Taxi Auto Refusal Complaint Helplines For RTO Grievance Department – Mumbai

“The RTO Grievance Department is active for any complaints related to road offenses like taxi and auto refusal to ply, fare overcharges, tempering meters, etc. Below are the exact steps with contact numbers of the Mumbai traffic department and RTO Offices, if you suffer such difficulties during commuting.”

August 2023, New Helplines (Tardeo, Wadala, Borivali and Andheri RTO)

For Taxi and Auto refusal and erring behaviour, New RTO helplines for complains are 9076201010 (Tardeo RTO, Number Plates MH01), 9920240202 (Andheri RTO, Number Plates MH02), 9152240303 (Wadala RTO, Number Plates MH03), 8591944747 (Dahisar & Borivali RTO, Number Plates MH47).

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Road Offences Rules
Road Offences Rules

Refusals and Complaints Received by Traffic Police

Past Decade

It was April 2012 when Mumbai Traffic Police, upon their mission to give lessons to taxi and auto drivers who refuse to serve customers, received a number of grievance complaints.

Traffic Police Control Room
Traffic Police Control Room
April 2012 May 2012 June 2012
Refusal to ply 34 40 22
Drivers Charging Excess Fares 08 11 05
Drivers Arrogance & Behaviour 02 03 01
Rigged Meters (Tampering) 0 0 01

Helpline Complain For Taxi Auto Refusal for Plying and Other Grievance

So if you are trying hard to get an auto rickshaw or taxi in Mumbai, Below are the helplines of the traffic department and RTO to complain and grieve. Check the Auto Number Plate series and complain on respected numbers.

  • Tardeo RTO Helpline (9076201010, MH01 Series)
  • Andheri RTO Helpline (9920240202, MH02 Series)
  • Wadala RTO Helpline (9152240303, MH03 Series)
  • Borivali & Dahisar RTO Helpline (8591944747, MH47 Series)
  1. You can also contact traffic police latest 2017 helpline +91-22-62426666 and other contact numbers like (+91-22-24940303, +91-22-24927234) extension (102 and 107) as detailed in 2012., Remember to add code 022 if calling from mobile phone.
  2. For complaints related to Auto Taxi Arrogance, Meter tampering or Refusal to ply etc, you can call RTO toll free number in Mumbai : (1800-22-0110) and this complaints will be forwarded to respective RTO office in Mumbai.

You can also submit online complaints to the traffic department. website and be sure of the action taken if found guilty.

The respected authority of the traffic department will take action and will inform you about it. They also update this at the office of the joint commissioner of police (traffic department). If the matter is not solved or no response is found after your complaint, you can directly contact the joint commissioner’s office in Mumbai on the helpline number (+91-22-24954443) to inquire about the status of your complaint.

More on Road Traffic Rules, Offences and Penalties

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100 Replies to “Taxi Auto Refusal Complaint Helplines For RTO Grievance Department – Mumbai

  1. Dear Sir,

    I forgot my phone in auto no. mh03bt2555 on Sep. 9 while traveling
    from Jogeshwari station to Prudential Building, Hiranandani Powai at
    11:30 a.m.

    Please share contact details of the auto owner and help me get my phone back.


    Amit Maroo

    1. MH 47 A
      Auto fare taken more than the normal. I am suspecting his meter is wrong and manipulated. Showing Km and Rupees more. 1.5 km distance showing 2.5 km. Instead of 30rs showing 50rs.pls check and investigate his meter. He took 50 rs from me. I want my money should be returned which he took extra and a strict action should be taken in him.

      1. auto no. MH 48
        BF 2726

        i boarded this auto from vasai station till evershine gate . He charged me 60Rs and was yelling at me and being so rude and was not willing to take me in my society which is the next lane near the gate . Their arrogance and rude behaviour has increased alot in these areas . pls take action as we rely on you to take action .

    2. I took Riksha from chembur collector colony to ghatkoper station mostly I come usuly this root since six month from fare comes 130 rupees generally it comes hardely 70 to 80 rupees MH 03 CT 5356 when I reached destination meter showing 114 so kindly check the meter and do the action against him thanks.

        1. MH.03.BA.3869 this auto driver was blocked the route after that i yelled him why you’re blocked that route he was giving bad words so mumbai police take strict action against him soon as possible

        2. MH-46-BP-1176, (Auto in Kharghar ), charged extra fare and refuse to go on meter with blackmails. Please look into this matter as it may affect other citizens as well

    3. An auto rickshaw wala in vile Parle West was overtaken and using bad word like I am full iam and food delivery guy was delivering my food on cycle and suddenly on 3 vcrossing road he taken behind suddenly step towards all this i know ate number something like MH 02EZ 1668. LAST FOUR DIGITS ARE HAVE 88 FOR ANY REFERENCE CALL ME 7304361770

        1. autoricshaw no- MH02EF6380
          I told him to go to behram baug half of the way went correct but suddenly he took the auto to veera desai then andheri and then behram baug the normal cost from station to behram baug is 23 but he took 53 from me buy roaming intentionally please take a strict action against these types of people

  2. Dear Sir/Madam,
    An auto rickshaw driver committed an accident with my scooter. He wasn’t wearing the auto uniform and in addition to the accident he also abused me and threatened to beat me, when it was his mistake. He damaged my helmet and sunglasses.
    I demand strict action to be taken on him.
    Auto no: MH47AD0332
    The incident took place in goregaon east near dindoshi depot.

