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Simple steps to apply and documents required for a Learners License Online at RTO (Mumbai, Thane, Palghar, Vasai Virar, Borivali, Navi Mumbai) and overall Maharashtra.

With this Online process 100% implemented in Maharashtra at all RTOs, Gone are days before 30th December 2016 when one had to wait for 4 days and follow offline procedures for a simple Licence to learn some vehicles and have to wait for hours in long queues of Andheri and Similar RTO and bribe touts to get things done to save time.

Now, with Simple clicks and a few 8 to 10 steps, You get Learners license online being at home. It all started at Andheri RTO, The most crowded transport office in the western suburbs of Mumbai. Below is a simple step-by-step guide with snapshots to get you a hassle-free license to learn the vehicle of your choice.

How to Apply For New Learners Licence Online

The old process of downloading Form 1 & Form 2, Filling and giving manually at RTO are now old gone days.

Below are simple steps one can follow to procure the required license.

Pictorial Representation STEP-BY-STEP

Online Learners Licence Step 1
Online Learners Licence Step 1
Online Learners Licence Step 2
Online Learners Licence Step 2
Online Learners Licence Step 3
Online Learners Licence Step 3
Online Learners Licence Step 4
Online Learners Licence Step 4
Online Learners Licence Step 5
Online Learners Licence Step 5
Online Learners Licence Step 6
Online Learners Licence Step 6
Online Learners Licence Step 6-2
Online Learners Licence Step 6-2
Online Learners Licence Step 7
Online Learners Licence Step 7
Online Learners Licence Step 8
Online Learners Licence Step 8
  1. Goto and Select your state ‘Maharashtra’ as we are Mumbai.
  2. Now Click ‘Online Services’ tab & ‘Driving Licence Related Services’ Sub-menu
  3. On the page seen, Select ‘Apply For Learners Licence’
  4. Details on Application Submission as listed as:
    1. Fill the Application Form.
    2. Upload your signature. A Photo is also required if Aadhar eKYC is not done
    3. Next, Upload documents. Required Documents are
    4. Pay the fees (Rs.151 Online and Rs.50 for test).
    5. Fees payment verification done. You must PRINT AND KEEP RECEIPT always.
    6. Finally a SLOT is booked for you in the Learners Licence category.
  5. Next, Select Applicant DOES NOT hold any licence in India. There are 2 other options for another type of applicant (Who already Hold a Driving Licence & Who Already Hold a Learners Licence).
  6. From the dropdown box on the right side on the same page, Select ‘GENERAL’ as the category. Other categories are Diplomat (Foreigners), Not a Diplomat (Foreigners), OCI, Divyang (Differently Abled / Any Physical challenge), Repatriate, Refugees, Or Ex-Servicemen.
  7. Aadhar E-KYC authentication: If you have Aadhar KYC done, Select ‘Submit via Aadhar Authentication’ else select ‘Submit Without Aadhar Authentication’.
  8. Authenticate the OTP and you will be shown your Aadhar Details. Proceed Next.
  9. Again, Your Aadhar details will be displayed and you need to select your RTO location & Type of Vehicle you are applying for. Also fill in any other details like Qualifications, Mobile No. if asked.
  10. Just below same will be a Yellow Box that says ‘Self Declaration Form 1’ for Physical Fitness Rule5[2].
    • (a) Do you suffer from epilepsy or from sudden attacks of loss of consciousness or giddiness from any cause ?
    • (b) Are you able to distinguish with each eye ( or if you have held a driving license to drive a motor vehicle for a period of not less than five years and if you have lost the sight of one eye after the said period of five years and if the application is for driving a light motor vehicle other than a transport vehicle fitted with an outside mirror on the steering wheel side) or with one eye, at a distance of 25 meters in good daylight with glasses, if worn a motor car number plate?
    • (c) Have you lost either hand or foot or are you suffering from any defects of muscular, control or muscular power of either arm or leg ?
    • (d) Do you suffer from night blindness ?
    • (e) Are you so deaf as to be unable to hear ( and if the application is for driving a light motor vehicle, with or without a hearing aid) the ordinary sound signal ?
    • (f) Do you suffer from any other disease or disability likely to cause your driving of a motor vehicle to be a source of danger to the public, if so, give details.

      I hereby declare that to the best of my knowledge and belief, the particulars given above and the declaration made therein are true.

