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“Year 2020, Before getting an appointment for permanent driving licence online in Mumbai, You must hold a valid learner’s licence.

RTO Mumbai has a simple process to get a permanent license who passes all tests and ready to follow rules according to Motor Vehicle Act. Below is the step by step guide, Maharashtra Transport department requires you to follow online for an appointment like filling the required Form No 4, Submit documents, Fees payment process and get a booking slot, etc..”

IMPORTANT NOTE !!: It is my observation for years that links to FORMS, Online appointment, and process page, etc on Government websites change many times due to technical reasons. Help me via the comment box below if you find any link broken so I can work on same again and fix it for ease helpful to many others.

Motor Vehicle Department
Motor Vehicle Department

Process Steps For Permanent Driving License Online 2020

Before you begin with the process online, You should already have a valid learner’s license without which getting a permanent one is not possible. If you already have a learner’s license, you should spend at least one month (i.e 30 days minimum) to learn driving at an authorized motor driving school in Mumbai or any place in Maharashtra. Your learner’s license has a validity of 6 months.

You are only allowed to apply for a permanent license online after learning for a minimum of one month and before 6 months (till license validity). Below is the step by step process should be followed to get an appointment for a permanent driving license:

 1. Booking an appointment online requesting a permanent driving license test slot. Kindly note, not all states in India needs this online test slot booking. Do not worry, you will get to know once you start applying online and filling the form. Go to Maharashtra transport department page HERE to select your city location RTO office.
 2. As soon you select you will be redirected to the National level government transport website (Parivahan) HERE.
 3. Enter your learner license details and date of birth and simply follow the steps till end. Below is what all those steps does.

  1. Fill The Applicant Details, Use Form No.4.
  2. Upload all required valid documents (See below section for valid documents list in details).
  3. Upload your Photo and Signature (Not for all states in India).
  4. Driving License test slot booking (Not for all states in India).
  5. Fees Payment.

 4. Once done, You should get SMS / EMAIL confirmation about appointment booking details on registered mobile number & email address. Reach at respected RTO office on the date and time your received with valid original documents to give the required driving test. In case you missed or didn’t pass the test in your first attempt, You can re-apply via same online appointment process for permanent licence after 7 days.

Documents Required For Online Appointment

Online Appointment For Permanent License
Online Appointment For Permanent License

 1. Application for License to Drive (Form No.4) :

This form has all the required details of the applicant like Which type of vehicle license you are seeking, Your personal details like Name, Address, Education, Identification mark on the body, Blood group, If you had a driving license already, Any fail attempts for getting a permanent license before, learner license number and date issued by license authority (Mumbai RTO for our city), Parent’s / Guardian written consent, Medical fitness certificate, etc.

 2. Your Learner’s License.
 3. Passport size photographs (3).
 4. Address and Age Proof :

Address Proof : As for address proof carrying your Aadhar card is always the best as it has Photo ID & Residence address. Other valid address proofs are Passport, Postpaid Mobile Telephone Bills, Insurance Policy, Election Card, Rent Agreement which is registered. More than one proof can be demanded if required.
Age Proof : PAN Card, Birth Certificate, Passport, SSC school certificate.
Documents Required : Always carry all proofs in original, Make sure Zerox if any are very clear, Name and Other details as written in Form No 4 should match exactly with your Address & Age proof in documents. If resident address you are staying currently is different than your permanent address, Carry all valid document related to same that will prove both your addresses.
 5. Driving School Certificate. They have mentioned Form No.5, But I didn’t find any link to download that Form 5. Below are details of Form No.5 :

As per See rule 14(e).17(1)(b),27(d) and 31-A(2) this is a Certificate Issued by Motor Driving School which has to be carried and is an important part of your process to get Online Appointment for Permanent Driving License. The certificate mentions your details like Name, Address, Your details in training school office register, etc and it certifies that you been through their driving course for TYPE / CLASS of vehicle you are seeking a valid permanent license.

 6. Pay Your fees : Rs.716 (As of date this article, May change with time) is the fees for Permanent license in Mumbai (Maharashtra).
 7. For the vehicle you are carrying with you for the test drive exam, You must carry all valid documents of that particular vehicle. Usually, an LMV (e.g: car) should have a Registration Certificate (Also called RC Book), Tax Certificate (This is the certificate one received for the first time when vehicle purchased), PUC certificate.

Contact Helplines : In case any problems or queries, Contact their helpline ‘040-23494777’ or Call centre number ‘022-62426666’ between 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. No Toll Free numbers available.

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