    1. Dear Sir / Madam
      I am Nandkumar Khorgade and have a complaint against the auto rickshaw driver because the driver is not going to meter and he will told to extra rent for near place that I should go and the driver has miss behavior to my wife and told him to go there should have extra rent given or asking that have not going in meter reading because the place have not under the meter circle have any auto rickshaw not going in meter reading
      I am asking him why are fix the meter in this auto rickshaw he told me go to anywhere for the complaint I am take the picture to auto rickshaw
      and the registration no the auto rickshaw MH 04 JH 5010 so I would request to the RTO department close the permit of the auto rickshaw driver

      Yours Faithfully

      Nandkumar Khorgade

    2. Respected sir,
      I Neelam patil of Thane dostivihar vartak nagar want to bring in light that the autodrivers staring outside our complex refuses to take a small distance ferry as well as others too.

      Today at 3 p.m when I ask for wagle estate 3 autodriver who were in queue refuse to go there auto no is given below:

      MH04-JH (4116)
      MH04-HZ (8502)
      MH04-GN (3287)

      They tell us to go back as we are beggars,want you to look in the matter ASP.
      Hope I will get the justice.

    3. Myself Adv Tanuja Deshpande..just travel by auto from Kurla East Railway station to Dr. Ramesh Patankar Clinic, Chembur (Mumbai Bank, Chembur Naka, Near Lions Club)
      Auto No. MH 03, BT 3086
      I caught that same Auto from Auto stand opposite to Kurla East Railway station.
      I asked him the Address where I wanted to go. He started the Auto. Then in half Road way transit he said..He was not aware about the same Address..
      He took long cut because of that I paid him Rs. 75 as per Auto Meter indication.
      Normal Auto fare for same transit way duration is max Rs. 30-33
      After arrival at Dr Patankar Clinic.. I politely said him that ” Before started the Auto you should tell us that you are not aware about the same address”
      He Arrogantly shouted on Me and my Mother who is Heart patient in front of many people.. which was very insulting
      Plz take some strict action againt him
      Otherwise I will took further legal action as I said I am Practicing Bombay High Court Advocate.
      Action Expected
      Thank You
      Adv Tanuja Deshpande
      Mob No 9930575381

    4. Taxi driver misbehave with my mom and my younger brother and he Dropped us off the road because he was asking for extra money and we refused to give please take strict action against this taxi driver
      Taxi no – MH 01 AT 4735

  3. मला complaint करायचे आहे, hit and Run, miss behaviour. MH 47 N 1196. Dated 07.09.19. 10.30am.

    1. Auto rikshas deny ride everyday at interface, malad, especially in the evening after 6.00pm. You can see long queue of auto s standing near office area but no one wants to go. Everyone wants to go to andheri/ bandra only.
      Please take some action against these drivers.

    2. MH02DK7512
      I took his auto for less than 500mtrs
      And he charged me more than the basic fare and refused to return the change amount
      He had started the fresh meter as even I didn’t insist thinking anyway it’s less than 500mtrs will have to give base fare only and he charged the previous meter which was already there
      Upon asking my money back he started abusing me on road and went away
      Request you to look into the matter where they take mis advantage after passenger getting down they drive away

  4. today late night 11.45pm, I was trying to get a rickshaw from White Lily Apt, Datar Colony, opposite small gate of Crompton Greaves.

    A rickshaw came and stopped and we got into it with my wife and child. The rickshaw driver REFUSE TO START THE METER, AND SAID HE WOULD DROP TO BHANDUP STATION. WE said we would like to go to Rachanaa apartment, he started asking for big money, said night charges, etc. trying to FLEECE CUSTOMERS, TAKING ADVANTAGE OF TIME. REFUSAL TO START THE METER INSPITE OF WE INSISTING OF METER. THIS MUST STOP ,

    RICKSHAW NUMBER IS MH 03 BN 8367. driver trying to fleece customers running rickshaw without meters ON. REFUSE TO START THE METER AT NIGHT.


  5. Near Versowa metro station non pf the rickshaws goes yo versowa station. There is very rate chances of getting buses and taxi or rickshaw and that too this auto wala be like ” Hume nahi chaiye bhada”.
    This is happening since long time. No response.

  6. Good morning

    I have complaint against an auto rickshaw about last night travel at 10:19pm 27/11/2019. License plate number MH 47 D 9165. I have notice that his meter was not working condition and he ask more from his meter amount still as a one time courtesy I have paid him 50 rs in total. Over the top on my head he is arguing and asking more money with out auto rick shaw meter fare. I have argued to him that you can take me to police station and than we can clear all the doubts there itself. At the start he took from my building to main gate and than stopped and refuse to go to police station to identity the problem about his meter. Later all people go gather and it was to much of awkwardness to me as others were saying to let him go. So after 20 minutes in this I left the auto paying 50 rupees which was not the Meter fare and I also took picture and video with the conversation. Where should I upload the Video and Pictures?

