UBO Ridez Brings Victoria Electric E-Buggy Carriage in Mumbai

UBO Ridez’s Victoria 2.0 Electric Carriage (E-Buggy) is creating a buzz with its rejuvenating aesthetics and can now be found at multiple destinations in Mumbai, including Gateway of India, Marine Drive, Nariman Point, and Bandra’s Bandstand. This environmentally friendly electric vehicle is a contemporary adaptation of the conventional horse-drawn carriage, which was discontinued in 2015 to ensure the well-being of animals. The Victoria ride offers an ideal means to explore South Mumbai while preserving the environment and safeguarding animal welfare…

View From Horse Carriage
View From Horse Carriage


1. The Bandstand promenade in Bandra currently provides a delightful and sustainable transportation option, which has been operational since August 2023. Further information on pricing and timing can be found below.

2. Starting from March 2021, an enchanting new eco-friendly ride is now accessible for everyone. Detailed information about scheduling and pricing can be found below.

New Victoria E-Buggy, Mumbai and Suburban

Discover the invigorating ocean breeze of Mumbai as you sail at a velocity of 20 kilometers per hour. Here are the details:

Locations of Operation: Nariman Point, and Bandra Bandstand as of November 2023. Expected to expand the Mumbai darshan tour at many more locations by 2024.

Victoria UBO Ridez E-Buggy Carriage
Victoria UBO Ridez E-Buggy Carriage (Not The Exact Real Picture, Just a Similar cart)

UBO Ridez First Started at Nariman Point

Similar to Nariman pointt, in the future, individuals will have the opportunity to experience a ride on 40 brand new Victoria 2.0 electric vehicles in a striking combination of white and red colors at various locations such as Mumbai Suburban.

These environmentally-friendly vehicles are powered by electricity and can reach a top speed of 20 KMPH. They provide a nostalgic experience reminiscent of the old Tonga (Horse Cart) that used to roam around Nariman Point. These modern vehicles are offered by a company named ‘UBO Ridez’. Now, visitors have the opportunity to explore the historic landmarks of the area while enjoying a delightful ride on these innovative vehicles.

Explore the rich history of south Mumbai with this cutting-edge technological adventure. Not similar to a regular Mumbai Darshan tour, it takes you on a journey through the iconic landmarks and structures of the area. With GPS-enabled audio speakers, it effortlessly pinpoints your location and delivers fascinating historical insights. Get ready to immerse yourself in the past like never before.

In addition, these speakers come with the extra perk of Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to indulge in your favorite tunes whenever you please. Unlike the conventional ‘Indian Horse Baggi’, UBO Ridez glides effortlessly and safely at a minimum speed of 20 Kilometres Per Hour, all while being environmentally conscious.

With Mr. Ketan Kadam and Bollywood actor Dino Morea as co-founders, their vision for the future includes expanding the fleet of these electric buggies throughout Mumbai and its surrounding areas. In the upcoming phases of their remarkable journey, these buggies will take you on an enchanting adventure beyond Dadar, Mahim, and Bandra.

For a start, 40 such joyride e-buggy which has been trial and tested at Byculla Zoo and Borivali National Park lately.

I’m not quite sure if this electronic carriage still has those LED lights decorations that we used to see four years ago. Hey there, dear owner! If you happen to be reading this, I would really appreciate your comments and any extra information you can provide.

UBO Ridez Celebrity Home Tour at Bandstand Bandra

In July and August of 2023, the E-Tonga electric carriage made its grand entrance in the Bandra suburb of Mumbai, specifically at the Queen of Mumbai suburban. It came as no surprise that the Bandstand area was selected as the ideal spot, given its reputation as a bustling celebrity hotspot.

With Bollywood icons like Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, and Farhan Akhtar calling this neighborhood home, it’s no wonder why it’s such a popular destination. Now, visitors have the incredible opportunity to embark on a guided tour of these star-studded residences by hopping on the open carriage at the Bandstand promenade. Whether you opt for a quick 15-minute ride or a leisurely 40-minute journey, prices start at just Rs.500.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the glitz and glamour of Bollywood as you explore the abodes of these beloved superstars.

