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“BWSL (Bandra Worli Sea Link) is first biggest sea link of Mumbai started in mid 2009 and is still the fasted route between Bandra and Worli. The convenience of road drive got better now, Let understand the driving rules on sea link, Feel the sea link starting adjacent to Reclamation and ending at worli, very near to famous fishing village via video and pictures from Bandstand location and know more security facts and toll charges details etc..”

Aerial View Of Bandra Worli Sea Link
Aerial View Of Bandra Worli Sea Link

About The Sea Link

Spectacular and Mumbai’s first biggest sea bridge is at Bandra connected to famous reclamation promenade the ‘Bandra Worli Sea Link’ which is about 4.7 km long (63 times bigger than Qutub Minar) weights as heavy as 50,000 African elephants finally inaugurated by UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi on Tuesday 30th June 2009 midnight after almost 14 to 15 years of hard work, legal hurdles and proper planning. Connecting almost two past islands of Mumbai (Worli Sea face and Bandra Reclamation area) this new sea link rules and rocks now starting with almost 30,000 to 35,000 cars per day which is comparatively less as aspect by MEPL (Mumbai Entry Point Private Limited) toll agency of Mumbai who takes care of sea Link with a Contract of 1 year with MSRDC (Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation) as of 2009. The Rs.750/- Crore project of BWSL has yet to go a long way for feedback by Mumbaikars. You might also like to know about ‘Ab Celestial’, first floating hotel of Mumbai started in 2017.

Sea Link Video

The next day of Inauguration (1st July 2009) was a toll free day for cars to experience the ride as an alternate to Mahim Causeway Route which was the only route which was around 2 lakh cars wanted to be first to cross the sea link. The excitement of Sea Link was so high that it was heard in news about Telugu actor Rajendra Prasad wanted a Horse ride on sea link, where as few other known wanted Cycling and walking on bridge, But the Rules of BWSL are made strict to now allow any such requests. See Also : Upcoming Bandra Versova Sealink.

Driving Rules

VEHICLES ALLOWED : Four Wheelers, Cars, Buses

OTHER’S & VEHICLES NOT ALLOWED : Two wheelers, Animals, Casual Walking (Pedestrians) as there is no footpath to walk.

Toll Charges On Sea Link

Car : Rs. 55 One way, Rs.82.50 Return Fare and Full day allowed pass costing Rs.137.50
Tempo and LCV : Rs.80 Single Way, Rs120 Both ways (Return journey) and Rs.200 For Full day any number of to and from.
Buses and Trucks (heavy vehicles) : Rs.110, Rs.165 and Rs.175 as per details above.

Sea Link Security System

Although in last couple of years (2013 and 2014) sea link got couple of shocking suicides of which lucky one was saved, Security system and fencing needs to be stronger with proper heights and CCTV cameras to save from such attempts and accidents, along with the beautification factors counted of. MSRDC has some automatic system at Bandra Worli Link that identifies vehicles going over the speed of 50 kmph with cameras that can capture pictures of vehicles within range of 1.5 kilometres, cameras can move in 360 degree for same. To keep watch on boats and ships moving around there are two special cameras fitted under bridge.

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