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“Basic money related things like Money market, Interbank Money Payment Services (IMPS), Mobile Money Services, Forex Service Providers, Currency Coins, things related to banking (Both Government and Private), Mutilated Currency Notes exchangers, Identifying fake currency notes and other things related in Mumbai..”

Indian Currency
Indian Currency

  • List Of Major Government and Private Banks in Mumbai City
    List of various Private and Public Sector (Government) Banks in Mumbai city and Suburban locations.
  • Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) – Mumbai
    “First of its kind mobile based fund transfer and retail payment system introduced and shopping made easy. Mumbai city banks got its newly launched Interbank Mobile Payment Service (IMPS) formally approved and serviced by NPCI (National Payment Corporation Of India)..” In simple terms, IMPS is a simplified way of payment system for any small and medium ...
  • Identifying Duplicate Fake Indian Currency Notes – Mumbai
    “Fake currency was a major problem in Mumbai. There was a time to be alert with the fake (Duplicate) Indian currency rackets, cloning the 500 and 1000 rupees currency notes which increased all type of negative and anti-social elements in Mumbai and around India. Lets have a look on the current status of such notes ...
  • Currency Notes and Coins in Mumbai – City Money Guide and Reference
    “Like any other country people visiting in Mumbai (India) needs to know about how Mumbai currency is used and what are the conversion rates, values and how it is referred locally in market. Lets have a look at types of coins and Money currency notes used in Mumbai..” Outdated Currency Without Issued Year Printed IMP NOTE !!! ...
  • Foreign Exchange Services in Mumbai – Foreign Money Exchangers
    “Forex (Foreign Exchange) is one of the top priority service to convert and use other country money to Indian Rupees and Vice-Versa for any international tourist. Almost all banks now and many private money exchangers gives Forex services. Below are all such money exchangers in Mumbai for prompt services at competitive rates..” Foreign Exchange Service Provider ...

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