  7. Dear sir,
    I have ride on auto near domino and pizza hot secore 8A, Airoli for go to sector 20, dt.08.11.2019 morning 11.45 pm. I have call to the person where i want to meet but he said I am not available. so i told driver to reverse the auto and stop auto front of Hotel shiv sagar at 11.49 pm.Auto meter reading is Rs.18, i have give him Rs.20 at that time is put my mobile on seat. Driver not back my Rs.2/- and start the auto. I stop him and say give Rs.2 he said no change. I give him Rs.15 which have change with me. He refuse to take and said i want Rs.18 as per meter. I said stop here i will give change from pan shop near hotal shiv sagar. I want to pan shop and take change and give to driver. and re tune to pan shop. That time i have click my mobile has left in auto. I run behind auto but he not stop. Then i went to pan shop and take his mobile and dail my mob number 2 or 3 time but he not pick the phone after some time mobile is swichoff. Then i went to Rabale police station for fill compliant. fill the complaint. Then went to CBD belapur Police for CCTV foo tech. He show me all the footech, in footech auto number shown (MH 43 BR 6335) (Auto driver wear white short & pant). Dated 05.12.19 I see the auto airoli i ask the driver about my mobile and tall all incident, I recognize auto driver. but he said i have not drive my auto at airoli, i have drive at thane. I have all the footage at this footage this auto and drive show clearly. After that auto driver tell me false that he has not drive is auto at airoli. Then i complaint and give him auto driver details Mr.Sanjaykumar pannalla yadav addrss Room No.759, Hnuman Nagar, Kanhaya Nagar, Eltanpada Digha, Navi Mumbai to Rabale police station yet no action.
    Kindly help me to get my mobile and take action against auto driver.
    Also requested to cancel his auto driving license.
    Nitin Gandhi

  8. Car No:- MH-04-CD-2339, Bike No:- MH-01-AA-9589 & MH-02-AN-2785
    so many Months this bike is park but its unwanted owner, and car is born last 8Months above this is record is Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Road Police Station
    Sewri (W), 400015 and also Fire Bridge office but no body action this situation. I Complaint it please Towing this Car and Bike and take your RTO Custody in your Scrap location. This car is not open its cover in a parking cover.

  9. I was waiting for cab he refused to take me I’m a senior citizen and handicapped the no of the taxi is MH 01BM5801

  10. The Respected RTO Police depatrment,

    Subject-A complaint against a lost Motorcycle.


    It is to bring to your kind notice that my Motorcycle was stolen on dated 22-OCT-2019 from outside of my residence at western railway PAY AND park. i was parked by bike at 6PM evening in front of pay and park incharge. when i come at 8PM my bike was not present that location.

    when i am asking parking guy he said i am not seen your bike. he had totally refused.

    today i am received a message form Maharashtra Traffic Police

    Echallan No. MUMCM19008244232 Fine:1200
    Pay online:
    (within 15 days) how it’s possible
    FIR 2.jpg
    FIR 3.jpg
    FIR 1.jpg
    humbly request you please investigate and help me.

    The details of my Bicycle is that, it is 28 months old with Gery colour.

    i was registered a FIR nearby my police station Nirmal Nagar.incharge name Brahmanand Suryavanshi.

    FIR No : 358

    FIR copy attached.

    Day by day stolen numbers are increase.

    1. Respected RTO Police depatrment,

      Subject-A complaint of tampered auto meter.

      To bring this into your kind notice. I was charged Rs. 480 from Malad Infinity mall to Mira Road, Poonam Garden.
      I have been travelling from auto for past 4 years between vile parle and mira road and never had to pay this much. Maximum being Rs. 450

      Whereas, I was asked to pay Rs. 480 when the meter showed Rs. 414, he said that ITO guidelines have changed and night fare is higher now.
      First of all, when I travelled to Malad in morning from Mira road I was charged only Rs. 234.
      Even if the bill was higher due to traffic it couldn’t be this high. This is clearly a case of tampering with meter.
      So I would like to report auto number:
      MH- -D-9271

  11. Sir, With reference to the received alert of meter tempering message, today while travelling from Goregaon station west to Malad New Link Road it was noticed that the meter that should have read as 18.00 was seen as 18.00. when the auto driver was asked why it so, He replied politely he had just taken this auto for ride and that he has no idea. Please find the vehicle no MH . 47 D . 8113.


