Priyadarshini Park (PDP) Garden and Sports Complex – Mumbai

“The Priyadarshini Park and Sports Complex (PDP) in South Mumbai is a beautiful 20-acre garden and recreation center. It has been lovingly maintained by the Malabar Hill Citizen Forum since 1985. The park features tall coconut trees, a park for joggers, various recreational and sports activities, and hosts several annual events such as the kite festival and the Cool Breeze seafront. It also offers a stunning view of the sunset. If you want to visit, here are some important details: timings, entry fee, directions, nearest railway station, contact information, and address..”

Aerial View Priyadarshini Park Mumbai
Aerial View Priyadarshini Park Mumbai
Priyadarshini Garden
Priyadarshini Garden

PDP Park Fast Facts

Real name: Rasikbhai Meswani Sports Complex.
Car Parking: Parking is not available inside PDP. It is recommended to park on the roadside outside the park. There are no paid parking options in the area.
Park Entry Exit Timings: 5 am to 11 am and 4 pm to 9 pm.
Entry Fees: Free for all.
Sports Activities: Available (with minimum charges).
Various Timings (Sports, Dog Entry, Open, and Close): Please refer to the section above for details.
Joggers: Allowed for free during park timings.
Location: Malabar Hill, Napeansea Road (South of Mumbai).
Refreshments: There are facilities such as washrooms, drinking water, snacks, etc. available inside.

What you Need to Know About Priyadarshini Park

The park’s garden and walking area begin on the right side immediately upon entering. The pathway is not made of concrete and is kept muddy for a pleasant and healthy experience. It may be a bit inconvenient during the rainy season, but it creates a blissful atmosphere when it rains. It is always advisable to wear appropriate footwear for rainy conditions.

PDP Outside Road View
PDP Outside Road View
PDP Roadside Car Parking
PDP Roadside Car Parking

There is an additional entrance that opens directly into the play area for children. It is called the Children’s Amusement Park and it has designated boundaries and plenty of space for children to play and enjoy various rides. The dragon-shaped zigzag rides are particularly attention-grabbing in this area. There are also plenty of seats available inside the play zone for children, as well as along the jogging and walking pathway.

Coconut trees are abundant in Priyadarshini Park, providing beauty and shade. Squirrels, sparrows, crocodiles, and various birds can always be found there. The circular jogging and walking area is a must-try, offering a wide view of the open Arabian Sea.

These small squirrels are everywhere to keep you company during sunsets and walks, or when you’re simply relaxing on the green lawn or under the shade of the magnificent trees in this garden. You don’t need to worry about snacks, water, coconut water, or the restroom, as they are all provided.

Crows Squirrels Inside Priyadarshini Park
Crows Squirrels Inside Priyadarshini Park

Follow the walk and jog pathway to discover a stunning and serene spot within the park, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea. The lush green lawn at the center, particularly during the monsoon season, provides a soothing sight and walking barefoot on it is a healthy activity that benefits your body, especially your eyes. Amidst the monsoon and misty climate, this green paradise amidst the concrete jungle of Mumbai offers a magnificent view.

PDP Open Space Green Lawn
PDP Open Space Green Lawn

PDP, also known as the green garden with over 600 coconut trees, used to be a rocky area in the Malabar hills. The ‘Malabar Hill Citizen Forum’ is a proactive group that resides in this upscale residential area in South Mumbai and looks after all aspects of the park, including sports activities.

This park area is adored by the locals due to its delightful atmosphere and well-kept surroundings. It is the sole open space in the city, which greatly benefits the urban lifestyle. Serving as an Arabian Sea promenade park, it is perfect for daily exercise such as jogging, yoga, walking, aerobics, and various sports activities.

Mumbai often discusses the lack of space, but Priyadarshi Park offers a pollution-free open area for people of all ages, classes, and castes. It’s a perfect spot to unwind, take a stroll, or simply enjoy some leisure time. The youth have also prepared this place for sports and other activities.

Citizens can demonstrate their commitment to health by installing a well-known water purifying system that provides them with free, refreshing, and cold drinking water. Additionally, they are encouraged to try tender coconut water and wheatgrass juice from two other vendors, as these beverages offer various health advantages.

In the past, the International Kite Festival used to take place on February 14th. The Sankranti Kite Festival is also a popular event in south Mumbai PDP.

If you come across a gathering of individuals conversing at a seaside spot featuring a standee called ‘Priya Park’, it is a lovely place to sit and meet, surrounded by lush green grass. Here, the members engage in conversations, discuss future events, and partake in various activities that occur all year round.

PDP Children Play Area
PDP Children Play Area

An artificial beach with a sand pit is available for your children to let their imaginations run wild and create funny things and castle-like structures. The timings for this activity are from 11 to 12 p.m.

During the monsoon season, this park is adorned with a natural green beauty. People, including couples, enjoy sitting by the sea-facing garden, listening to the calming sound of the waves, watching the sunset, listening to music, and feeling the refreshing cool breeze that helps beat the summer heat.

PDP Lovers Couples Enjoying Sunset
PDP Lovers Couples Enjoying Sunset

A great spot for kids and young people to enjoy sports and recreational activities, and a perfect destination for families and friends to spend a day together. Unlike other promenades, such as lovers point, which is known for its beauty and popularity among couples.

Additionally, this green space in the middle of a bustling city is impeccably clean and well taken care of, and the best part is, there are no charges for entry. Come to this park for a leisurely stroll, jog every day, ride your bike, participate in the laughter club, and spend time with your furry friend at the designated pet zone during specific hours.

