Road Offences Traffic Penalties Fines 2022 – Mumbai

“Year 2022, The old and new/latest updated fines as below (Amount in Rs.) seems to have huge difference in amount and in terms of imprisonment. I try my best to keep updated with applicable fines & other penalties.

CCTV Cameras are in place and nothing is taken casually, Bribe no more works as E-Challan are in place. Breaking road rules may attract multiple folds of fine amount now and also jail for 2 to 3 years. Below are the updated Penalties for 2022 related Road Offences by our traffic department of Mumbai..”

Know Also : White Yellow Lines in Centre of Road.

Traffic Fines Implemented December 2021, Applicable for 2022 Also.

End of December, Road traffic rules & fines got stricker and will be for Year 2022 also. Below are some of the updates.

Two-Wheeler without Helmet will be charged Rs.500 (First Time), Rs.1500 (Repeated Offence).

Breaking Speed limits will cost higher. Rs.2000 (Old Fine), Rs.5000 (Updated Penalty) & Rs.10,000 (Repeated Offence).

Reckless Drivers need to pay Rs.1000 (2 & 3 Wheelers) & Rs.2000 (for LMV). Repeat Offence details not given, So may be same or may be prison or license suspension (May Be).

Overloaded or Unsafe vehicle in any other ways will attract a fine of Rs.1000 (Old fine Rs.500) for 2 & 3 Wheelers & Rs.2000 for all other vehicles.

Love talking on Mobile phones ? Pay higher this time, Rs.500 (Old Rs.200) & Rs.1500 (Repeated Offence).

Year 2019 Fines

Penalties Fines 2019-2020
Penalties Fines 2019-2020

Point 1 and 2 in Hindi reveals the Compensation for a road accident victim who are liable to get Rs.25000 in case of any road accident in Mumbai / Maharashtra with minor injuries. It also details that incase the accident is fatal (In case of death), The amount is increased from Rs.25000 to 2,00000 to respected person in family.

In case of heavy injuries (details not specified like fractures etc) the amount is increased to Rs.50000.

Penalties Till Year 2020

IMPORTANT NOTE : Updated Fine (Recent Changes) will be always updated on top of article. Below fines are applicable otherwise.

Road Traffic Offences and Penalties Fines
Road Traffic Offences and Penalties Fines


  • Driving Without Valid Registration 2 Wheeler (Both Driver & Owner) : Rs.1000 Each
  • Driving Without Valid Registration Other than 2 Wheeler (Both Driver & Owner) : Rs.2000 Each
  • Vehicle Registration Number not in Four Digits : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Registration Number of Taxi Not Painted on Dashboard : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Registration Number or Letters Not as Per Measurement in Rules : Rs.200

Fitness Certificate

  • Driving a Vehicle Without Valid Fitness Certificate (Other than Two-Wheeler) (Driver & Owner) : Rs.2000 Each

Vehicle Insurance

  • Driving Without Valid Insurance (Driver Penalized) : Rs.300
  • Driving Without Valid Insurance (Owner Penalized) : Rs.2000

Racing / Speeding / Rash Driving Penalties

  • Racing & Speed Test Violation : Rs.2000
  • Speed Violation by Driver : Rs.1000
  • Dangerous Driving : Rs.1000

Fines For Alternation In Vehicles

  • Unauthorised Alternation in Motor Vehicle : Rs.1000
  • Unauthorised Interference with Vehicle : Rs.1000

