RFID Based NETC FASTag 2023 – Automatic Etag Toll Paying in Mumbai

Making travel easy in Mumbai city in 2023, Less stop time & low traffic at toll Naka as Automatic toll payment via FASTag, Also referred to as NETC (‘National Electronic Toll Collection’) system are operational at 5 major toll plaza in Mumbai, applicable for LMV (Light Motor Vehicles) only.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology used by FASTag a product by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) initially had Separate lanes but now every lane has RFID scanning devices ready for faster toll collection and easy traffic movement compared to manual toll collection, Which still operates parallel.

Let us understand what FASTag is all about, How to get RFID for a car, Where to apply in Mumbai, Recharge or Refilling digital id card, Validity, and more..”

FASTag for Automated Toll Collection

IMPORTANT NOTE : Kindly note, MEP & FASTags are both different. MEP is an active Toll Management company at Mumbai Toll Junctions including Bandra Worli Sea Link. FASTag is a product by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) that is getting compulsory on all major National Highways in India.

Updates January 2022: FASTags keeps fluctuating its operations at major tolls like Dahisar Check Naka. Hope for a Smooth operation as it was made compulsory, Many have filled its wallet and don’t want them to go to waste.

Updates February 2021: After a long wait of about 1 year, FASTags are again operational at major entry exit toll Naka in Mumbai.

IMPORTANT !! ALERT !! : Beware of FAKE FASTag issued by fraudsters in the name of NHAI & IHMCL.

Updates January 2020 : Purchase New Fastag & Recharge, STEP-BY-STEP Guide.

Understanding FASTag / NETC / Etag Automatic Toll System

Understanding the TERMS

  • ETag: Electronic Tagging System. In this case the RFID sticker on Cars.
  • NETC: National Electronic Toll Collection.
  • NPCI: National Payments Corporation of India who applied NETC all over.
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification.
  • FASTag: A product by NPCI that enables automatic toll collection using RFID technology.
  • MEP: A Toll Management company that operates at the major toll plaza in Mumbai.
  • NHAI: National Highways Authority of India.

Already a few years old in India and operational in Mumbai, the Automatic toll collection system is already famous in other developed countries. It is a very simple and alternate solution for manual toll collection at toll plazas.

Till long, Every vehicle (Except 2 Wheelers & Autos) which crosses these toll plazas has to stop and pay toll charges manually which took an average of 30 Seconds to 1 minute per vehicle transaction.

The adverse effects as seen are long queues and traffic jams at major toll nakas in Mumbai. One of the famous total 5 entry points is the Dahisar toll Naka on the Western Express Highway.

Before FASTag came, We covered a few details about the same which was called MAHA Card for toll collection here.

Toll Plaza
Toll Plaza

Who can apply for an NETC FASTag Sticker?

For now, only LMVs (Light Motor Vehicles) like Cars, Jeep, etc can take benefit from this automation.

Who promotes and supports the NETC automatic Toll Payment System movement ?

  • MoRTH: Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  • NHAI: National Highways Authority of India.
  • IHMCL: Indian Highways Management Company Limited.
  • NPCI: National Payments Corporation of India.

With FASTag operational in Mumbai, 1 or more dedicated ETag / Fastag / NETC written toll lanes can be seen for all those vehicles that have installed & activated the RFID Etags on their vehicles. This RFID Etag is a small plastic kind of looking sticker that is stuck on the windshield from the Inside of the vehicle and is activated by authorities for the first time which is valid for the next 5 years.

Major benefits: Vehicles do not need to wait while crossing the toll plaza as the Radio Frequency reader will deduct the required amount automatically after reading the RFID tag on the car/vehicle.

As soon one opt-in for ETags a virtual prepaid account is created (just like other Wallets) with a minimum recharge amount of Rs.500 (Various recharge options as detailed below) and is activated to travel hassle-free around India with more than 200+ active FASTag / NETC toll plazas.

