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“This year 2020 & Last few years brought much-required move of awaited ‘Online learner license appointment’ procedure by Mumbai RTO (Regional Transport Office).

No latest updates but, As of 2019, Below are the step-by-step updated guide for procuring an online learning license, Forms to be downloaded & filled, Fees, details of Test Exam questions at RTO, Document & ID Proof required, and website link..”

RTO Mumbai Traffic Department
RTO Mumbai Traffic Department (Old Photo)

The First Online Learner License procedure was started at Andheri RTO (Benefiting Applicants staying in Western Suburb between Dahisar and Bandra) and this one is the most crowded RTO in the western suburban region. Till December 2016, busy citizens had to rely upon some agents ( Typical touts ) who earned high incomes due to the time-consuming and confusing offline procedure of standing in queues early morning for applications.

So finally after much pressure & media shame on agents and touts operating at Andheri RTO, on 30th December they started the Online learner license process and accepted applications only via their website. Soon Tardeo, Wadala, Thane, Vasai Virar, and other RTO offices in Mumbai and Suburban went online (Hope all are operative now) with the same process via Mahatranscom’s official website.

Permanent License: You might also like to know the process of getting online appointment to get your permanent driving license within 6 months of learner’s license.

Step By Step Learner License Process 2020

Updates 2020 : Latest updates awaited as of current year. Kindly comment on your current experience.

Sad Past, Now Improved: As in news media and discussions, it was heard that Mumbai RTO offices take about 4 months to just give the learner license now, forget about getting the permanent one. In Mumbai’s one of the leading newspapers (DNA) 1st September 2015 article, sad face of cheat was detailed wherein as said 4 months are required for the application process by RTO and the same license was easily procured in a few days upon giving a high amount up to Rs.2000/- extra via motor training schools and touts. That was really sad and needed the much-awaited step (NOTE Anti Corruption Whatsapp Helpline Number is active since March 2016 now for citizens for any type of corruption).

Steps to Get Online Learner License Appointment

Steps in Brief
 Fill Your (Applicant) Details   Upload Required Documents   Upload Photo and Signature  Booking Learner’s Licence Test Slot  Payment of Learner Licence Fees.

Steps in Detail

  1. Go to Maharashtra Transport Department Website learner license link.
  2. Access the question bank PDF which will be helpful during the License test at your respected RTO.
  3. Next goto (Ministry of Road Transport & Highway) website link which will give 3 options of which you select your current option :

    1. I Do not have any license (Default if you are looking out for Fresh Learner’s Licence first time).
    2. Hold a Driving License Already.
    3. Hold Learner’s License already.
    4. If you are any of the ones like (Physically Challenged OR Foreigner Diplomats OR Refugees OR Foreigners But not Diplomats OR Repatriate OR Ex-Servicemen), Then Select your status.

    Fill up the License number & birth date details and follow further instructions till the end.

  4. Download Form 1 (Physical Fitness Declaration) & New Form 2 (Actual Learner’s license form) with vehicles and other details. In form 1 fill in your personal and current address details & a declaration (NOTE: A medical certificate of fitness is required while submitting all documents OFFLINE along with these forms).
  5. Upon following the above steps and filling both Offline forms & Online (Via Drop Down) link, You will receive an appointment confirmation email (Or possibly an SMS) from the license authority office which will have an ‘Appointment Receipt’ and Date.
  6. As you have got the receipt and appointment token which have your DATE & TIME details to visit the RTO Office, you have to reach before half-hour time along with all the forms and documents listed on that website link.

More Details on Online Form Filling

Important About Forms & Download Links : I am linking directly to the FORMS for ease. Still, Once on the transport department website, Check for any updated form available as they may change from time to time and may confuse you here.

Form 1 Filling: Form 1 has 2 sections to fill which are CMV Form 1 (Personal Details & Fitness Declaration) & CMV Form 2 (Medical Certificate) to be filled by an authorized medical practitioner as referred by the state government). This form is basically a fitness form self-signed and approved by a doctor.
Form 2 Filling : (Rule 10) This form is the actual online learning license application form which required details as :

  • Detail of what type of vehicle you need to get a learner’s license (Gear, Non-Gear, etc)
  • 5 x 6 cm size photograph (Total 3, But I prefer to get 5 as you never know and extra is always good) to be stuck on the form.
  • Personal details (Full name, Parent’s name, Permanent and Temporary address, Date & Place of Birth, Education, Body ID mark, Blood group, Previous license if any with details, medical fitness (Form 1 and 2), Details of Motor driving school like Name and Address, Fees amount, Signature and Thumb impression, Parents / Guardian declaration under section 7, Subsection (2) of Motor Vehicle Act 1988.

