandani Powai lies a true gem, a place blessed with elegance and breathtaking views. Let’s delve into the wonders of Nirvana Park, a captivating attraction within this prestigious neighborhood. Nestled near Central Avenue, this meticulously crafted garden spans across 4 acres, showcasing nature’s splendor. Towering trees gracefully provide shade, enveloping the entire park in a tranquil embrace.

Flora and Greenery

Nirvana Park Greenery and Pond
Nirvana Park Greenery and Pond

In the realm of nature, blessings and footsteps endure. The allure of this park lies in its abundant greenery and serene water bodies, captivating both locals and tourists alike. Nirvana is a haven where tall trees, small plants, and shrubs harmoniously coexist.

As you enter through the wooden gates, the ambiance of bamboo envelops you, offering a warm welcome to this tranquil oasis nestled amidst the bustling cityscape of Hiranandani Powai. Take a moment to sit in stillness and let the park’s soothing atmosphere rejuvenate your spirit, melting away any stress or anxiety that may reside within.

From lush green lawns to verdant walkways, from the enchanting pond area to the rustic wooden and bamboo pavilions, from the elevated machan providing an aerial view to the delicate blossoms adorning every corner, Nirvana’s allure is undeniable. It is no wonder that this park also serves as an idyllic spot for lovers, who can be seen cherishing quality time amidst the company of families and friends. Moreover, the presence of the iconic Digital India Lion serves as a gentle reminder of the world beyond this serene sanctuary.

Seating and Walkway

Wooden Pavilion
Wooden Pavilion

The pathway is spotless, offering ample seating options throughout. Whether it’s the spacious benches or the stone seats nestled within the lush lawn or even by the tranquil pond, there’s a seating arrangement to suit everyone’s needs. Personally, I found the stone seating particularly appealing as it seamlessly blends with the park’s ambiance, exuding a natural charm.

The two-seater rocks are just right for two friends or couples seeking a cozy spot, while the larger rocky seats are perfect for a group to gather, chat, and have a great time. It’s truly a haven for both visitors and residents of Hiranandani, providing a delightful setting for daily walks, jogs, and even yoga sessions.

Beautiful Pond with Fishes

Plants Stones Inside Park Pond
Plants Stones Inside Park Pond
Orange and Other Fishes
Orange and Other Fishes

This pristine pond in Powai is impeccably maintained, adorned with exquisite wooden pavilions that offer a serene spot to unwind and savor the picturesque scenery amidst the scorching summer and refreshing monsoon showers. Within these pavilions, cozy benches are thoughtfully placed, inviting visitors to sit back and indulge in relaxation.

The pond itself is teeming with vibrant clusters of fish in shades of orange, white, and black, infusing the surroundings with a lively ambiance. While feeding the fish is prohibited, this rule ensures that outside food is also prohibited, preserving the pond’s cleanliness and tranquility.

I was also captivated by the arrangement of stones in the pond. There were these adorable small black stones accompanied by charming shrubs, and a few slightly larger stones that added to the beauty, along with an artificial waterfall and lush plants. The pond itself was impeccably clean, embraced by lush greenery, and even had comfortable seating arrangements.

However, the highlight was undoubtedly the elevated machan located right by the pond, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of Nirvana Park. You can witness this stunning sight in the captivating photos showcased on this page.

Garden Children Play Area

Children Play Area
Children Play Area

When bringing children to a garden like ‘Nirvana Park’, it is crucial to prioritize their safety and the cleanliness of the environment. Kids truly enjoy themselves when they have the freedom to run around in an open space and play on the lush green grass.

Rest assured, hygiene is a top priority here. Outside food is strictly prohibited, ensuring that the park maintains cleanliness. The expansive lawn provides ample grass for your little ones to tumble, run, and have a blast. Additionally, the park offers a dedicated play area with exciting rides specifically designed for children, guaranteeing both fun and physical exercise (refer to the picture).

However, it is important to remain cautious around the pond areas. These areas lack safe fences and boundaries, posing a potential danger. Please keep a close eye on toddlers and kids to prevent any accidents.

Powai Garden Contact, Timings, Address and Entry Fees

Nirvana Garden at Powai
Nirvana Garden at Powai

Nirvana Garden Address and How to Reach

Location : Nirvana Park can be found right across from Powai Plaza, Central Avenue, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, 400076. It’s worth noting that this beautiful park is conveniently situated just a short 2-minute walk from Galleria Mall. As you approach the main circle, you’ll spot Galleria on your left. Keep going for a couple more minutes on the same side, and you’ll discover this serene garden waiting for you.

Park Timings : Experience the wonders of our venue every day, starting bright and early at 6:00 am. until 10:00 am., and then again from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. We have exciting news for you – the entry fee is now completely free. Yes, you heard it right! Previously, it used to be Rs. 5 for adults, but now everyone can enter without any charge. Kids have always enjoyed free entry, and that remains unchanged.

Please note that there is an additional fee of Rs. 10 for those who wish to bring their cameras along. However, we kindly request that you refrain from using video cameras during your visit. Lastly, we would like to remind you that outside food is not allowed inside our premises. Come and enjoy a memorable experience with us.

Nearest Railway Station to Powai : To get to Andheri on the Western Route or Ghatkopar on the Central Railway Route by road, follow these directions: After passing Goregaon and Jogeshwari on the Mumbai Highway, take JVLR. This road will lead you directly to Powai and Hiranandani. If you happen to be in Ghatkopar or the Central area, there is a road right next to RCity Mall that will take you to Hiranandani.

Toilets / Washroom Facilities: There are toilets accessible within the park; however, they are not maintained to a satisfactory level of cleanliness.

Bike / Car Parking: There are no available parking spaces within the park premises. You must park on the roadside at your own discretion, despite it being secure.

Contact Number: Park Office : +91-22-33814064 (Extension 6315)

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Official Website to refer for this park is Hiranandani Official.

Pictures Credits : Pranar Dalvi, Narendra Jadhav, Omkar Pawar, Rakesh Kumar and Dipak Vengurlekar.

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