  12. Jai Maharashtra Jai Hind
    Respected Sir/Madam,
    Myself Milind V Shete living Kandivali east Mumbai. Today morning i took Auto from Thakur complex to Dindoshi Malad east, while sitting in an auto, i observed the meter, some point where blinking on meter as yesterday only i saw news on television about meter fast reading, so same thing has happened with me today. Because of family with me, i kept quite because such kind of criminal sick minded people can easily harm to us.
    So it is humbly request to you that please check this auto meter as i 100% sure that (button or GST name i heard for this kind of cheating) this auto meter has making fraud with the customers. so please take strict and strong action to such kind of people.
    Auto No. is MH 47 C 4492
    Thanks you so much
    Jia Maharashtra Jai hind

    1. got to Maharashtra Navanirman Sena activist your problem not only solve but you will fill proud by their action. contact to Manase Padadhikari

  13. one person with activa who scratch my bike and ran away the number of bike is mh.04 hk2604 grey colour please action on him

    1. Dear sir,
      One of the guy staying in aarey coloney
      He is a auto rikshaw driver and they dont have any paper of auto rikshaw rc book badge or propper licence details are given below,

      Name :- imran khan
      Regist no :- MH47X0220

      Please tow his auto to rto office and take a strict action against this drivers it is tottaly illegal to drive at road.

  14. Dear sir,
    I demand strict action to be taken on him. Because His meter is folty. this person is taken by extra Money each customer.
    Auto no: MH47 C4611

  15. This is a taxi drive MH 01 BD 3766 who picked 4 collage student from CST till backbay we told him that take us From Colaba because 2 will get off over there the started arguing and shouting and not even taking from Colaba and telling there is traffic we agreed and told but he didn’t reply to it so plz let the taxi driver be punished because of not listening and arguing . I hope u will take some action

  16. I was travelling to Andheri bisleri to catch my bus When this Auto driver demanded more money then meter and when I refused to gave him extra money he created seen fare was 110 he asked 200
    90 RS additional and he even ran away from there did not even let me take out my luggage from his auto but somehow I managed to take my luggage but still I left my gym bag inside and also he took 200 rs rather 110
    Auto number MH 02 EQ 9407

  17. Respected sir/ madam
    My self supriya satam am living in andheri military road..Tody morning took auto from andheri station to marol.. and I observed meter some point blinking there. Because I was read the news in news paper meter ghotala…So immediately search on Google meter ghotala .. same video same blinking point here in meter… ..I ask auto driver what about second blinking point on meter he told me I don’t know…I will say him i going on complaint about your meter ghotala…
    MH.O2.EF.2590 auto no. Please sir I hop u wiil take fast action..

  18. (MH 03 AK 2055)
    Govandi Station auto rickshaw hai is ka driver Station Road pe itna zada fast rickshaw chala raha tha. Or dosri rickshaw wale se race kar raha tha or Mera accident hote Bach gaya road chod ke public ke side se rickshaw chala raha tha

  19. Nobody pick up the call at RTO complain toll free no and mail delivery failure message recieved from all the different mail ids of RTO is mentioned.

  20. Me kal ratri thakurpada mumbra te mumbra stn asa pravas kela share auto chaltat fare ahe 8 rs but tyane 10 rs ghetle ani 2 rs dyayla nkar dila ani vrun dadagiri krt hota
    Auto number: MH04HU 5049

  21. Hello, today i.e 05/12/2020
    I was standing on road for the Auto , then two men in auto one was driver & one was sitting besides him. Asked me where you want to go? Then I said the Address . He came to me by crossing road n I was about to sit & suddenly he started auto n said “nahi Jaaneka hai” this was such an Rude behaviour by the auto driver. This is not at all tolerable. Auto No-: MH04* 4791*
    Please report him Assap.
    Thank you.

  22. Today , I have travelled with my family by taxi no
    MH01 AM 8284, from Crrscent bay, Bhoiwada to Andheri Esat Mero station. He over charged us
    Rs 367/- . It seems meter was tampered. On return journey , a honest taxi driver chred us Rs Rs 252/- for the same route.

  23. Dear sir,
    Please take action against the following taxies who refuse to come from bhaucha dhakka to mazgaon tadwadi at yesterday 10th Jan 2021, the taxi numbers are as follows.
    1. MH01 – BD2752
    2. MH01 – BM3584

  24. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I live at Diva Shill Road where there is a gang of rickshaw pullers. Due to Lockdown, buses have started running there, but they also fight with them. My request is that the bus service should be started permanently so as not to inconvenience the common people. So that the gangsterism of rickshaw pullers will be stopped permanently. They charge Rs.20 each and take 5 seats instead of 3 till the station.

  25. While my wife was traveling from Thane station to Vitawa, the rickshaw driver requested her to drive the rickshaw slowly as she was pregnant but she started driving the rickshaw at a fast pace.