Online License Appointment

Mahatrans Website Online Details
Mahatrans Website Online Details

In Case of any problems, You can call their listed helpline and support contact number: 040-23494777 between 10:00 am to 6:00 Pm (working hours on regular working days).

Paying Fees : Rs.30 (Each Class). I believe with EACH CLASS they mean for any type of Learning license (Gear, Non-Gear, etc) is Rs.30. (Note: The Amount may differ a little if there are some changes).

Action Part at RTO : (See Procedure at RTO office section below). In simple words Paying fees, Forms and Document verification, Main Test, Fitness Test, Filling & Receiving license cards. IMPORTANT !! As per the transport department website, you 60% and above at the Exam test at RTO and you have passed and will receive your LL immediately. Else you have to repeat the complete Online process again.

Documents Required :

  • Age Proof: Birth Certificate Proof (Valid Documents considered here are School Leaving, Gram Panchayat / Municipal Corporation certificate of birth, Age Proof by Civil Surgeon).
  • Address / Residence Proof: Although the link provided on their page does not detail exact documents as valid Resident proof. (On their old website they detailed valid documents such as a Voter’s ID card, Passport, Life Insurance Certificate, and If Employed by State / Central Government then salary slip)
  • Citizenship Proof (Again not detailed, But Aadhaar Card & Passport might do).
  • Parents required if the applicant is a minor (16 to 18 age) and Learner’s license for two-wheelers without gear.

It is recommended to carry 3 Passport size photographs (A few extra is always better) and all important documents (ORIGINAL) which may be helpful at any time.

The Old Form That Looked Like Below (Sample Image Only)

Learner License Online Form
Learner License Online Form

First Online License Appointment Implementation Day

It was 30th December 2016 and as usual citizens of Mumbai queued to get forms and applications at the Andheri RTO office. It was chilling cold and few also came as early as 5:30 to 6:00 am as they can save time finishing early and get back to a routine jobs and other work.

Every day the Manual process form/application’s token window opens at 8:30 which got delayed to 9:00 am and finally opened at 9:30 with about 350 to 450 people waiting. Out of all, only 7 people were allowed as they got the date and time with a token via their online portal e-form application process.

Although the information was declared publicly by leading newspapers in Mumbai, Many didn’t have an idea of this change and missed and went through the same old Motor training schools, as usual, to apply for their licenses. Those regular touts were angry as their time is finished like those movie ticket black marketing touts and will miss a huge business from innocent citizens.

Online License Application Age Limits

For this new online appointment process, age limits are set according to the type of vehicle for which you want a license to learn, Details as below along with a total number of internet learner license application tokens limits per day and timings :

  • Age Group 16 to 18 Years: Up to 50CC gearless Motorcycles allowed. Parent’s consent is compulsory for this age.
  • Age Group above 18 Years: All the vehicles falling under the NON-TRANSPORT License group, which are Motorcycles, Cars, and Jeeps which are under (LIGHTWEIGHT VEHICLE MOUNT, LVM).
  • Age 20 and Above: This age and above can apply online for their learner license for the TRANSPORT VEHICLES category which are LVM (TR), HGV & HPV (Transport), Auto-rickshaw (TR).
    Total Applications Daily Limit and Timings: A total of 350 appointment tokens will be issued online and timings for the same will be between 9:30 AM to 3:30 PM. Portal’s e-form has the option to select timings according to your own convenience.

Procedure at RTO Office

  1. Verification of all the documents will be done by RTO authorities along with some checks like vision test, color blindness test, and physical fitness.
  2. You will have to pay the learner license fee now.
  3. Data entry will be done next followed by your individual Biometrics (i.e Thumb Impression, Signature, Digital Photographs taken).
  4. Next, you will be guided with road safety education and learner test preparation.
  5. Finally you have to give an online test about your knowledge of traffic signs and road related (20 objective questions). IMP: Go through the links below for test preparation and generic help on road traffic related.
  6. 12 and above correctly answered are considered passed otherwise failed. You may reappear again after 7 days.
  7. TEST RESULT: You passed or failed will be declared on the spot.
  8. If passed, you will receive an ‘RTO Learner Driving License on the spot’. Your one-time non-renewable learning license is valid for 6 months. If expired you will have to apply fresh.
  9. Finally, within 30 days (within 6 month period) you may appear for the final test to get your PERMANENT LICENSE at the same RTO Office.

Other Important Links

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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