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“People love imported china products and there are few dealers in Mumbai (South market & Suburban). For both Wholesale/Bulk and Retail purchase there is a market and demand for those trendy, colourful and useful Chinese products.

Below are details of China market in Mumbai with contact details of Dealers and retailers who can provide wide range of these products in categories like Home Utility, Travel, Kitchen, Personal care, Kids, Car & Bikes with contacts of those retail sellers & bulk dealers in and around city & suburban..”

Where to get Chinese Products in Mumbai

We see thousands of chinese products at various online portals like Amazon, Flipkart etc. These products are loved at a glance due to its colours, quality, uniqueness, usability ideas etc.

Some of these products are available at China Market in Mumbai with wholesale dealers and retailers for personal use (sale) and for resale business too.

People do purchase it online for gifting others and for personal use but aren’t able to find a China market in Mumbai with sellers giving these products in cheaper price range and also to look and feel the products personally as the dealers / resellers are very few.

South Mumbai famous wholesale markets do have dealers but they won’t entertain retail sale (Buying 1 or 2 products etc) and only bulk distributors & purchase are welcomed.

So the question is who can give you these products in the mega city Mumbai ? Read on and those costly china products as seen online will be on your doorsteps at about 40% less the price, WHAT ? .. Yes, you read it right.

Since hardly any retail shops, People go online and buy these wide range of chinese products at huge cost. No, i am not talking about just Chinese toys but about huge range of products that are used at Home for organizing your stuff, For Kitchen to make life easy, Travel range (Organizers, Bags etc) that will help with space saving & lesser baggage, Fancy & beautiful kids products for Birthday return gifts, Home Decor, Car etc fancy range.

There are few small time business who do Chinese product business from home and the circulation is done via private whatsapp and facebook groups. They even helps with drop shipping to make your purchase easy. You won’t need to hunt for China market in Mumbai lanes and land up getting nothing as only wholesale dealers are entertained. Below are the products and dealers contact details if you want to buy few or in bulk and save a huge amount about 40 to 50% and sometimes even more. Also are products PDF files that can be used for reference.

Let’s go through some of the China products first.

Wide Range of China Products

China Organizers & Travel Range Products

Travel Toiletry Pouch and Bags, Shopping Trolley Bags, Travelling Shoe Pouches, Travel Mesh Bags, Travel Cosmetic Makeup Toiletry Case Storage Pouch Handbag, Travel Laundry Bags, Vacuum Bags 6 Pcs With Pump, Happy Travel 2 Way and Duffle Bags, Handy Travel Mini Pouch, Travel Emergency Warming Blanket, Camouflage Camping Sleeping Bag, Trendy Daypacks, Insulated Kids Women Lunch bag (Square & Rounded), Mother Bag, Waterproof Detachable Secret Pouch, Insulated Kids Women Lunch bag and more of china multi-usable ideas.

Travel Folding Shopping Trolley Bag
Secret Pouch 6pc
Amazing Camouflage Camping Sleeping Bag
Happy Travel Folding Water Proof Backpack
Happy Travel Storage Bag
Travel Emergency Blanket
Travelling Shoe Pouch Small
Travel Toiletry-Bag
Vacuum Bag 6Pcs
Travel Toiletry Pouch

China Home Utility Products

Remote Control Cover, Fancy Chinese Drawer Mats, 6 Layer Double Shoe Rack, Bedside Cabinet Closet Night Stand, Air Conditioner Cover, Front/Top Load Washing Machine Cover, Microwave Oven Cover, Drawer Divider Small / Big, Wall Mounted Bathroom Shelf, Metal Creative Magic Cupula Soap Stand, Socks Organiser, Router Stand Double Layer Wall Mounted, Sliding Window Cleaning Mini Brush Pan, Battery Lint Remover Shaver, Smiley Plant, 5 Slot Hanger, Wooden Hanger, V Shaped Toilet Cleaning Brush, All In One 360 Degrees Sweep Drag, Compartment & Grids Multipurpose Storage Boxes, Pill Medicine Box, Youful Saree Dress Fabric Storage box, Canvas Storage Box and Foldable 2 Layer Clothes Drying Basket.