    Auto rickshaw number – MH 04 CW 7690

    Thanks and Regards
    Pravin Dhumal
    +91 9167533896

  26. while i and my daughter were travelling form Mumbai international airport to Ghatkopar Railway Station the auto driver charged us rs 170 his meter was also not working the auto no is MH03D C6408 this incident happened on 27.03.2021 at 12 45 PM
    .best regards
    Sarfraz Shaikh

  27. An Auto Rikshaw stationed its Auto Rikshaw in the middle of Road while its engine was still on . I was passing by and requested the driver to move vehicle to the side as there was a danger of being hit from other vehicle approaching from other side. The Auto Driver felt awkward and abruptly refuses to move his Auto Rikshaw and was very errant in his behavior. Further he was not wearing mask. He misbehaved and least bothered about the safety of the passerby.
    The said incidence happened on 3rd July 2021 in front of Garden at the Garden Lane Off LBS Road near Shreyas Cinema at Ghatkopar west Mumbai 400086.
    I have taken photograph of the Auto Rikshaw and the Driver who was not wearing the mask. The Auto Riksha No is MH 02 EQ 4368.
    I request to action action by the Traffic Police Authority against the Driver and the Auto Rikshaw so that the safe of the citizen who commutes from the Garden Lane is assured.
    Regards ,
    Birendrakumar Singh
    Mobile No 9820780035

  28. Dear
    @MumbaiPolice @MumbaiRTO
    Yesterday early morning by 5:25 AM i took an auto from Borivali Station where he overcharged me total 50 Rs @27 rate. Night fare should have changed from 27 Rs to 21 Rs after 5 but it seems he is having some settings or he has tampered his meter. Auto No – MH02-FB 1346.

    Where as my brother’s auto driver charged him correctly @21 Rs. his auto no. MH47-AD-7002. Our train Arravali Express arrived at Borivali Station by 5:20 AM.
    @MumbaiRTO Complaint no. 1800220110 is also not working. No body is ready to take my complain at 022- 24940303.

    Requesting to pls help.

  29. Today morning( October 7,2021) I came to KurlaTerminus by train along with my wife at 7.30 am. One young taxi driver came to us on the platform and offered us taxi service at taxi meter rate. We agreed and came out of station. Meter was set to zero in our presence. He dropoed us to Bhoiwada. The distance was 11 km however his meter was showing Rs 895/- payable rent. There was argunent between us how the rent can be so high, meter apered to be tamoered. Expected fare was only Rs 250/- but I have paid him Rs 500/- and informed him that I am going to lidge complaint. Please take necessary action so that in future no body should cheat passengers. His taxi number is MH03-AX 0326 – Girish M

  30. Dear Sir

    I came from Nagpur by train and reached to Kurla Terminus today ( October 7,2021) along with my wife at 7 .30 am . One taxi driver who was present on the platform it self, offered us taxi services at meter rate. Taxi No MH 03AX 0326. We came out of station. Meter was reset by him. He dropped us at Crescent bay society, Bhoiwada. Distance is 11 km and expected fare is within Rs 250/- however his meter was showing Rs 895/- , we have argument because fare was on higher side for AC taxi. He misbehaved with us abd insist full payment however I have paid Rs 500/- under protest. So my experience after landibg at Mumbai was not good. You may please arrange to refund me excess fare charged by him and punish him so that other passengers are not cheated in future.
    With best regards

    Girish Mahashabde
    Crescent bay Tower 4
    Cell no 7203837070

  31. Respected RTO Police depatrment,

    Subject-A complaint of tampered auto meter.

    To bring this into your kind notice. I was charged Rs. 480 from Malad Infinity mall to Mira Road, Poonam Garden.
    I have been travelling from auto for past 4 years between vile parle and mira road and never had to pay this much. Maximum being Rs. 450

    Whereas, I was asked to pay Rs. 480 when the meter showed Rs. 414, he said that ITO guidelines have changed and night fare is higher now.
    First of all, when I travelled to Malad in morning from Mira road I was charged only Rs. 234.
    Even if the bill was higher due to traffic it couldn’t be this high. This is clearly a case of tampering with meter.
    So I would like to report auto number:
    MH- -D-9271

    Tanjula Raina

    1. Taxi No. MH02R7394
      Driver behavior very arrogant when i am asking him to drop me my location he directly say no, again I am asking him why they told me meri marzi
      Rohit sarsar

  32. Dear sir
    there is no limit fare in Vasai virar . All auto rickshaw run without meter take 5 Time fare as per meter. today I come from Bhushan hospital Panvel pada rd virar to Pragati Nagar ( Distance 1 to 1.5 km maximum) he take fare 120/ ruppee when I talk about this he misbehave . He tell no allow meter But sir how many charge 5 times . D
    Dear respected sir / mam
    Please understand the problem of common people .

      1. I want to complaint for meter tempering in Taxi… Taxi No – MH 01 AT 7406.. Person stays in Sion and started arguing when highlighted about meter tempering…

  33. MH 02 EZ 6313

  34. Hello sir I want to complain about the rickshaw driver I wanted to reach my clinic I was having an appointment at 4 pm so I request the driver to drive a little fast when the road is clear please Thoda jaldi chalaieye, so the driver stopped the auto and asked me to get down so I told him and it’s very difficult to get rickshaw from that area where he asked me to get down so I am attaching the rickshaw number which I clicked and in that spot, there are also camera so you can check this incident happened near Badrinath tower..
    Thank you.
    MH-02-EQ 9686

  35. To,

    RTO Office – Kurla (West)

    Subject: Rickshaw drivers from Kurla – west stand refuse to charge by meter and demand unreasonable rates.

