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UPDATES : Few sea snakes and tiny beautiful sea horses are new add-ons at Taraporewala, And also going to be part of MTDC Mumbai Darshan list soon. : The all new looking Taraporewala Aquarium which is one of the oldest and leading attractions of Mumbai since 1951 which faded its looks recently and is all ready with new renovations and make up. A huge second generation aquarium (In General People Call it ‘Fish Museum’ while searching online, But to be noted its and Aquarium of live fishes and others & not a museum) as large as 1098 square meter wide with more species of Indian fishes and other facilities like huge touch pool, swim tank and fish spa is almost ready for public that is surely going to attract more citizens and tourist who lately lost interest. This South Mumbai attraction has high hopes to double the daily walk in visitors which currently dropped to 1.5 thousand. 62 year now, this aquarium is one and the only best of its kind for understanding and educating about Marine life, specially species of fish started by a Mumbai Parsi called Mr. Taraporewala, so is the name. Till date it had different species of Sea fishes including Sharks and beautiful turtles, Now undertaken by State of Maharashtra..”

Taraporewala Aquarium
Taraporewala Aquarium

Renovated Attractions

Newly renovated Taraporewala aquarium which lately lost its charm due to lack of maintenance and space is getting the second generation set up ready inside with more then 1000 square meter of new total space with work currently under process since March. We mentioned in our older post of the attraction being a mini water world of Mumbai city with fish, turtles and more marine life, And yes the new renovation of this place is bringing us something similar one might experience, a touch pool which is specially designed place to swim in and around with about thousands of 350 to 450 different species of fishes. This attraction is currently closed for renovation to develop with more space for growing species of fish from 50 to 55 to get double in number.

What’s more, the renovated version has bigger tanks which means more bigger fish to see and feel around from very close. Mumbai would have been lucky if the plan to make a fancy oceanarium of fifth generation aquarium with 360 Degree glass tunnel completely lit around with small beautiful and colourful LED lights has got approved by coastal regulation and development control department, Still the new second generation brings more of new attractions and look more beautiful internally and externally too as the fish department is currently working on same. It will be a great place for entertainment and education for school children who would love to come here for a one day picnic, also are expected some visitors who are fish and aquarium lovers of city having a mini fish tank at home as good luck charm and hobby.

This new Attraction also brings the first of the kind of swimming tank in India, It will be a kind of adventure in itself to explore and understand those species of fish around by swimming inside with them. I am sure the light effects for such swimming tank from Inside and of those which will illuminate Taraporewala building from outside will enhance the beauty of Girgaum Chowpatty which is just opposite and connected to it. The new looking aquarium building will be total of 11 floors with parking facilities for citizen and tourists and good office space for management and tourism departments of Maharashtra. School children will be getting to attend the special aqua-awareness program which will be a fish and its species and their life cycle etc related awareness program, each session of batch running for 15 to 20 minutes.

Types and Species Of Fishes

Damsels Fishes : Territorial Fishes Species like Golden, Moon Tail, Cocoa, Striped, Electric Blue and Talbot and Sargent Major Damsel.
Butterfly Fishes : Chevron, copper band, long nose, eight band, red perl.
Angel Fishes : Blue ring, Regal, Wraft and Emperor angel fishes.
Trigger Fishes : Undulated, Bluetooth, Picasso and Clown Triggers.
Marine Eel Fishes : Yellow head, White Ribbon, Black Ribbon, Blue Ribbon and Moray Eel.
Marine Touch Pool : Has Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin, brittle star, Tube worms, Star Fish and more.
Grouper Fishes : Sweetlip, Panther, orange spot and Black spot groupers.
Tang Fishes : Yellow, Powder brown, Naso, Orange Shoulder and Powder blue as species of tang fishes.
Unique species : Oranda, Stone, Red Cap, Rukin and Black moor.

