Haji Ali Dargah – Mumbai’s Oldest Famous Muslim Shrine Inside Sea

“Surrounded by sea from all 4 side, ‘Haji Ali Dargah’ is the only kind of Muslim Community Shrine blessed and place of ‘Hazrat Haji Ali’ with almost every other community and religion and not just Muslim people visits with faith of receiving blessings inside heart. Its an old monument and heritage structure of Mumbai..”

Haji Ali Dargah Closeup
Haji Ali Dargah Closeup

Haji Ali Dargan Details

Haji Ali Mosque is a tomb at some 300 meters inside the Arabian sea connected to worli location of Mumbai and is a standing architecture in the name of saint ‘Peer Haji Ali Shah Bukhari (Also known as Hazrat Haji Ali)’ who was a Muslim sufi saint.

Speciality of This Holy Shrine

Built in 1431 by in the name of a saint ‘Hazrat Haji Ali’ as the place named, Its a old monument structure in Mumbai and a Holy place of worship for Muslims. This Shrine is located inside Arabian Sea which is covered from around all side, Mesmerizing right ?.

With that date built, What technology, science and thought went inside the person who built it with confidence and faith that it will not be disrupted by any natural calamities even when the rainfall is on its peak and high tides are scary. Till date with highest rainfall in place, the few metres broad walk way that reaches within sea to Shrine gets submerged, But never a day the Sea water damaged any corner of this Dargah. And today as the Shivaji memorial inside Sea project, needs so many safety clearance.

Haji Ali looks very beautiful in monsoon seasons (MUST SEE THE VIDEOS BELOW). It is said that every week around 80,000 people visits this Holy Dargah of Mumbai and major crowd can be found on Sundays. One need to walk from the main road (Haji Ali Junction) till the main Dargah at distance of about 350 meters on a foot that too on a 3 to 5 metre wide concrete path way which do not have any safety on side.

On the path way, One can see people selling Agarbattis (Scented Sticks), Flowers and Green Chaddar (Offering Cloth) at entrance. This are all part of rituals and offering to the Saint ‘Hazrat Haji Ali’. The real story of this structure built has 2 different versions, One of that write ups describes the saint being drowned at this location of Shrine inside Arabian Sea and Other says that he built this Dargah before living for Mecca (Famous Holy Place) and upon his death his soul came back here. Haji ali is also one of the beautiful piece of heritage inside Mumbai city, A peaceful place to see the fast world from a distance.

Reaching Haji Ali Dargah

By Rail : As said, Haji Ali is inside the sea and nearest railway station to reach being Mumbai Central and Mahalaxmi on Western Railway. This Shrine is connected to Worli so you can reach from any locations near Worli too.

By Road : Point Your Navigator towards Mumbai Central, Tardeo or Directly Haji Ali Dargah.


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Famous Places Near Haji Ali

Mahalakshmi temple, Priyadarshini Park, Heera Panna Shopping center for electronics, Cross roads shopping mall, Atria mall worli, US embassy, Pedder Road, Napense Road for shopping etc.

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