    Respected Sir,

    With reference to above subject we would like to draw your attention towards issues faced daily by hundreds of commuters travelling from Kurla (West) rickshaw stand to Grand Hyaat Vakola.

    The auto rickshaw drivers operate in groups as they as they refuse to use meter for transit amid the above locations as they demand 40rs from each passengers totaling 120/- for the distance which barely costs 60 to 70 rs by meter.

    However to reach office on time few commuters even agree to pay 30 rs per seat which is still a above meter rate but they keep demanding 40rs and refuse to go.

    We submit this letter to request your intervention to restore order as it is becoming chaotic every single day.


  36. Hi, just an hour ago i came from sion near where the hp petrol pump is, i got down from shivneri and got an auto number MH02EW0446, the meter showed 32 kms on reaching the location and charged around 475 rs, where i handed over 500rs note to the auto driver and told the auro driver that his meter has some gadbad and he says sir apne 100 hi diya, as i didnt realise it was my mistake i handed him ober another 500 rs note which i remember before leaving from house. Such drivers shall be interogated. He has some button by which meters were falling like seconds.

  37. To,

    RTO Office – Navi Mumbai (Panvel)

    Subject: Rickshaw drivers from Kon(Village) & Bhatan(Village) – refuse to charge by meter and demand unreasonable rates. Also arrogant behavior with passenger.

    Respected Sir,

    With reference to above subject we would like to draw your attention towards issues faced daily by hundreds of commuters travelling from Amity university Mumbai to Indiabulls Green Panvel/ Panvel Station.

    The auto rickshaw drivers operate in groups as they as they refuse to use meter for transit amid the above locations as they demand 50rs or 80rs from each passengers totaling 150/- or 250/- for the distance which barely costs 30rs to 70rs by meter.

    However to reach College on time few commuters even agree to pay 50rs per seat which is still a above meter rate but they keep demanding 60rs and refuse to go.

    We submit this letter to request your intervention to restore order as it is becoming chaotic every single day.

    Requesting RTO take action

    Thank you

  38. Refusal to ply after blocking my time from hiranandani to Ghatkopar West and they block the passage of the Podar school
    Auto MH03CH9938

  39. Auto fare taken more than the normal. while im talking on phone he doesnt down meter. i taken auto from kalwa naka for kharegaon He took 50 rs from me. auto no MH04HZ4294
    he told me this is final fare and you have to pay

  40. I want to complaint about taxi drivers who were on hindmataa signal mumbai between 8 to 9pm on 2nd of october refusal to come to sewri from hindmaata even they took taxi empty i was having a small kid with me
    you can check hindmataa signal cameras for that

  41. Dear Sir,

    I took an Auto from International Airport T2 Auto Stand the driver after moving from stand asked me my destination i told him kurla firstly he told he will charge me Rs. 300/- i refused and told him to switch on the meter but he still asked me for Rs. 300/- giving several reasons, one of them that they have wait too long, after my repeated request he switched on the meter.

    But soon when he reached on sahar road he started asking other Auto to take me to Kurla and as he got one he shifted me to other there.

    I immediately turned back to auto stand and notified the supervisor there about the incidence, they took the number of Auto but dont know if they will take any action.

    So I took some time and decided to write to you hoping that you will take appropriate and neccessary action to stop / reduce such things.

    I was not well so i didnt argued much and did not call 100 immediately.

    Auto Reg. No. MH-02-DU-9414, I have taken photo of the Auto along with the driver I can provide the same if required.



  42. MH 03 CN 4565
    The auto driver behaviour was really so rude and he use abuse words and he running on my body to fight with me
    He denied my savla hospital to chembur station trip i just ask him why ur not coming, even I told him i m with my mother n she just came from hospital.
    when I ask him why ur not coming he was saying “Jana Bhai, nai Jane ka muzhe” , when I repeatedly ask what’s ur prb is any auto problem or what but after then he start use abuse word in front of my sick mom

  43. Dear Sir,
    There is a Bullet bike in our area MH 46 AU 100. It comes at least 10 times a day with very loud noise (silencer firing) which disturbs us. Even it everyday come at midnight 4 AM. It is very disturbing. It disturb our Work From Home environment also. Please do something against it.


