Toll Plazas and Charges in Mumbai – Major City Toll Nakas and Rates

“Mumbai has 5 major entry & exit points which has this toll plazas. Effective 31st May 2015 Midnight, 50 to 80 toll booths got toll free and decisions on Mumbai’s these major entry and exit toll points still continues. Toll Plaza also called ‘Naka / Booth’ collects money from commuters who access the city roads via these entry points. Those staying at a fixed radius of these plazas gets some relief too, Below are name, locations and updated charges at all these toll collection points..

Fake Alert !!! : Some messages getting viral on social media about Shri. Nitin Gadkari announced ‘No Return Toll Tax’ if return journey back within 12 Hours.

Note 2 : Toll rules, Daily Charges, Monthly Pass, Discounts and Offers, and Rules & policy changes with time and we try updating this page as much possible.

Mumbai Toll Nakas
Mumbai Toll Nakas

Toll Charges at Mumbai Entry Points

Below are the toll rates as per (MHVICOA) ‘Maharashtra Heavy Vehicle & Interstate Container Operator’s Association’.

Summary of Increased Toll Taxes Year 2020 : Passenger vehicles (Private Car/Jeep etc) Increased by Rs.10, LCV/LMV saw a toll rate raise of Rs.10 too. While Bus & Trucks needs to pay Rs.25 more, MAV (Multi Axle Vehicles) also got the increased charges by Rs.25.

Toll Naka
Rates (Rs.)
For Cars/Jeep
Rates (Rs.)
For Light Motor Vehicles
Rates (Rs.)
Bus and Trucks
Rates (Rs.)
Multi Axle Vehicles
Vashi Toll Plaza 35 (New Rates : 40) 55 (New Rates : 65) 105 (New Rates : 130) 115 (New Rates : 135)
Airoli Toll Plaza 35 (New Rates : 40) 55 (New Rates : 65) 105 (New Rates : 130) 135 (New Rates : 160)
Dahisar Toll Plaza 35 (New Rates : 40) 55 (New Rates : 65) 105 (New Rates : 130) 135 (New Rates : 160)
Mulund Eastern Express Highway Toll Plaza 35 (New Rates : 40) 55 (New Rates : 65) 105 (New Rates : 130) 135 (New Rates : 160)
Mulund LBS Marg Toll Plaza 35 (New Rates : 40) 55 (New Rates : 65) 105 (New Rates : 130) 135 (New Rates : 160)

Toll Nakas in City

Within Mumbai limits & around the Toll charges are as detailed above. At locations like Virar Toll Junction and Express Highway, Rates Differs. Below are the locations and Possible rates if different from the above. Two Wheeler are toll free at all locations. From 1st June 2015 toll free plazas confirmed are (Kasheli at Bhiwandi, Kamothe at Sion Panvel Road, Bhiwandi Kalyan Shil Road has 2 booths at Gove and katai Village, and Thane Ghodbunder’s Gaimukh)

Mumbai Pune Express way (MPEW) : 2 Major Toll Plaza on Expressway, While from Mumbai towards Pune the Toll plaza is at Khalapur locations near Pali Phata and When Coming from Pune the location is Talegaon. The toll charges are Rs.190 to Rs.195 from Panvel to Pune and About Rs.100 towards Lonavala from Mumbai. For Multi Axle trailers and trucks it goes about Rs.1750.Map

Thane Ghodbundar Road Gaimukh (Toll Free From 1st June 2015) : Ghodbundar Toll Gate, Varsava, Mira Bhayandar, Mumbai – 401107. Located at Entry point from National Highway 8, left from Hotel Fountain Junction. The Toll charges are Rs.20 for Cars.See on Map

Dahisar Check Naka : This Toll Plaza is near Diamond Industrial Estate, Dahisar East, Mumbai 400068. Also called Dahisar Check Naka, this is one of the major Entry points to Mumbai since it is located on National Highway 8 (Mumbai Ahmedabad Western Express Highway) and rates are as detailed above. See on Map

Thane Parsik Tunnel Toll Plaza : Located at Thane Parsik Nagar at Kalwa Thane, Mumbai – 400605 India. See on Map

Vashi Toll Naka : In Navi Mumbai is another major Entry Point located at Vashi Khadi Pul, Sion Panvel Expressway, Vashi Village, Sector-31, Navi Mumbai – 400703. Charges as detailed in above table. See on Map

Sion Panvel Express Highway (Toll Free From 1st June 2015) : Check Post at Yaswanth Rao Chavan Marg, Govandi, Mumbai. (Shows Closed, Your Comments Please). See on Map

Kharghar Kamothe Toll Plaza : Operational since 5th January 2015, This Kharghar toll booth at entry point of Navi Mumbai with highway stretch of 23 km, is located near Kamother village was given permission to operate by state government with standard toll rates applied. No toll charges will be collected from 37 total villages (On day of operation, Monday only 5 villages exempted, and other in next 8 to 10 days approximate). Also no toll will be taken from Industrial locations around and also from nearby cities / stations which includes Kalamboli, Panvel, Kamothe, Kopra and Kharghar itself. See Map

Mulund Airoli Bridge Toll Plaza : Which crosses thane creek, Connects Thane Belapur Road with Eastern Express Highway and is connected to Mulund, Navi Mumbai and Airoli locations. Map

