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“Looking like a Queen’s Necklace upon evening and night, Nariman Point Promenade is a 4.2 Km long stretch at extreme end of south Mumbai. A beautiful semi circular sea front with rock front shore and ample seating. It is one of the top tourists attractions and a leisure place for every Mumbaikar. Let’s understand few things one should know and are best about this promenade along with few videos visuals..”

Nariman Point
Nariman Point

  • ‘Khursheed Framji Nariman’ was a Senior Municipal Officer of then called ‘Bombay’, who planned and initiated the promenade development and so is the name given ‘Nariman Point’.
  • Bike and Car parking is on road side. But proper parking is expected. Do not leave your vehicle for long time here.
  • It is located in South of Mumbai and is one of the famous Commercial locations in city with a beautiful Arabian sea front.
  • This place is at 5 Minutes walking distance from Churchgate Railway Station (Western Railway Route) and 15 Minutes from CST station (Central Railway Route). Beautiful skylines, Old buildings and heritage structures is what makes this place both famous commercially and for residence too.
  • This promenade starts at extreme end of Mumbai and ends at Girgaum Chowpatty at Charni road, Covering total 3 stations in row with sea front continue adjacent to all.
  • It takes 49 minutes walk and 9 minutes driving time to reach Nariman point from other end, i.e Chowpatty beach.
  • Beautiful aerial videos (See below), pictures and view is possible from Marine lines bridge that connects the promenade to major famous markets of Charni road on other side (East) of railway station.
  • A special aerial view spot at the adjacent famous tourist attraction called Hanging garden is under construction that is specially made to get Aerial view of Queens Necklace and this promenade.
  • Reasons this promenade is known as ‘Queens Necklace’ of Mumbai (See Video Below) because of the yellow glittering street lightings that looks like the promenade wearing a necklace from one end to other.
  • All 12 months, this place can be visited, Although few High Tide days are special in Monsoon (See videos on this page). Yes, Nariman point is beautiful and is visited by many locals daily and since a tourist attraction, foreigners are seen major in travel season.
  • As said Monsoon high tide days are much awaited here. Youngsters, Kids and many adults enjoy the giant splashes during rainy days as seen in below videos.
  • Tetrapod Stones at Nariman point : These tetrapod stones saves the shore from strong currents. Hiding the promenade walls makes the forces of water currents and ineffective to break or wash away below sands.
  • It is also south Mumbai’s One of the best known lovers point, Nariman point is not just a leisure place for elderly and group of friends to hangout, One can see couples dating and spending quality time here.
  • A great place to say love is in the air of Mumbai.
  • This is one of the best place to enjoy sunset and Malabar hill view of Mumbai
  • Worst part being no public toilets / wash rooms at this 4.2 Km promenade. Hope recent changes have / will bring few.
  • Although not allowed and illegal, Hawkers and Peddlers like Chai Wala (Tea Sellers) and Coffee, Packed Bottled Water, Toy sellers are seen walking around and selling stuff.
  • Nariman Point is one of the best selfie points in Mumbai.
  • Its a great place to have a long walk. Morning and Evenings observes daily joggers in good numbers.
  • Looking for best cycling locations, This is one of them.
  • Promenade is a pride for SOBO (South Bombay) residents as there are no malls etc available here. Its a commercial location known for best heritage structures, street shopping etc.
  • According to latest rules by BMC, If your Pet dog poops here, and if you are seen leaving without cleaning, The deployed official clean up marshals may fine you Rs.500 and since that poop has become so costly now, Please keep Mumbai Clean.
  • A great place for night lovers who like riding bikes, cycles as the long ride along with fresh air with pollution all settled is a great plus to one’s health.
  • Nariman point promenade has some of the famous buildings and structures along road side. Few of them are CCI Building, Hotel Oberoi, Hotel Trident, NCPA theatre. The list goes till other end at Chowpatty which has Police Gymkhana Cricket Ground, Taraporewala Aquarium, Chowpatty itself with lots of eateries.
  • All the 2 to 3 storey buildings one sees are decades old and are listed as heritage structures which restricts it from getting redeveloped.
  • Diwali and also 31st December Night attracts more crowd towards this shore to enjoy fire crackers show, Nothing too special about fire works and not a dedicated planned show, Just few groups busting etc but still a good place to welcome new year.
  • Ample road side car parking space is available. You can park your car at any place adjacent on road and enjoy the sight.
  • Victoria rides (Tonga Horse Ride) used to charge Rs.150 to Rs.200 per ride was a horse drawn carriage which is decorated with lights is one of the famous thing to do. After declaring animal rides illegal, these rides are not / rarely seen now.
  • Extreme end of Nariman point is a must visit if never before, It is another scenic and picturesque location from where colaba area is seen. Its the real ending location of Mumbai and also a beautiful place for taking pictures and selfie. Many Bollywood movies had their shoots here.
  • For fun, entertainment and adventure, Segway Rides (Now Closed) were started which are no more seen now.

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