  44. Vikhroli station west,Auto driver name Digambar Jadhav was rude with me as I am not carrying cash so I said wait for 2 min my person is coming with cash and he started abusing me in-front of my office building also asked for extra money and do the google pay but I fought and given only regular money.I have found them many times doing same with ladies passengers also

  45. Dear Sir,
    My complaint agst. taxi no. MH 01 BM 4134, waiting at Siddhivinayak Temple. I was request him to ride to Hindu Colony , Dadar East to visit doctor, I have told him that 2 patient with me. He straight denied the ride telling that ‘ Bahut Traffic hoti hai’
    pl. note

  46. in ghatkopar west near station all RIKSHAW charge 30 rupees per passenger and he took 4 passanger in one RIKSHAW from station to R CITY MALL NO ONE READY FOR METER FAIR AND ALL RIKSHAW DRIVER AVOID ONE RIKSHAW DRIVER ARGUMENT WITH ME THIS RIKSHAW NO MH 03 CG 0826
    plz 🙏🥺 do something for me I am mantally harras

  47. MH-03-CN-2575, on 8/12/2022 9:40am I took this auto from Chirag Nagar Ghatkopar West to Sakinaka .He said yes and took me half-way where I asked him to take a short-cut as near Sakinaka Metro Station there was heavy traffic which was not new.In mid-way he said that he won’t take that short-cut and I should’ve informed him before and if I want I can get down, it was all said in a very rude tone. It took me more half hour then usual to reach my office and also the meter is usually around 70-75 but at this particular time it was 103 he dropped me at my office at 10:20 . I really expect a strict action against this auto driver who behaves this bad with his customer.

  48. Subject: Auto rickshaw driver misbehaves
    I am Heena shah I am staying in Goregoan (W) Mumbai. I was going from M.G. Road yesterday evening then the auto-rickshaw did wrong way with me. The name number is MH.47.AD.5002

  49. All Auto on Vile Parle Station Have increased thier meter time. they are charging more money before the midnight. And we showed them the Time as well that it’s not 12 yet he was saying ur time in phone’s Time is wrong we showed him time on different phones but he still refused to and said check all autos in vile Parle the time is past 12. And when we told them we are gonna complain about you he said we aren’t scared nothing happens. I request you to take action against them. And When i was clicking picture of his Number plate he told take the picture of me with the auto Your Complain won’t work.

    Auto Plate No :- MH-02-EF-0627
    Auto Drivers Number :- 77387 19628

    Please Look Forward to Take action against Such Drivers!!

    Thank you

  50. Auto No – MH03DY711
    Was Drink And Drive
    I catch that Auto From Sathey College After I Done With my Exam…..
    the experience was Horrible……

  51. Hello there
    Taxi number MH 01 AT 1233
    I tooked this taxi from CSMT Station to GK marine ports and Infra Sez Pvt Ltd there is only 950 meters distance and he was arguing for 200 rupees and giving bad words and misbehaving I request to our Officers take to strict action against them

  52. I am traveling from Vikhroli east to west lbs road frequently. one autowala droped me lbs Vikhroli west.his meter was very fast.he ask me to give Rs.92 there is nothing traffic at all.actually fare will be Rs.68 or Rs.70 but his meter was so fast and fluctuating and his meter is dripping in 5 seconds.He scold on me. and he behaving very rude manner.he told me that I will arrest u in jail.He is total mavali.Please register my complaint against him.I don’t have time to visit to police station and he giving me dhamaki that tuze leke police station mein pakade ke deta hu.Even He don’t want to return my Rs.8 remaining amount.He was done misbehaving behaviour with ladies. I am giving his auto no.MH 03-BT-6989 please file complaint against him.

  53. Respected Sir,
    I Mr. Jai Prakash Yadav traveling from Bandra Station to Collector’s Office (SDO OFFICE) for a hearing. I was at Bandra Station waiting for the rickshaw for about an hour but no one was willing to go with a meter that we were asked for to share the rickshaw.

    The Driver of rickshaw number MH.03.BN.0605 refuses to go with the meter.
    The reason behind that was the fare between the station to the SDO office would cost around 30 rupees and sharing rickshaw charge 30 per person which is equal to 120 as they carry 4 people.

  54. The RTO Authorities should look into the taxi problems at Bombay Central Station , the taxi drivers there are just [ saying the actual word] lootofying the passengers in other words a DAY LIGHT ROBBERY. they would not want to ply on the meter but fool the passengers saying that these are Pre-Paid Taxis for which NO RECEIPT is issued as there is no one maning it. We compained to the traffic Constable posted there but he acted as if he had not heard us and was DEAF. He was not at all interested in helping the passengers and casually walked away, this clearly implies that he is Hand in Glove with these taxi drivers /he must be getting Monetary funds [ Bribe ] from these drivers. Would the RTO look into this and help the passengers arriving in Bombay. One of the taxi driver asking for a exorbitant amount had the cheek to say that they are here for the SUVIDHA of the passengers in turn I told him that it would have been better if these kind of taxi drivers are not here because it is a DUVIDHA for the passengers and not SUVIDHA.

    Can you please get back to me on the mobile number given

    Darayus Palia

  55. Taxis are denying to go Gateway of India from CST with metre. They all are going by sharing.
    Taxi number MH-01-BM7868 & MH-01-AT-5700

  56. while traveling in mumbai i saw a maharashtra shasan vehicle innova model with dark tinted glass…is this not illegal
    government employees themselves dnt follow the traffic rules i have a pic of tht vehicle

  57. In Kalyan and Vithalwadi, auto drivers do not ply auto meter and charges very high money to travel from one place to another which seems to be very unreasonable looking at the distance.