Drawer Divider
Drawer Mat
28 Ring Hanger
Mini Brush With Pan
Remote Control Cover
2 Way Bamboo Fiber Clothes Organiser

Exclusive Kitchen Products

Multipurpose Fridge Storage Box With Handle, Long Plastic Fridge Tray, Silicone Coaster Fruit Design, Fruit Strainer & Basket In One, Rice Drainer Bowl, Adjustable Tap Extension, Cutlery Stand, Jar Shaped Zip Lock Nut Bag, Silicone Gloves Dual Tone, Silicone Gloves with Scrubber, Mini Sealer For Plastic Bags, Kitchen Sink Bag, Garbage Bag Napkin Hanger, Kitchen Cabinet Napkin Hanger, 3 In 1 Kitchen Stand, Kitchen Weighing Digital Scale 10 kg, Spice Box, Silicone Oven Gloves, 2 In 1 Plastic Herb Infusing Spoon, Stainless Steel Oil Frying Filter Tong, Under Shelf Hanging Basket, Scarlett Electric Kettle, 6 Cavity Cupcake Mould, Silicone Waffle Mould, Cake moulds (Round, Heart, Square), Mini Cake Mould (Round, Heart, Rectangle), Pizza Plate, Silicone Ice Rounder Tray, Multi-Purpose Tray, Bag Clips, Chocolate Mould, Chef Basket, Silicone Lids, Coffee Stencil, 2 Compartment Airtight Lid Kitchen Storage Container With Clip Lock, Plate Partners Plastic Clip Bowl and lots more coming.

Silicone Coaster Fruit Design 5 Piece Set
Cutlery Stand
Fruit Strainer Basket Two in One
Herb Spoon
Kitchen Gloves Dual Tone
Nuts Zip Lock Bags
Rice Drainer
Silicone Kitchen Gloves With Scrubber
Stainless Steel Oil Frying Filter Tong
Under Shelf Storage Basket Kitchen Fridge Pantry

Helpful Personal Care Product Range

Velvet Soft Pedicure Foot File (Simple Battery Operated & With USB), Sanitary Napkin Pouch & Bag, Cosmetic Organisers, Rectangle (Round & Square also) Earphone Charger Case, Silicone Nail Polish Finger Stand, Shower Hair Caps Fruit Printed, Sunglasses Organizer Boxes, Watch Boxes in variations, Protective Ironing Cloth Ironing Mat, Heart Shaped Cosmetic Box, 2 Way Bamboo Fiber Clothes Storage Organiser, Yoga Gym Non Slip Socks, Yoga Mats, Waterproof Detachable Socks Bra Undergarments Pouch, Dumbbell Shape Bottles, Silicone Insoles, Sweet Dreams Eye Mask, Magic Suction Cup Phone Stand, Rain Card Pocket Size Raincoat etc.

Shower Hair Caps Fruit Printed
Sweet dreams Eye Mask
Sanitary Napkin Bag
Sanitary Napkin Pouch
Insulated Lunch Bags Round
Waterproof Detachable Socks Bra Underwear Towel Pouch
Yoga Mat 6mm
Yoga Socks

Chinese Car & Bike Products

Bike Cycle Chain Cleaner, Car Tissue Holder and Backseat Organizer to keep things are some of the seen China products with dealers and also in market.

Lots more categories in fancy useful and gifting chinese products are seen online and offline at these dealers which can be purchased at Cheap wholesale price in bulk or try few personally required in retails too.

Car Backseat Organiser
Bike Cycle Chain Cleaner Brush
Car Tissue Holder
Car Cleaning Brush Microfiber

 PDF Download Car Products

Bulk Dealers & Retailers Contact

So you are impressed with the PDF files images and want to purchase ? Here is how you will get to contact dealers.

NOTE : Since you get these products in Bulk price (Wholesale rates), You can be one of the distributors and set up you own products business too.

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