Hanging Garden at Malabar Hills Mumbai

“Since 1881, Hanging garden (Also called ‘Pherozshah Mehta Garden’), located at Malabar Hills (South Mumbai) has been an landmark when it comes to city attractions and best gardens. Built above a water reservoir, Hanging garden is a terraced park, as the location is hilly. Away from city traffic and pollution, it is children favourite with lots of flowers and green lawn, the only place with hedges of animals shaped plants. Practically not very well maintained even if listed on major online travel portals for Mumbai and blogs. Yes, still iconic due to the location which is worth a visit..”

Hanging Garden
Hanging Garden

Facelift & Renovations

With major renovation and make over done at adjacent Hanging garden, Some changes are also expected at Hanging garden as below detailed.

Introducing a gazebo place which will welcome various talents around city to perform and entertain visitors. It can be an artist, a group or a band to entertain and perform inside Hanging garden. More improvements to give natural looks to Shrubs converted to Animal topiary with its natural colour and looks to be done. For example Sand coloured shrubs be used for Camel topiary while green be used for Elephant and similarly others. This will radiant real looks and will give a different feel inside Hanging garden. The new design of the garden upon renovation and facelift is said to be of Persian styled. No more details of what exactly will that be is known, So when said Persian styled, Google it will get us some idea or straight visit Hanging garden post renovation and facelift work.

Hanging Garden Attractions

Why Hanging garden is so hyped online and few still not giving good review about same? Almost every other travel website, blogs like this one writes about this place and recommends it as tourist attractions. But the matter of fact is that it is just a basic garden and nothing else, with aerial view point and few things as detailed below. Trust me i am going to write and make things clear with the real perspective of this attraction place of Mumbai up to best of my knowledge and experience.

As we read, it was built in 1880 and was thrown open to public in 1881, It was an era when city was called BOMBAY and was still ruled by Britishers. Obviously, the island city has hardly anything developed and south Mumbai was the only business location. Malabar hills, where Hanging Garden and the adjacent Kamla Nehru Park is located, was a little jungle / forest area. I have also heard of wild animals been seen around Walkeshwar and still dense green locations like tower of silence very near around.

Green Lawn inside Hanging Garden
Green Lawn inside Garden
Garden Floras
Garden Floras

Blessed with sea shores and coastal, South Mumbai got this iconic garden which was rare at that time and was among very few. Main purpose to build such a garden was that it was one of the 3 main reservoirs at that time, a very important source of water. Not far from this garden is Parsi tower of silence (Where dead body of parsi community people are disposed openly for birds like eagles and vultures as a religious ritual and way) at nearby vicinity of Malabar hills. The need to keep this water reservoir from getting contaminated was on priority, So a terraced garden was created on top of the reservoir at just 7 to 10 feet. It is said, the water body is still available at few feet below the garden area.

Pherozshah Mehta Garden, which is the actual name was so known as ‘Hanging Garden’ because of same reasons that it is on Hills and above reservoir and terraced. But if you have visited or planning to visit any time soon, You will not find anything resembling or like Hanging, It is just a quoted name locally.

Precisely talking about main attraction inside Hanging garden, Its a lush green garden which has lots of flower plants, trees, a muddy path way, a beautiful sunset view, a pollution free place with those special planted hedges of various animal shapes, a pillar of friendship with a clock, a beautiful aerial chowpatty beach view (I also recommended to read about upcoming tourist attraction, aerial view point of queens necklace from hanging garden) and a special balodyan garden, where only kids and ladies are allowed.

Visit this place in evenings and the greenery gives a feeling of peace with serenity along the sunset view. Cool breeze from Arabian sea rejuvenates us and gets away with all tiredness of the day. Monsoons brings another beautiful looks to this greenery with varieties of flowers all around. Similarly, one needs to take care if visiting this garden during summer afternoons as the heat can tire you up in very little time.

For locals staying in and around Malabar hills and Walkeshwar area, Hanging garden is a boon as it is an ideal hill top place for jogging, morning and evening walks, yoga and exercise sessions with no entry fees charges by BMC who takes care of the place. Yet, now since almost 35 to 40 years, even if averagely maintained and still muddy with more than required hawkers around, Garden stays on list of tourist attractions as it is few of the only iconic old gardens in south Mumbai.

Other Places to See Near Garden

This location of South Mumbai has more attractions in same area of Malabar and Walkeshwar and at adjacent locations of Charni Road not too far. Some of them are Sacred Banganga Water Tank, Priyadarshini Park at Nepeansea Road (Adjacent area), Kamla Nehru Park (as said Adjacent to this Garden), Babulnath Temple and Girgaum Chowpatty, Taraporewala Aquarium.

Address, Timings, Reaching

Address : Malabar Hill, Charni Road (West), Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – 400075
Nearest Railway Station : Charni Road, Western Railway Route.
Reaching : From Central Railway Route (CST Station), Churchgate or Charni Road take Taxi.
Car Parking> : Road Side available.
Garden Entry Charges : No Charges, Its Free.
Timings : Morning 5:00 AM to Late Evening 9:00 PM.
Official Contacts : +91-22-66285549 / +91-22-66285509.
Photography and Videos : Openly Allowed.

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