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“Mumbai is queen city and Bandra reclamation promenade is one of must visit sea side locations ‘promenades’. It is one the best in such category started in 2009 and opened to public in 2010, Once again ready with renovation work done by March 2016. This beautiful promenade along rocky stoned coastal of Mumbai is already a lovers point with cozy couples seen all around all season and has a beautiful view of Bandra Worli Sea Link, Sunset and the huge free flowing Arabian sea right when you enter from Western express highway straight which goes towards sea link. Lets understand the beauty of this location, address, how to reach, the revamp and what this new tourist attraction of Mumbai is all about.”

Reclamation Promenade Bandra
Reclamation Promenade Bandra

The Reclamation Promenade

Video Glimpse of Reclamation

The soon opening to public around March Or April 2016, Reclamation promenade is already known and famous since 2010 when it started with a beautiful sea side stretch located at Bandra. It is very much connected to Mahim Creek, S V Road and Reclamation flyover bridge coming from National Highway 8 of Mumbai. Due to lack in the maintenance work of such beautiful sea front tourist attractions, Tax money of citizens gets wasted and the project fails or awaits another call for revamp which is what happened to Bandra reclamation location. MSRDC who is taking care of contracting out, revamps and beautification of such public properties took up the charge in 2013 again and gave it to a contractor who failed to maintain and get the invested money out via advertisement hoarding etc. And once again the long stretch of about 1250 meters is under construction and revamp seems promising at a glance as the renovation work is almost done.

Aerial Reclamation Old Picture
Aerial Reclamation Old Picture

Speciality of this promenade being the beautiful coastal view, The huge sea link view at a glance and the Sunset behind same. Locals of Bandra gets another public jogging spot which is pollution free with cool sea breeze, ideal for morning and evening walks. That adds to be the third joggers park of Bandra after Joggers park and Bandstand promenade. Flower plantations at corners along side the complete location of reclamation, some big trees which can provide shades and attract birds, beautiful long concrete ladders at the entry is beautifully made this time, all adds up to the eagerness of all those waiting Bandra reclamation to be opened to public. Although not safe, people takes a minute break right up on the flyover next to reclamation which gives a beautiful complete view of same. Vehicle stopping and parking along the road side of promenade is not allowed and i am sure MMRDA might be having some plans about public vehicle parking as this is going to attract many tourists and citizens from other locations of Mumbai city too and not just western suburb as in.

I have been to this beautiful location a year back in monsoon and the beautiful scenic sea view when tides are high is to be seen. There were no shades to save self from getting wet by falling rain and hope this time the revamp bring few options for monsoon visitors. Monsoon brings romance and so are the lovers attracted towards such locations. Couples are seen all over the promenade spending quality time all wet yet still not set to move out for hours. Friends in group have great time time here clicking selfies and pictures to post, tag their friends about beauty of city. Elderly can spend some good leisure time with morning evening walks and jogging at the parks walking tracks. Advertisement hoarding can be seen all around which will be used as the flowing revenue to maintain the attraction promenade site. Straight front is the old iconic Hotel Taj and the Famous Leelavati hospital to add to the view.

Reaching Reclamation

Old Reclamation Photo
Old Reclamation Photo

This promenade is located just adjacent to the reclamation flyover, a beautiful circular one which starts at Bandra east which comes straight from National Highway.

From South Mumbai : If you are coming from south Mumbai, take the first left below this flyover immediate after crossing the Mahim creek.

From Bandra Station : Those coming from Bandra station, Get down in west and at 2 minutes comes S V Road, take left and walk for 5 to 10 minutes or simple get a Auto for same.

From National Highway 8 : Once reached Bandra east, go straight towards the flyover bridge, keep right and follow the sign board which point you down towards the promenade.

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