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If you’re a fan of old coins and currency, then you’re in for a treat at the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) money museum in South Mumbai’s Fort area. This hidden gem is a treasure trove of information on Indian coins and currency, both old and new. What’s even better is that the museum offers free entry to all visitors, regardless of the type of Indian currency they possess. So, come and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Indian monetary history at the RBI Monetary Museum, the one and only museum of its kind in Mumbai.

Old Coins
Old Coins

RBI Monetary Museum Fast Facts

Since its inception in 2004, this money museum has flourished, captivating audiences not only locally but also internationally.

Major Attraction Inside : Explore a vast collection of over 10,000 ancient and historic coins, crafted from a variety of metals, elegantly showcased behind glass. Delve into the world of old and new currency notes, each with intricate details on the prints, embosses, and other unique features. Uncover the fascinating transition from coins to currency notes , reflecting the evolution of time and development. Witness obsolete coins and notes from the past few years, decades, and beyond, all on captivating display.

Facilities at RBI Monetary Museum: Keep your belongings safe in our secure lockers, take a break in our clean toilet and rest rooms, park your car in our limited parking space, seize the moment with our purchasing opportunities, and grab one of our four different brochures for just Rs.5 each.

Location: Discover the captivating Indian money museum nestled in the heart of Mumbai’s historic Fort area. This enchanting museum is situated in one of the city’s oldest commercial hubs, brimming with rich heritage. Conveniently located just a stone’s throw away from the CST and Churchgate railway stations, it’s easily accessible within a short 5 to 10-minute stroll. Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of currency and embark on a journey through India’s monetary history at this remarkable museum.

Types of Coins on Display: From AD 330 to 370, the world of coin collection was thriving. It boasted an immense assortment of historic coins crafted from precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, brass, copper, nickel, and beyond. Among these remarkable treasures, one could even find rare gems like the ‘Fanam’ coin, measuring a mere 8 mm in diameter. These captivating pieces are proudly showcased for all to marvel at.

Inside Monetary Museum

The museum is divided into 6 main sections, and also features an Information kiosk for inquisitive school children and other visitors. Upon entering through the main entrance, guests are greeted by a captivating Mural. To begin your museum exploration, simply head through the door on the left. Once you step into the first section named ‘Ideas Concepts and Curiosities’, you’ll immediately grasp the essence of a money museum and understand why these institutions are found worldwide, drawing tourists and coin enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.

Explore the captivating ‘Coinage Section’ and delve into the intriguing history of the past. With over 10,000 unique exhibits showcased, it will leave you pondering about the significance of currency throughout time. Witness an array of coins crafted from various metals, including the precious and valuable Gold, Silver, and Copper. These metals, now considered precious and costly, were once mere materials used for coins, holding little value otherwise. Brace yourself for an immersive experience as you step into the largest section of the museum, dedicated to the fascinating world of coinage.

Step back in time as you admire the ancient and historic coins showcased under the perfect lighting, revealing intricate artwork and embossing. Take a closer look and ponder the skill and effort required to create these marks on thousands of coins without the modern technology we rely on today. The blend of Indian and British coins, crafted from brass, copper, and other mixed metals, exudes a unique and captivating shine in this collection.

Step into the next room and discover the fascinating section titled ‘From Coins to Paper Money’. Here, you’ll uncover the intriguing evolution of currency, from ancient coins known as ‘Mudra’ in Hindi, to the emergence of paper money. As you continue your journey, venture into the ‘Banking and Paper Money’ section, where you’ll delve even deeper into the significance of banking and the pivotal role that paper money played during that era.

Adorning the walls are enormous currency notes, proudly displaying the emblem of the Reserve Bank of India. Among them, you’ll find enlarged versions of the Rupee 1, Rupee 2, Rupee 5, and many more. Safeguarded behind a protective glass case, these notes have witnessed the evolution of their appearance over time. With each iteration, they have become more impervious to counterfeit attempts, incorporating intricate designs, hidden details, and embossed elements. These security measures make it virtually impossible for fraudsters to replicate these notes, a feat only achievable by the skilled hands of the RBI.

Move inside the centre location of RBI Monetary Museum to a section called ‘Know Your Currency’ a paper money section with abundance of information about how currency is managed, pictures to understand how RBI plans any currency and what are the minor details inside every paper note that we people usually cannot understand other wise. Ever thought knowing about the Mahatma Gandhi Image on Indian currency, Why the words like Satyamev Jayate printed on notes ?

This section of Museum also helps individuals from Mumbai and also tourists with information to differentiate Original Currency with fake currency notes that floods in the markets Mumbai as read in news papers time after time.

Discover the final section at the Museum exit, “RBI and You,” where you can learn about the crucial role of RBI and its significance for the common person. Delve into the history of banking, the evolution of currency notes, and the pivotal role of RBI since the implementation of the RBI Act in 1934.

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Timings, Address and Contacts

Museum Timings

Discover the wonders of our museum, open to the public from 10:45 in the morning until 5:15 in the evening, completely free of charge! Please note that the museum is closed on Mondays and during bank holidays. Come and explore the fascinating exhibits at your leisure.

Contact Number

You can contact the authorities for guided tour in in group and for any other information contact +91-22-22614043 and +91-22-22610801, Fax on +91-22-22702820.

Postal Address

RBI Monetary Museum,
Reserve Bank of India,
Ground Floor, Amar Building,
Sir Pherozeshah Mehta Road,
Kala Ghoda, Fort, Mumbai 400001

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