Worng Side Driving

  • According to High Court Directions Wrong Side Driving : Rs.1000

Fines & Penalties Related to Vehicle Number Plate

  • Illegal Number Plate Fonts That Reads Numbers to DADA / BABA or MAMA etc. : Rs.1000
  • A Vehicle Driven or Parked at Public Road Without Any Number Plate : Rs.200
  • Visibility of Number Plate on Front and Rear of Vehicle, Rear Side Number Plate of Transport Vehicle Not Illuminated, Trailers Rear Side Number Plate Not Displayed : Rs.200
  • Displaying Inscribing or Writing Letter, Figure, Word, Picture or Symbol on Number Plate OR If Plate Bears Personnel Name or Pictures or a Symbols etc OR Number Plate Letters Not in English and Figures Not in Arabic Numerals : Rs.200
  • If a Number Plate is Hidden Partially or Fully with anything : Rs.200
  • Number Plate of Transport Vehicle Not Displayed at Four Plate : Rs.200
  • A Broken Number Plate Can attract fine of : Rs.200
  • If Number Plate of Motor Cycle is Not Parallel to Handle Bar : Rs.200
  • If Number Plate Found With Unauthorised Colour Used : Rs.200
  • LMV Number Plate Not at Middle With Illumination : Rs.200
  • Using Word, Figure, Drawing, Sticker on Vehicle (Press, Police, Advocate etc) on Transport MV : Rs.200
  • Using Word, Figure, Drawing, Sticker on Vehicle (Press, Police, Advocate etc) on Non-Transport MV : Rs.200

Light Related Violations and Penalties

  • Without Red Tail Lamp or Light : Rs.1000
  • A Moving Vehicle Without Light after Sunset : Rs.200
  • A Vehicle Without Parking Lights : Rs.200
  • Dazzling Light Fine : Rs.200
  • If Vehicle Light Not Visible : Rs.200

Dangerous Head

  • Vehicle Without a Red Reflector : Rs.1000
  • Unsafe Goods Loaded on Any type Vehicle Beyond Body : Rs.500
  • Load Extends to Height Beyond Limits/Projection of Load : Rs.500
  • Unsafe OR Dangerous Transportation of Goods : Rs.200
  • Unsafe Goods Seen Overloaded Beyond Body, No White Reflector Disc and Additional Red Lamp Attached at the Rear (Or Invisible due to Goods Over Loaded): Rs.1000
  • Talking, Messaging or anything on Mobile or any Communication Device while Driving : Rs.200
  • Use of Mobile by a Vehicle Trainer While Training For Learners : Rs.200
  • If a Driver is Unfit (Physically or Mentally) & Caught : Rs.500
  • Road Safety Standards Violation : Rs.500

License Related Offences

  • Driving Any vehicle Without Valid License : Rs.500
  • Driving Any vehicle Without Valid License by 16 Years of Age or Below : Rs.500
  • A Driver Whose License is Disqualified : Rs.500
  • A License Driver Who is not Accompanied with Trainer : Rs.200

Permit Violations

  • Permitting Any Driver to Drive Motor Vehicle Without License (Owner Will be Fined) : Rs.500

Helmet Fines

  • Without Helmet : Rs.500

Vehicle Horn Violations

  • Vehicles Fitted or Using Multi Honed Horns Giving Harsh, Shrill,Loud or Alarming Noise, Multi-toned and Shrill Horns : Rs.500
  • Restrictions on Driving with Gear Disengaged / Driving with Natural Gear in Ghats : Rs.500
  • Name and address of the Operator not Painted on Firmly Affixed to every Vehicle : Rs.200
  • Prohibition on Unnecessary use of Horn at No Honking Zones : Rs.200
  • Honking Repeatedly in Residential / Silence Zone Area : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Creating Disturbing Noise or Certain Type of Alarming Sound When in Motion : Rs.200