Obviously, the benefits of automation can be seen as faster vehicle movement with lesser waiting time which also saves on costly fuel. Upon a successful transaction of automatic toll payment, an SMS is received by the Etag owner on the registered mobile, Which also helps show the balance available.

All the new vehicles registered (Since 1st December 2017) will compulsorily have NETC tags. Now, let us know how to recharge RFID-based Etags.

FASTags is valid for 5 years (This period may have changed) and then as per the rules, the Renewal process needs to be followed. I will try updating the validity information in detail as soon receive it. So, once active just recharge online like any other top-ups we do regularly via authorized banks only.

FASTag FAQ 2023

Automatic Toll Collection
Automatic Toll Collection

How Can i get FASTag in Mumbai

Major leading banks like HDFC, SBI and about 35 other private identities provide Fastag Etags and Recharge services online from their portals. You can also get the same from TOLL PLAZAS near you. Details like documents required etc are detailed below.

ALERT !! Be aware of fraudsters who identify themselves as Authorized Agents for FASTag cards. Banks, RTOs (Regional Transport Offices), Authorized Petrol Stations & Toll Plazas are the only authorized identities for same.

How long it takes to receive an Etag sticker for the vehicle after applied

The process of getting a valid RFID Etag sticker for a vehicle can take up to 7 working days.

How Much a FASTag cost?

The initial fee/charges to process your Etag sticker and active FASTag is Rs.100. Although minor changes in charges are found for types of vehicles like cars, trucks, and others.

How Can I activate FASTag on Mobile instead of Stickers?

By using FASTag scanner App, Once can buy, recharges, check balance, and do other needfuls like check which toll plaza charges and how much. NHAI has 2 mobile Apps ‘My Fastag’ & ‘FASTag Partner’ which are available on mobile for Android and iOS users.

What is the minimum Balance Requirement?

A minimum of Rs.200 is required in your FASTag wallet.

What if a vehicle with FASTag is sold and the Owner changes an old sticker still exist?

As usual, if the balance available, Toll charges will be deducted from the old owner’s sticker. So it is highly recommended to remove the sticker when the vehicle ownership changes or the car is sold.

Although you have the option to transfer ownership of FASTag to a new owner. Contact your bank or nearest toll plaza for the same.

Where can I get Free FASTag stickers?

A few government institutes and NHAI have set up a few 27000 plus POS (Point Of Sale) around India. Only they provide free FASTags. It is a way to promote and be aware of services to get every vehicle under one roof of the RFID automatic toll payment system.

Some payment services like PAYTM have provided free-of-cost ETags, But not sure of how long the free FASTags are provided and if still they give the same.

What is inside that FASTag sticker on the car?

It has a chip that is RFID activated which helps to recognize the registered car and deduct the respected amount as per that toll plaza.

What can Replace the FASTag system in the Future?

New technology is already been under testing which is called the ‘Automatic Number Plate Recognition System’. If everything goes smoothly, It can replace the current RFID-based toll systems in Mumbai and around India.

Read more about number plate rules.

Apart from Toll Plazas Where are FASTags used?

Recently these Etags are also used at Mumbai Airports car parking, Malls, and Petrol stations (Not sure, Just heard) to collect required charges for the services.

Can FASTags be used without having Stickers (Etags) on vehicles?

NO, Without valid stickers, The NETC services cannot be availed at any locations.

Is it possible to travel without FASTag stickers now in 2023?

As per the rules, Having a FASTag sticker on your vehicle is compulsory. Still, toll collection via cash payments is active as technical glitches in the FASTag system are seen.

Is it compulsory to get a FASTag for your vehicle in Mumbai ?

As per laws by the Ministry of Road Transport, All LMV vehicles should be compulsory to have NETC Tags on vehicles that are purchased, booking done, or moving out of the showroom to the customer on and after 1st December 2017. For all older registered vehicles prior to that date, it was an optional thing initially, But now compulsory for all.

