Online Appointment For Learner License – RTO Mumbai

The much required step of taking the learner license appointment procedure online was finally done and RTO (Regional Transport Office) of Andheri (Application locations between Western Suburb stations Dahisar to Bandra), which is the most crowded RTO in western suburb region has gone Online with appointment procedure for learner license for age groups as detailed below. Till date the busy citizens have to rely upon some agents ( Typical touts ) who earned handsome income as they know the procedure of standing in queue early morning was really not possible for Mumbai citizen who gets tired and sleeps late night. Finally on 30th December they only accepted application who took appointment online and asked others to do the needful for same. Soon Tardeo and Wadala and other RTO offices in Mumbai, Suburbs and more will go online with same process. Lets see what happened on 30th December 2013 at RTO Andheri office and what is the step by step procedure to get you own Learner License appointment date via Mahatranscom.in website..”

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First Online Appointment Implementation Day

Its was 30th December as said and as usual citizen of Mumbai queued to get forms and applications at Andheri RTO office, Its chilling cold and few also came as early as 5:30 to 6:00 am as they need to then move ahead for their job. Every day the Manual process form / application’s token window opens at 8:30 which got delayed to 9:00 am and finally opened at 9:30 with about 350 to 450 people waiting. Out of all, only 7 people were allowed as they have got date and time with token via their online portal e-form application process.

Although the information was declared publicly with leading newspapers of Mumbai, Many have missed and went through the same old Motor training schools as usual to apply for their licenses. Those regular touts are angry as they will miss a huge business from innocent citizens, But neither transport official cares nor anyone else as this technology was sure to come now or later. We at Mumbai77 are always with such innovations and technology move and will try helping spread words to individual citizens like you.

Online License Application Age Limits

For this new online appointment process, age limits are set according to the type of vehicle for which you want license to learn, Details as below along with total number of internet learner license application tokens limits per day and timings :

  • Age Group 16 to 18 Years : Up to 50CC gear less Motor Cycles allowed. Parent’s consent is compulsory for this age.
  • Age Group above 18 Years : All the vehicles falling under NON-TRANSPORT License group, which are Motor cycles, Cars and Jeeps which are under (LIGHTWEIGHT VEHICLE MOUNT, LVM).
  • Age 20 and Above : This age and above can apply online for their learner license for TRANSPORT VEHICLES category which are LVM (TR), HGV & HPV (Transport), Auto-rickshaw (TR).
    Total Applications Daily Limit and Timings : Total of 350 appointment tokens will be issues online and timings for same will be between 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Portal’s e-form have option to select timings according to your own convenience.

Step By Step License Process
How The Form Looks (Sample Image Only)

Learner License Online Form
Learner License Online Form

  1. Go to URL http://www.mahatranscom.in/AMS_Details.aspx which will lead you to e-form at http://www.mahatranscom.in/AMS_Registration2013.aspx (URL may change in future).
  2. Fill in your personal and current address details (See the E-FORM sample picture to get details about individual fields to fill inside form). NOTE : Take proper care when filling your Email Address as on same you will get confirmation and link to proceed further.
  3. You will receive a appointment confirmation email from license authority office which will have a ‘Appointment Receipt’ and will lead you to download FORM 1 ( which is Physical Fitness Declaration), FORM 1A (Medical Certificate for 50 years of age and above. More details inside form), and FORM 2.
  4. As you have got receipt and appointment token, you have to reach RTO office before half hour time as detailed in form, along with all the forms signed with ORIGINAL COPIES as detailed in Documents to carry as detailed below.

Original Documents and Photocopies to Carry

  • All the FORMS and Documents as listed in above point.
  • Original Receipt which you received upon online appointment registration.
  • Address Proof (Any two) : Telephone Bill, LIC Policy, Voting card, Aadhar Card, Rent Agreement Registered and Verified with POLICE, Passport, Driving License already if any.
  • Two Passport Size Photographs.
  • Age Proof
  • Nationality Proof

Procedure at RTO Office

  1. Verification of all the documents will be done by RTO authorities along with some check like vision test, color blindness test and physical fitness.
  2. You will have to pay learner license fee now.
  3. Data entry will be done next following with your individual Biometrics (i.e Thumb Impression, Signature, Digital Photographs taken).
  4. Next, you will be guided with road safety education and learner test preparation.
  5. Finally you have to give an online test about your knowledge about traffic sign and road related (20 objective questions). IMP : Go through the links below for test preparation and generic help on road traffic related.
  6. 12 and above correctly answered are considered passed otherwise failed. You may reappear again after 7 days.
  7. TEST RESULT : You passed or failed will be declared on the spot.
  8. If passed, you will receive ‘RTO Learner Driving License on the spot’. Your one time non-renewable learning license is valid for 6 months. If expired you will have to apply fresh.
  9. Finally, within 30 days (within 6 month period) you may appear for final test to get your PERMANENT LICENSE at same RTO Office.

Important Links