Violations of Signboard On Road

  • Mandatory Traffic Sign Boards Not Obeyed : Rs.200

Road Side Parking Offence

  • Vehicle Parked wear Stopping Prohibited / Vehicle is not allowed on Road : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked on Footpath, Zebra Crossing or Cycle Track : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked Near Bus Stop, At Educational Institute / Hospital entry
  • A Parked Vehicle in a way if Blocking Road Traffic Signs : Rs.200
  • Parking a Vehicle in a Tunnel : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked in Bus Lane : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked in a way which blocks the Entrance or Exit of any Property : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked Away from the Edge of the Footpath : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked in a Way Opposite another Which in anyways Obstructs Other Vehicle: Rs.200
  • Vehicle Alongside Another Parked Vehicle (Double Parking Offence) : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked in Strictly Marked “No Parking” Area : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Parked in a Dangerous Condition OR Causing of Obstruction to Free Flow of Traffic : Rs.200
  • Parking a Vehicle on Main Road Wear Notified Speed Limit is 50 KM Per Hour or More : Rs.200
  • Parking a Vehicle within 50 Metre From the Edge of Junction or Inter Section : Rs.200
  • Parking a Vehicle on Continuous Yellow Line Painted on Curved Side on Road : Rs.200
  • Park Vehicle In Permitted Parking Place Beyond Permitted Time Limit : Rs.200
  • Parked Vehicle in Other Than Permitted Specified Category (Bike Parking Only, LMV Parking Only etc) : Rs.200
  • Not Parking Vehicle As Designated in Parking Lot : Rs.200

Vehicle Documents Related Fines

  • If a Driver / Owner Failed to Produce Valid Driving License : Rs.200
  • If a Driver / Owner Failed to Produce Valid PUC of That Particular Vehicle : Rs.200
  • If a Driver / Owner Failed to Produce Vehicle Documents Within 15 Days of Demand in Writing : Rs.200
  • If a Driver / Owner Failed to Produce a Valid Driving Licence on Demand (Public Service Vehicle) : Rs.200
  • If a Driver / Owner Failed to Display badged (HMV Passenger Carrier) : Rs.200
  • If a Driver / Owner Found with Two Different Licence in his name : Rs.500

Lane Cutting Penalties

  • Lane Cutting Fine : Rs.200

Overtaking Violations & Penalties

  • If Someone Overtakes from Left is an Offence : Rs.200
  • If Someone Overtakes on a Road Bend Or Corner Or Turning : Rs.200
  • If Someone Overtakes at Junctions Or Intersections Or Zebra Crossing : Rs.200
  • If Someone Overtakes in Locations of School Or Hospitals Or Construction Zone Area : Rs.200
  • Giving the right turn indicator to the following Vehicle for if Someone Overtakes : Rs.200
  • If Someone Overtakes is obstructed : Rs.200
  • If Someone Overtakes within barriers on a Railway Crossing : Rs.200
  • If Someone Overtakes Or U-Turn Or Drive Backwards in a Tunnel : Rs.200

Vehicle Stopping Prohibitions, Violations and Penalties

  • Parking OR Stopping Vehicle in a Tunnel Without Genuine Reason : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops the Vehicle at Narrow Road : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops the Vehicle Near or on a Sharp Bend : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops Vehicle in an Acceleration Or De-acceleration Length : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops the Vehicle on 5 Meters Before Pedestrian Crossing : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops Vehicle on a Level Crossing : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops Vehicle 5 Meters or Less Before Light Signals or “GIVE WAY” or “STOP SIGN” : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops the Vehicle at Bus Stand : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops Vehicle on Yellow Box Marked on Road : Rs.200
  • If a Driver Stops the Vehicle at Mandatory “NO STOPPING” Sign : Rs.200
  • No Stopping Before Stop Line : Rs.200

Vehicle Towing Related

  • Unsafe Towinga 2 Wheeler by Other Vehicle : Rs.200

Excess Person

  • Total 3 People or More Seating on a Motor Cycle : Rs.200
  • More than Allowed Persons Sitting in Cabin of a Goods Carriage : Rs.200
  • Over Loading a Vehicle : Rs.200

On Road Display Offence

  • Driving Without a ‘L’ Board Sign (Learner’s Without Permanent Valid License) : Rs.200
  • Driving Without Wipers on Vehicle : Rs.200
  • Driving Without Indicators : Rs.200
  • Unclean Public Service Vehicle : Rs.200