Mulund Toll Naka : Eastern Express Highway, National Highway 3, Thane East. See on Map

Mulund LBS Toll Plaza : (There are chats in forum about this Toll point currently not available and many regular by passers don’t pay the toll here as not required. Still for others who rarely bypass this check naka pays. Further policy changes may clear this point too, we will update.) See on Map

Vitawa Toll Check Post : Located on Thane Belapur Road at Kalwa Vitawa, Mumbai 400605. See on Map

IRB Toll Plaza : Office at Shilphata, National Highway 4, Kiravli Village, Navi Mumbai – 410210. See on Map

Kaseli Toll Naka (Toll Free From 1st June 2015) : Kasheli Bhiwandi Road, Mumbai – 421302. See on Map

Have we missed any toll booths ?  Please add in your comments below.

Toll Rules Policies and Discounts

The updated toll policies and rules set by MSRDC on their website are as :

  • Bulk Purchase Toll Booklets of 50 Coupons and get 10% Discount.
  • Similarly 0n 100 Coupons  its 20% Off.
  • All Coupons validation is for 3 months.
  • If you ply daily or more frequently in a day then Daily Pass will be a handy option, A one time journey cost which is 1.5 times (Single) to 2.5 times (Return) pass more can be paid instead of paying again and again on same day.
  • Monthly Pass will be given at 1.5 times the single journey fare. Charging Rs.1000 to Rs.1200 can be availed which is 50 times more then one single journey fare. For daily single journey commuters, this will not benefit. But is helpful for those with more then one visit crossing toll, daily.
  • If one stays at radius of 5 Km from Toll booths will have to show Address & Photo id proof to get concessions. The benefit is that the monthly pass will be calculated at 10 times only the single journey cost. That means Rs.30 (Single Journey) into 10 = Rs.300. Which is a great relief for those who were paying more then Rs.1000 for same. Although during April 2015, news on cheating with toll booths by showing other person’s ID and saving on charges have been seen. Toll care takers are going to be strict with the rules and are going to cancel the ID’s if found misused by others who are not eligible to use the same.
  • More concessions to frequent visiting vehicles etc.
  • No toll for those road build on State budgets which is pre-allocated for same project.
  • Calculation of toll charges will be done on km basis and not according to the project cost.
  • Small budget roads within cost of Rs.200 crores will be done by Government itself and no private contractors. This benefits the commuters with toll free roads.

Toll Free Plaza’s

Yet another strong move by Maharashtra state government after strong protests by locals and political parties, About 65 to 80 toll plazas in around state are got toll free for LMV (Light Motor Vehicles), Small vehicles, SUV’s and State transport public vehicles like buses.

Private car owners soon going to have cherishing time ahead keeping the pockets heavier by saving toll charges at all this toll nakas / plazas around Maharashtra which till date use to charge to every vehicle. Effective date of toll exemption will be 31st may 2015 mid night, except the 5 main Entry and Exit Points of Mumbai which brings in major revenue to state government as of date and may not allowed to be 100% toll free since it may incur major loses of revenue currently spent in maintaining the roads healthy.

These 5 Major toll plazas of Mumbai are Dahisar Check naka, Mulund, Airoli, Vashi and LBS Marg mostly run my PWD (Public Works Department) and MSRDC, continues to collect charges as the decision of July 2015 didn’t exempt these 5 as toll free by selective committee. 3 more toll points located on Mumbai Pune expressway and one located on sealink were on the decision list till July, But Sealink still collects toll charges.

Below are list of some of the toll free plazas in Mumbai effective May 31st Midnight of 2015.

  • Nagpur
  • Kharghar
  • Aurangabad
  • Sion Panvel Road
  • Solapur
  • Gaimukh
  • Kasheli Bhivandi toll in Thane district
  • Thane Ghodbunder road
  • Baramati
  • Saptashringi toll point in Nashik
  • Mumbai Goa’s toll plaza called Vadkhal
  • One near Chandrapur Railway Station
  • Pune’s Shikrapur toll naka
  • Solapurs Mohol naka

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  1. Bone of contention is why pay tolls, as all the taxes we pay are for the development of country infrastructure. Also we pay on purchase of every litre of fuel purchased. Infact we pay almost 40% of the vehicle cost as taxes and then on fuel purchase, we are being charged multiple times, also the rate increase every 3 years is unjustified as the volume of vehicles crossing the nakas are increasing every day, so should reduce, also the tenure of collection is fixed, on what basis is a mystery. Also people should stop paying tolls. Or should apply 1 time tax at the time of purchase of vehicle and remove tolls as the private contractor has no transparancy in collection of toll amount.

  2. very nice. but not doing anything in this matter,
    but I have very good solution, only need support of all only for 1 year atleast 3 months.
    we can demolish all these systems only in 3 months

  3. Today while crossing Aeroli toll on lane 7 towards Powai, my fast tag wa debited INR 40/ but the passage was denied stating insufficient balance. I was charged toll amount and penalty in addition to fast tag deducted.

    This needs to be addressed

  4. Whenever we travel from Thane East to Airoli, we need to pay toll at two place. Where the distances between these two tolls is less 2.8 kms. We think you should refund toll charges paid at one toll when the same vehicle passes another toll within prescribed time which can be max 15 minutes or depend on traffic.

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