More such species found around like Bat Fish, Squirrel fish, Golden Travery, Puffers, Jelly Fishes, Kombada, Lion and Turkey fish, Dwarf lion, Whimple, Moorish idol, Marine Coral reef, Wrasse, Sea anemone, Negro, Clarkii, Arowana, Paludarium aquarium, Indian Carps like Rohu, Catla, Mrigal, Tropical aquarium fishes, Red Tail, Sucker, upside down and Asiatic cat fishes. Also found at taraporewala is Octopus, Sea Horse, Alligator and cat fishes along with beautiful giant gourami, cichlid and koi with famous gold fish Sea Turtle, Read Ear Slider and Singaporean turtle.

Aquarium Ticket Rates and Photography Videos Charges

The breath taking charges (See below) just to treasure those moments with fish and this aquarium has already stunned Mumbai and visitors from outside. Mid-Day, our very leading newspaper agency/media took this up in their article and it made and IMPACT as it does to others. Soon, charges to click pictures and reel on digital videos will be reduces, We will update this section as soon we receive the same. Cheers !!

Old Charges : Till date the entry fees for aquarium was Rs.5 for students, Rs.10 for Children less than age 16 and Rs.15 for adults above 16 years of age.

New Charges :

Visitors and Tourists Category Rates (INR/Rs.)
Adults, Above Age 12 years 60
Children (Between Age 3 to 12 years) 30
Concessional Rates For Educational Institutes 30
Retired Government Employees 40
Government Employees 30
Foreign Tourists (NRI & Other International Visitors, Above Age 12) 200
Children Foreign Tourists (NRI & Other International Visitors, Between 3 to 12 years) 100
Disabled or Physically Challanges Person 30

Photography and Videography Charges : Pictures and Videos are allowed with huge charges (Indian Rupees) to be paid, Details are as below:

Type Of Cameras Charges
Photography / Videos via mobile Cameras 500
Pictures and Clips Via Video and Digital Cameras 1000
Professional Still Cameras 5000
Professional Video Shoots 10000

Reaching Taraporewala

By Train : Nearest station being Charni Road on Western Railway Route, Second station from Churchgate (South Mumbai). If you are coming from outside city or are a tourist getting down at CST station, Direct taxi and buses are easy option to reach in next 15 to 20 minutes. If your train drops you at Dadar station, get any slow local train towards Churchgate and get down at 7th station from Dadar which is Charni Road. If you are a tourist staying at far suburb hotels near airport or locations around you need to follow the same train route and catch any local train towards churchgate. Once at station, you can see sea beach side connecting chowpatty and its just walkable from here.

By Road : Get inside Mumbai city from Eastern / Western Express Highway and follow the sign boards towards south Mumbai. From east of Marine lines, Cross a small east west flyover bridge and you are to this attraction. Alternatively you can get inside Dadar west and follow Worli AB Road, Peddar Road or Bhulabhai Desai Road which takes you towards Chowpatty Beach near Aquarium.

Inside Videos Of Aquarium

This videos was taken on day 1, the opening day of this renovated aquarium. On this first day entry charges and video and photography was kept free of cost.

Address Contacts and Timings

Address : Taraporewala Building, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Road, Near Charni Road Railway Station, Post Police Gymkhana Club House, Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra – 400002, India
Contact : +91-22-22821239
Timings Tuesday to Saturday (Weekdays) 10:00 am – 7:00 pm, Sundays and Public holidays (Weekends & Holidays) 10:00 am to 8:00 pm, Monday Closed.

Updates 2th April 2016 : Online ticket bookings for Aquarium is still not ready, Yet the good news is that MTDC guided Mumbai Darshan tour will cover this place for tourists visiting Mumbai. Currently its a preferred attraction for children for summer vacations.

Updates 6th April 2015 : Hardly 20 days, the newly renovated aquarium faces the death fish problems due to the polluted water with heavy metals inside. The current filters are unable to do and remove these heavy metal substances from water which harms this delicate species of fishes which requires fresh water up to particular mark. Some lost beauties of Taraporewala are jelly fish and the sweet little looking horse fish.
As of date, Aquarium authorities have taken care of all the required and measures have been taken so that such problems does not arise again. Yeah, fishes are getting use to Mumbai and its water now.

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