Next to the tennis court, there is a booth that provides healthy drinking water. The park has a synthetic Olympic running track that is 400 meters long and has eight lanes. The park also has four tennis courts and a large running track, which are only accessible to members. However, these areas can be easily seen from the public jogging track that is located by the seaside. Additionally, there is a football coaching and playing area that faces the sea and is situated next to the running track.

You can no longer bring outside food and eat at the park. However, there is a store near the entrance that sells packaged snacks, ice cream, and drinks. If you prefer, you can also find various street food options outside Priyadarshini Park. Mumbai is well-known for its delicious street food.

If you wander around, you’ll come across a tiny spot labeled ‘Jungle Walk’. This small part of the island, filled with tall trees, will make you feel like you’re in a mini jungle. It’s not much, but it’s worth mentioning if you’re interested in exploring.

A Sea Walk from Priyadarshini Park (PDP) to Amarsons Garden (Harish Mahindra Children Park) area is coming up. This elevated View Deck (Actually a sea walk) between the two parks will offer a breathtaking view of the Arabian Sea, making it a popular attraction in Mumbai.

Priyadarshini Park Promenade
Priyadarshini Park Promenade
Priyadarshini Evening View
Priyadarshini Evening View

PDP Khelo Sports Coaching and Activities

Priyadarshini park is known as the Rasikbhai Meswani Sports Complex. It offers a variety of athletics and outdoor sports activities. Here are some of the activities available:

1. Athletics: Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Middle & Long Distance.
2. Marathon training and cross country.
3. Tennis lessons for both kids and adults.
4. Advanced tennis training.
5. Gym classes for both kids and adults.
6. Football coaching sessions.
7. Futsal coaching sessions.
8. Yoga classes for all levels.
9. Aerobics classes for fitness.
10. Kabaddi training sessions.
11. Crossfit workouts.
12. Join the laughter club for a fun time.
13. Enjoy the children’s park.
14. Experience the open gym facility.

PDP Football Area
PDP Football Area
PDP Lawn Tennis Court
PDP Lawn Tennis Court

Additionally, PDP offers team sauna, spa, and jacuzzi facilities for post-workout sessions and to alleviate fatigue. Taking a cold shower is also beneficial for athletes after a rigorous workout.

PDP Khelo Timings: The Junior Cricket Academy Coaching and Playing Center is open from Monday to Saturday. The cricket sessions take place three times a week. The timings for cricket are 7:00 AM to 9:00 AM in the morning and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM in the evening. Children aged 6 years and older can join the PDP Cricket Khelo Academy.

One can enroll for the same at the PDP site office or online. For free trials, call or WhatsApp 9699784184 and 9619406996.

Some Rules: Unauthorized coaching is not permitted within the park. Smoking and drinking are strictly forbidden. Playing football and cricket is not allowed on the lawn. Taking photos, videos, and shooting are prohibited, except for using mobile phones to take pictures.

Running Track Inside Priyadarshini
Running Track Inside Priyadarshini

Park Address, Reaching, Timings and Contacts

Mumbai’s Priyadarshini Address & Contact

Address: Priyadarshini Park and Sports Complex, Nepean Sea Road, Mumbai 400006
Landmark: Malabar Hill Locality, Opposite Central Government Guest House (Hyderabad Estate).
Office Number: +917021817928
Superintendent Mr. Shivaji Kamble Contact: +919323463772
Booking and Enquiries: +919619406996

Priyadarshini Park Timings

Public Entry Morning Timings: 5:00 am. to 11:00 am, Evening Timings: 4:00 pm. to 9:00 pm.
Dog Entry Timings: Morning 8:00 am. to 9:00 a.m. Dog leashes or pattas are compulsory and only allowed in dog-restricted areas inside the park.
Sports Activities Timings: Monday to Saturday (3 days a week), 7 am. to 9 am., and 4 pm. to 6 pm.

How to Reach PDP

By Train: The nearest railway stations are Grant Road and Mumbai Central on the Western Railway Route.
By taxi: at a distance of 2.8 km, which takes 10 minutes from Grant Road Railway Station (West).
Bus Numbers and Route: Bus number 122, 104. Refer: Routes Details. Also see details of all buses on priyadarshini park bus stop.

Other Parks and Sightseeing Near PDP

There are several additional gardens, parks, and other attractions to see within a 2 to 5 kilometer radius of Priyadarshini Park.

  1. Hanging Garden at 10 minutes, (2.5 Km).
  2. Kamla Nehru Park at 10 minutes, (2.5 Km), Next to Hanging gaarden.
  3. Babulnath Temple at 10 minutes, (3 Km).
  4. Girgaon Chowpatty Beach at 16 minutes, (4.5 km). Also see the new Viewing deck here.
  5. Taraporewala Aquarium at 12 minutes, (3.5 km).
  6. Sacred Banganga Water Tank at 9 Minutes, (2.5 km).
  7. Colaba Botanical garden at 26 minutes, (8.5 km).
  8. Parsi Tower Of Silence (Restricted for public visits).
  9. Mahalaxmi Temple at 5 Minutes, (2 km).
  10. Haji Ali Dargah Inside Sea at 9 minutes, (2.8 km).
  11. Nariman Point at 20 minutes, (6.6 km).
  12. Bandra Worli Sea Link at 27 minutes, (10 km).

Picture Courtesy: Rahul Yadav, Anshul Sharma & Root to Toute Vlogs

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