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“This is for those who own a vehicles (Any type) and is unaware of getting / renewal of fitness certificate from RTO in Mumbai and around India to check if you are Road worthy and Fit to Ply. The law which was enforced on 1st July 2014, as per Section 56 of Motor Vehicle Act of 1988, You might be in trouble and face penalties and pay hefty fines if you do not have this certificate of Vehicle Fitness / Updated. Checkout the below process and Procedure to get this certificate from RTO and know which FORM to download fill along with details like First or Renewal Fees, Penalties for your vehicle type..”

Unfit Vehicle Fitness With Pollution
Unfit Vehicle Fitness With Pollution

About Vehicle Fitness Certificate

Every vehicle owner who has two wheeler or a car categorised as Private vehicle or any form of Commercial vehicle like LVM (Transport), Medium or Heavy Goods passenger needs to apply for or have this valid certificate, if not already have. A newly registered vehicle with a certificate is valid for 2 years while any private vehicle must their certificate after 15 years. Also remember that a vehicle is not validly registered if it don’t posses this certificate along. For any other commercial vehicle the renewal is compulsory yearly, It includes all public transport vehicles like Buses (Private School Buses etc / Public Transport like BEST), Auto Rickshaws and Taxis (cabs). Your vehicle can be confiscated as per law if required.

As per Mumbai high courts orders the law enforced is equally a pressure on RTO’s around Mumbai as ARIA (Automotive Research Association of India) has been asked to keep and eye on various RTO offices by giving surprise visits and checking on the process been carried out perfectly. The fitness test timings at RTO which will be tested by Motor Vehicle Inspector will be 10:00 Minutes for Rickshaw, 15:00 Minutes for a Cab, 20:00 Minutes for Heavy Transport vehicle like Truck, 25 minutes for any Bus.

How or What exactly is done to Test ?

A basic example of vehicle test that is carried out is by making it run on 150 to 400 meters long road at a speed of 40 KM / hour and been asked to apply brakes. The fitness results of this test depends on the distance at which the vehicle stops. RTO inspector passes / rejects the vehicle test on such results.

Fees, Penalties and Fines

MMRTA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Transport Authority) or Mumbai RTO’s (Regional Transport Offices) may charge you with penalties if caught without a valid certificate. You may face a penalty of Rs.1000 if already crossed the date which stays for 10 days and from 11th day the charges will be Rs.100 per day. Alternately along with this fine your permit to ply may be suspended for that 10 days till you get the process done and ready with a valid fitness certificate. Fees for renewal or of getting a duplicate certificates to be paid at RTO cash counters are as :

  • 2 & 3 Wheelers : Rs.100
  • Light Motor Vehicle (LMV) Transport : Rs.200
  • Heavy Motor Vehicle (HMV) : Rs.400
  • Medium Goods & Passenger : Rs.300
  • All Duplicate Certificate of fitness will be costing Rs.100

Kindly note that the above Rates were found at Maharashtra Transport website, Yet at another location a difference of Rs.100 were seen on all the above charges.

Documents and Forms Required

While visiting nearest RTO office one needs to carry this list of documents along with Required Fee as above, Vehicle Registration & Insurance Certificates, Residence Proof, Photo ID Proof, Tax Card, Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate and related Permit. Related to same there are 2 forms CFA and CFRA (Renewal), Download these forms as per your need and fill as requested with Vehicle owner signatures / thumb impressions.

This forms contains details like Registered Mark, Class, Name and Address details, Registration Date, Type of vehicle, Chassis No, Engine No, Date of Certificate of fitness to be valid and others..

Certification Issuance and Renewal Process Guidelines

  1. Fill up the required form as detailed above.
  2. Inspector will Endorse a date, time and location for fitness test.
  3. If for some reasons, Owner cannot bring the vehicle then 15 days before the previous certificate expires, Inform RTO.
  4. In On previous certificate no date, time details listed, Then apply with form CFRA again a month before (30 days before).
  5. If vehicle is not produced on appointment date, Full fees (And Not Just Renewal Fees) has to be paid as per respected clause and laws.
  6. If, owing to mechanical break-down or other cause, a motor vehicle, after the expiry date of the certificate, remains outside the area of the registering authority, the Officer of the Motor Vehicles Department in whose jurisdiction the vehicle is kept and if the vehicle in his opinion is fit for use, make an endorsement in Form C.F.SUB subject to condition as that officer specify for such time as reasonably be necessary for the vehicle to return to the area of registering authority for renewal.
  7. If a vehicle is damaged and unfit for ordinary use, the Inspector of Motor vehicle is satisfied that it is necessary that the vehicle should be safely driven at a reduced speed to a place of repairs, he may endorse in Form C.F.X and specify the time, speed and other conditions if any, subject to which the vehicle be driven to a specified destination for the purposes of repairs.
  8. Issued Certificate may only be cancelled by Assistant Regional Transport Officer and above rank, if required.
  9. If the motor is not fulfilling the conditions as per Motor Vehicle Act and in any case certificate cannot be issued. Officer has to details the same in writing.
  10. Authority if cancelling the certificate due to unfit conditions have to give writing to owner / in charge of vehicle using form C.F.C and also inform registering authority.
  11. The owner or the person in charge of the vehicle, have to apply for the restoration of the certificate of fitness if the vehicle has been repaired. If such a vehicle is inspected and passed within fourteen days of the date of cancellation of the certificate of fitness but before the date of expiry specified in such certificate, no restoration fee should be charged. However, if the vehicle is brought for inspection at any later time, fresh certificate of fitness should be issued.
  12. The RTO testing station should fill duplicate form M.V.INS and upon inspection give the original copy to the driver / owner.

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