E-Buggy Ride Charges & Timings

Nariman Point timings: 4:00 pm to 2:00 am (late Night).
Bandra Bandstand timings: 5:30 pm to 11:30 pm (Midnight).

The E-buggy operations at Bandstand offer a thrilling 15-minute ride for a group of 5 people, as mentioned earlier. However, the charges may differ based on the location. At Nariman Point, you have the option to choose between two types of rides Short and Long.

While the exact charges are yet to be confirmed, the available information suggests that the Short ride from Gateway of India to Radio Club might cost approximately Rs.300 for a group of 6 people, which perfectly fits into the e-buggy carriage’s capacity.

In contrast, a group of 6 people can expect to pay approximately Rs.500 for a longer journey from Nariman Point to Pizza by the Bay at Marine Drive. However, embarking on a ride from Nariman Point to Girgaum Chowpatty in this new E-Tonga will be an enchanting experience, filled with the delightful pleasure of a leisurely coastal drive, invigorating breeze, and breathtaking vistas.

Old Tonga Driver Re-Employed

The High Court’s final ruling in June 2015 regarding Animal welfare (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) also had a significant impact on the traditional Tonga Wala, resulting in their loss of employment. It is uncertain whether the promise of providing alternative employment was fulfilled according to the needs. However, there is good news to share once again.

As mentioned earlier, with the gradual addition of 40 Victoria 2.0 rides and more to the streets of Mumbai, additional routes and heritage sites will be covered. We will provide updates on the details as soon as we receive them. While we will certainly miss the nostalgic sound of horse-drawn tongas, sacrificing this for the sake of Animal welfare is a small price to pay.

By now, many of the 130 to 150 Tonga drivers may have already found alternative jobs. For those who still have a passion for this profession and wish to return, they may have the opportunity to ride the E-Buggy at Nariman Point promenade, which is a positive aspect of this innovative idea.

Historics of Victoria Horse Carriage in Mumbai

Victoria Horse Carriage Nariman Point
Victoria Horse Carriage Nariman Point

Approaching its centenary, Tonga in Mumbai has been the primary means of transportation in the island city, which was characterized by unpaved roads and limited cemented structures. The ubiquitous presence of ‘Bail Gadi’ (Cow Cart) and ‘Ghoda Gadi’ (Horse Carriage) on the streets offered the sole means of travel within the compact city during that era. Suburban areas such as Andheri and Borivali were quaint villages situated on the outskirts of South Mumbai, all under British rule.

Bollywood Songs and Victoria Horse Carriage

The horse-drawn carriages known as Victoria rides were a common sight in Fort, CSMT (formerly known as Victoria Terminus), and Colaba long before the advent of luxurious cars and rail trams. One of the classic Bollywood movies, ‘Victoria No. 203’, featured a story about diamonds hidden inside a lamp of a beautiful-looking Horse Tonga. If you want to catch a glimpse of this tonga, check out the YouTube video titled ‘Dekha Meina Dekha’.

Victoria No 203 Horse Carriage
Victoria No 203 Horse Carriage
TumTum Horse Carriage
TumTum Horse Carriage

Numerous classic black and white era songs, such as ‘Yeh hai Bombay Meri Jaan‘, featured scenes of the old classic victoria rides of Mumbai (formerly known as ‘Bombay’).

Do you recall the ‘Dhanno’ horse tonga that Basanti rode in the movie Sholay? Additionally, the song ‘Bambai Shehar ki Tujhe Sair kara Doon‘ from the film ‘Piya Ka Ghar’ contained the line ‘TumTum mein Baithegi ya Palkon Pe Bitha Doon’, and in Mumbai, this Tonga horse carriage was also referred to as a ‘TumTum’. There were many such movies and scenes, but for now, let’s enjoy this new version 2.0 e-buggy.

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