  58. hi

    A taxi driver was a Muslim and his meter charged rs 375 from Siddhivinayak to Haji Ali Dargah..
    his meter was fake..his taxi no is MH03AT0101.

    PLZ OFFICER CHECK THIS TAXI METER AS A PASSENGER.So that this incident does not happen again with any innocent guy..🙏I have his taxi meter and taxi images.

  59. Today 6th May 2023 I took taxi number MH01BT2129 from Sion to Noor Baug at around 7.15 a.m. meter was running very fast and it came to Rs.220/- I paid him he said I gave torn note which I am sure I had not given. I gave him Rs500/- then he said I did not give him only.

    I had given him Rs220 which he said the Rs.200 note was torn and then Rs500 which he refused which I gave him. Being a lady passenger I did not argue with him and got down with my bags at Noor Baug Mumbai 400009.

    He has cheated me and in the same way, he must be cheating other passengers by showing the same torn note. I request you to please take action against him so that no future passengers are cheated.

  60. Today 6th May 2023 I took a taxi from Sion to Noor Baug Taxi number MH01BT2129. The meter was running fast. I reached and the bill was Rs.220/- I gave him Rs.220/- he said Rs200 note was torn but I had not given him a torn note but he did not listen so I gave him Rs.500/- which he denied me giving him.

    He said I did not give him Rs.500/- being a woman I did not argue as I was scared he will walk away with my bags. please look into his meter as well with that Rs.200 torn note he must have cheated many passengers. To stop this please take action immediately.

  61. Auto Ricksaw No. MH04CW 4926. I ask auto to drop to Gautam center from thane East station ( 300 mts ).
    I was having a traveling luggage 4no. with 1kid and 1 adult lady. we put the luggage inside and then he said 30rs. he refused to go and we took out our luggage from auto and no one was ready to go.
    seriously for 300mts he ask 30rs bz I was having luggage… early morning make us angry. No respect for any auto wala.

  62. MH.02.FB.1729 has a faulty meter….its charges a huge margin. International Airport to Mira Road , generally takes 340-360 max but this auto mater shows 460/- which minimum traffic.

  63. taxis taken extra fares from colaba market to church gate station taking 100 RS as a fares as we reach within 5 min taxi no.MH01BT2460

  64. Drunk Rude Driverand charged extra Rs. 200 as he denied going by meter from T2 to Emerald hotel juhu. Date 31 may 23:55, Auto no (8760).
    Remarks : only last digit i remember of auto and I took auto from Auto stand of T2 terminal.

  65. hello sir I stay near Rani bagh as RTO had allot a taxi stand but all the taxi standing der Dey deny to come and always the taxi wala use as parking kindly please take action against them as I had informed the local traffic police man also but no action has taken





  67. there is no meter auto ay kurla west. no auto driver is ready to come at kalina university with meter. they insists to go by seat option.

  68. Hi,
    Meter tampered , Auto No: MH02.VA5404
    Name : Ramakant Pawar
    we took auto from Andheri railway Station East to Marol Aarpee chambers sagbaug.
    Usually it charged near 80-90 via Airport road but today 06/07/2023 it charged 110 Rs., also there was no traffic

  69. Hello Sir / Mam,

    Greeting for the day!!!

    This is to bring you in notice that, nowadays some taxi drivers are standing at outside the dadar west station to take the passenger and drop till phoenix mall lowerparel west. Due to heavy rainfall today i took a taxi and he drop me till phoenix mall lowerparel west. And he charges 50/- rs per head passenger. i told him why so much if i take a private taxi so the metres comes is 60-70 rs and you are charging 50rs. you people are looting the passengers because you know its raining so much. so was giving un-logical reasons to charges us so much.

    I request you to please look into this matter and kindly stop this looting the passenger who are very helpless in this rain, and due to rain train are also running late and we need to reach office on time so that’s why we prefer to take taxi.

    I hope you can understand our issue and help the commuters from these mishaps.

    Taxi number : MH48-CB-0186.

    Thanks Regards.

  70. I had to take a flight from T1 Terminal. There was a an auto rickshaw MH 02 EQ 1778 asking for tariff of Rs 100 without following meter. It is requested RTO authorites take strict action the auto driver for charging higher tariff to traveller. I hope so I would get the feedback on my mail.Lets clean the system so that we have better environment to stay.

  71. Please investigate in below mentioned auto meter was increased within seconds:
    MH47D 4362

    I was travelling from Goregaon East Gokuldham to Dindoshi metro station
    Auto meter was 28₹ which was not I travel everytime ( max 25₹, if there is traffic)
    I’ve waiting around 3 mins in signal and meter priced increased 23 to 28₹ within a second when I asked driver to stopped.
    Please investigate in this, what I’ve observed.

  72. Auto No. MH47AW2547 – Auto driver stand in line for fare – refuse for short distance. Location – Mahavir Nagar, Dmart to Kandivali station Metro Lane.

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