I have a fixed travel route in Mumbai via one particular toll plaza, Can I get my tag for the same ?

YES, RFID toll Tags have multiple recharge & purchase options and one of the options allows the limits of traveling via a single toll plaza as required.

Are these ETAGs valid outside Mumbai ?

YES, the Same tag (if not for a particular toll plaza) is valid & works on all major National Highways. About 200+ toll booths are active with this Toll NETC TAG management software.

What are First-time purchase charges ?

This might have changed (or may change) but as per my knowledge, Rs.200 is what they charge to start up and get your RFID active with the Tag Type recharge you choose. A day or 2 might be required to get the RFID tag activated.

What are the Car Documents & KYC Required ?

  • RC (Registration Certificate) of your LMV vehicle (Car, Jeep, etc).
  • Valid / Active Driving License.
  • Address IDs like Passport, Aadhaar.
  • Passport size photo of the Vehicle owner.
  • Keep Other Documents handy like PAN, Voter ID for convenience.
  • Keep all originals handy (Especially for Corporate Vehicles).

Can any other representative of the Owner do the needful or Owner needs to be present while purchasing?

With valid documents & Original copies of the same, A representative (Non-Owner) can do the needful. Although, This rule might change. Contact the nearest toll plaza for the same. A registered mobile number of the owner is a very important thing in this process.

Can a Vehicle without FASTag enter the Dedicated NETC tag lanes ?

No, Only RFID-active vehicles can enter the lane. If a Non-ETag vehicle is entered, As per rules, Double the toll charge might be applied as a fine/penalty for that vehicle.

Will I need to take separate Tags for multiple vehicles owned by me ?


What to do if I lost my RFID Tag from my Vehicle?

You can dial on particular bank FASTag customer care or contact a toll plaza, Deactivate the Lost ETAG and apply for a new one. Once done, the old balance (if any) will be transferred to the new one.

For Complains, Public Grievances, Feedback, etc whom to contact?

You can reach NHAI website and do the needful. Also, get more of the latest information related to toll plazas, etc here.

Who started this FASTag toll service in Mumbai and Around India ?

As known initially IHMCL (Indian Highways Management Company Limited) started this NETC (National Electronic Toll Collection) in India. For more details about the same visit NPCI website which is active as of now.

Recharge FASTag Online

All major modes of payment like Credit cards, Debit cards, net banking, Paytm, and Bank transfers via RTGS & NEFT are possible. Major Private and Government operated banks are authorized and have been partnered for recharge transactions in a secure way.

Few of Banks FASTag toll-free numbers

Some of the many banks that offer this service has dedicated toll-free numbers for FASTag services. Customers can contact these numbers for any help.

Some of the banks with customer care toll-free numbers are:

  • HDFC BANK : 18001201243
  • ICICI BANK : 18602100104
  • SBI BANK : 1800110018
  • AXIS Bank : 18001035577
  • SYNDICATE Bank : 18004250585
  • IDFC Bank : 18002669970
  • PAYTM Payments : 18001026480
  • EQUITAS Bank : 18004191996
  • PUNJAB NATIONAL Bank : 08067295310
  • KARUR VYSYA Bank : 18001021916

NOTE: Although updated, Request to visit the official list for more or fewer bank details.

NETC Fastag Toll Charges & Cost Chart

4 major things to know here are, Toll Naka which are RFID / ETag active, TAG Types (Monthly pass, Single Toll, Multi toll, Amount base, Journey base, and Prepaid tags), Recharge Amount, and Validity.

Do not get confused with all these terms, Below is the simple explanation and Cost Chart for the same for 5 major entry exit point toll naka’s in Mumbai (Courtesy: mepinfra).

Exact amount may change from time to time.