      • Submit and you will be taken to a few final steps like ‘Documents Upload’, ‘Slot Booking’ that will give you ‘Provisional Appointment for Learners Licence Test.
      • Pay the required Fees Online and You will be taken for an Online Learners Licence test. See Test Question Bank (English & Marathi).

Note: Since I already have a Driving Licence, I cannot proceed with steps related to a Learners license as it is a legal offense according to the transport department. To guide and help you with the proper steps to get your Learners license, I did the needful.

Documents Required

Age Proof: Birth Certificate (Valid Documents considered here are School Leaving, Gram Panchayat / Municipal Corporation certificate of birth, Age Proof by Civil Surgeon), Life Insurance Certificate.
Address / Residence Proof: Although the link provided on their page does not detail exact documents as valid Resident proof. (On their old website they detailed valid documents such as a Voter’s ID card, Passport, Life Insurance Certificate, and If Employed by State / Central Government then a salary slip)
Citizenship Proof: Aadhar Card & Passport might do, Still confirm with the nearest RTO or Online Helpline (+91-120-4925505).
Parents required: If the applicant is a minor (Below 18 age) and Learners license for two-wheelers without gear.

Age Limits For Learners License Application

Now as Detailed

  • Below age 18, A person gets a learners license for ‘Vehicles without Gear’. Also, written consent is required from his/her parent/guardian whoever takes care.
  • A person completed 18 years can get a permanent license upon exams and other required procedures and documents for vehicles, Except transport vehicles.
  • Once a person completes 20 years of age and has already qualified and cleared the RTO test with all processes and documentation is eligible to drive transport vehicles too.

Before as Detailed Online

  • Age Group 16 to 18 Years: Up to 50CC gearless Motorcycles allowed. Parent’s consent is compulsory for this age.
  • Age Group Above 18 Years: All the vehicles falling under the NON-TRANSPORT License group, which are Motorcycles, Cars, and Jeeps which are under (LIGHTWEIGHT VEHICLE MOUNT, LVM).
  • Age 20 and Above This age and above can apply online for their learner license for the TRANSPORT VEHICLES category which are LVM (TR), HGV & HPV (Transport), Auto-rickshaw (TR).
  • Total Applications Daily Limit and Timings: A total of 350 appointment tokens will be issued online and timings for the same will be between 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Portal’s e-form has the option to select timings according to your own convenience.

Permanent License: You might also like to know the process of getting an online appointment to get your permanent driving license within 6 months of learners license.

Learners License Important Things to Know

  • You have to carry your license always while in the Driving seat.
  • License is valid only for 6 months.
  • After 6 months, i.e. if expired and no Permanent license applied, You have to compulsorily do the needful Learners license process all over again. There is no process to Renew a driving learning license.
  • Any type of License from any RTO around India is valid at any location in India. This means You can keep driving outside Mumbai city and any other state, Even if you applied here in Mumbai (Maharashtra).
  • The vehicle you do driving practice should always have a big visible ‘L’ symbol sticker (Which indicates ‘Learning’) for safety and other vehicles to know.
  • You can re-apply for this license if the original is torn, got wet, misplaced or any mishap happened.
  • The learners license holder must drive under the supervision of a permanent license holder in the public area.
  • You can apply for a permanent license anytime after 30 days of you applied and practicing.
  • This license has all your details like Name, Age, Photograph, Address, and RTO stamp of being a Learners (Under Training Period).

Procedure at RTO Office

So you did all the application work and got your slot reserved at RTO. Now what?

Data entry will be done next followed by your individual Biometrics (i.e. Thumb Impression, Signature, Digital Photographs taken). Next, you will be guided with road safety education and learner test preparation. Finally, you have to give an online test about your knowledge of traffic signs and road related (20 objective questions).

12 and above correctly answered are considered passed otherwise failed. You may reappear again after 7 days. You passed or failed will be declared on the spot. If passed, you will receive an ‘RTO Learner Driving License on the spot’. Your one-time non-renewable learning license is valid for 6 months. If expired you will have to apply fresh.

Finally, within 30 days (within 6 month period) you may appear for the final test to get your PERMANENT LICENSE at the same RTO Office.

Related Important References

Old Forms and Online Details For Reference

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RTO Mumbai Traffic Department (Old Photo)
Mahatrans Website Online Details
Mahatrans Website Online Details
Learner License Online Form
Learner License Online Form

Maharashtra Transport Department Website learner license link (Still Working).

Ministry of Road Transport & Highway (Still Working).

Form 1 (Physical Fitness Declaration) & New Form 2 (Actual Learners license form) with vehicles and other details.

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