Rajiv Gandhi Sea Link (Worli Sealink Toll Plaza)
RFID Tag type Recharge Amount (INR / Rs) Validity
Monthly pass Rs.3500 Calendar Month
Amount Base Multiple of Rs.500 upto Rs.10000 No Validity
Journey based 100 Rs.5600 No Validity till a change in fees rate
Journey based 50 Rs.3150 No Validity till a change in fees rate
Dahisar Toll Naka
Single Toll Rs.1165 Valid only at Dahisar Toll Plaza for Calendar Month.
Multi Toll Rs.1400 Valid for All 5 entry point toll plazas in Mumbai for Calendar month
Prepaid Tag Multiple of Rs.500 upto Rs.10000 Validity do not apply.
Vashi Toll Plaza (Navi Mumbai)
Single Toll Rs.1165 Valid only at Vashi Toll Plaza for Calendar Month.
Multi Toll Rs.1400 Valid for All 5 entry point toll plazas in Mumbai for Calendar month
Prepaid Tag Multiple of Rs.500 upto Rs.10000 Validity do not apply.
Mulund LBS Marg Toll Plaza
Single Toll Rs.1165 Valid only at Mulund LBS Marg Toll Naka for Calendar Month.
Multi Toll Rs.1400 Valid for All 5 entry point toll plazas in Mumbai for Calendar month
Prepaid Tag Multiple of Rs.500 upto Rs.10000 Validity do not apply.
Mulund Eastern Express Highway Marg Toll Plaza
Single Toll Rs.1165 Valid only at Mulund Eastern Express Highway Toll Plaza for Calendar Month.
Multi Toll Rs.1400 Valid for All 5 entry point toll plazas in Mumbai for Calendar month
Prepaid Tag Multiple of Rs.500 upto Rs.10000 Validity do not apply.
Airoli Highway Marg Toll Plaza (Navi Mumbai)
Single Toll Rs.1165 Valid only at Airoli Toll Plaza for Calendar Month.
Multi Toll Rs.1400 Valid for All 5 entry point toll plazas in Mumbai for Calender month
Prepaid Tag Multiple of Rs.500 upto Rs.10000 Validity do not apply.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

12 Replies to “RFID Based NETC FASTag 2023 – Automatic Etag Toll Paying in Mumbai

  1. Mr. Jadav,
    Have you checked yourself if FasTag system works in Mumbai entry point toll Naka? I have fitted FasTag on my car but the toll staff in Vashi toll Naka told me they do not accept FasTag RFID sticker. They require ETC Tag which is different and accepted only on mepl toll points. So your article is misleading. It will be nice if one type of RFID card is acceptable in the whole country. Multiple RFID systems will defy the very purpose of electronic toll collection.

    1. Hello Mr.Sahu,

      As detailed on https://pib.gov.in/newsite/PrintRelease.aspx?relid=109724 , “FASTag”, the Brand name for ETC services on Highways. Ministry of Road Transport & Highways has decided to roll out Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) program in the country under the brand name “FASTag”.

      It is possible, Some toll nakas may or may not be using ETC system at entry exit point of Mumbai. Kindly refer the mepinfra link inside article which details list.

    2. Today i tried to use ETC Fast TAG ON MUMBAI DAHISAR and also i gone in ETC tag lane,but when i told them i have fast tag on my car, the staff replied me that fast tag is not for mumbai and they told me you have to pay the toll.So now tell me what is the use of this ETC fast tag.

  2. Hi,

    I have a question. I already have an etc tag which they give at worli sea link. Do I still need to put fast tag as well? If yes, won’t both of my tags be charged at the same time?

  3. very misleading. I have a fastag, went to sealink etc lane, not only they would not accept my fast at, they made me pay one way toll, and did not give a return! in effect, lost 35 rupees for that trip to the airport. FASTAG SEEMS TO BE A SCAM!

  4. if i have a fast tag card as well as the rajiv gandhi sealing card on my car, what happens if i use the etc lane of the sealing,. which card shall be debited?one or both?


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