Other Road Offences and Respective Fines

  • Disobedience of Police Order or Road Directions : Rs.500
  • Riding on Running Board Outside Vehicle : Rs.200
  • Refusal to Pay Taxi or Bus Charges : Rs.200
  • Heavy Vehicles Driving in Right lane (Not Allowing, Blocking Others) : Rs.200
  • Entering the ‘No Entry’ in One Way : Rs.200
  • Driving Without a Safety Seat Belt : Rs.200
  • Children up to age 12 Years age not Provided Seat with Appropriate Child Restraint System : Rs.200
  • Obstruction to Driver Or Front Seating : Rs.200
  • Loud Music Played in Vehicle : Rs.200
  • Driver Found Watching any type Videos while Driving (Except Rout Navigation) : Rs.200
  • Driver Crossing White Or Yellow Solid Lane Lines at Time of Overtaking : Rs.200
  • Turning Left Or Right Without Hand Signal or Vehicle Light Indications : Rs.200
  • Not Slowing Down at Junctions and Zebra Crossing : Rs.200
  • Driving Slowly Without Good and Sufficient Reason That Affects Other Normal Traffic Flow : Rs.200
  • Applying Sudden Brake Without Genuine Reason is Risky and an Offence too : Rs.200
  • Restrictions on Driving Backwards (Reverse Direction) On Road, Public Parking etc : Rs.200
  • Driving any vehicle on Footpath or a Dedicated Cycle Track Without Authorities Permission : Rs.200
  • Mumbai Police Manual Signal Violation : Rs.200
  • Driving Vehicle with Parking Light ON (Without Valid Reasons, Fog, Heavy Rains Visibility Problems etc) : Rs.200
  • Driving with Unhealthy Tyres : Rs.200
  • Tinted Glass or Black Film on Vehicles that Obstructs Visibility of Inside Person from Outside : Rs.200
  • Right Side Door not Locked (Auto Rickshaw) : Rs.200
  • Valid Badge not in the Name of HMV Passenger Carrier driver : Rs.200
  • Without Prescribed Uniform (Tourist Cabs) : Rs.200
  • Without Cab Drivers Identity Card (All Type Cabs) : Rs.200
  • Refusing to Ply Auto Rickshaw Or Motor Taxi : Rs.200
  • Obstruction to Driver For Carrying Animal or Things (For Goods Carrier) : Rs.200
  • Vehicle Without Mud Guard : Rs.200
  • Carriage of Persons in Goods Vehicles : Rs.200
  • Advertisement on Transport Vehicles Without RTO’s Permission : Rs.200
  • Driving on Road Without Side Mirror : Rs.200
  • Using TV or Video Set on Dashboard : Rs.200
  • Using Dangerous Projection : Rs.200
  • Use of Military Or Police Colours & Registration Mark is Prohibited : Rs.200
  • A Vehicle Without Silencer : Rs.200
  • Jumping a Traffic Signal / Junction with Signals : Rs.200
  • HMV (Trucks etc) without Cleaner : Rs.200
  • Keeping a Vehicle on any Public Place / Road side Which Cause Problems to Other Vehicle Movements : Rs.50 Per Hour
  • Motor Vehicle with Left Hand Drive Without Displaying mechanical or Signalling Device Board at the Rear side (Owner & Driver both) : Rs.200

Public Service Motor Cab Rules Violations & Fines

  • Meter Flag Down on Stand (Taxi Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Stop out of Stand (TAxi Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Misbehaving with Passengers and other cabbies (Taxi Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Unclean Vehicle (Taxi Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Cab or Taxi Driver Without White Uniform (Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Driver Smoking While on Duty (Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Insufficient Fuel (Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Shouting loud and calling for Passengers (Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Carry Cleaner in Permit Vehicle (Motor Cab) : Rs.200
  • Faulty Meters (Motor Cab) : Rs.200

Violations & Fines For Public Service Vehicle Other Than Motor Cab

  • Carrying Explosives, Inflammable articles, Any Kind of Explosives and Other Dangerous Substances on a Public Service Vehicle : Rs.200
  • Allowing any Person, Thing or Animal in the Space Reserved for Driver : Rs.200
  • Shouting for Passenger : Rs.200
  • Smoking While on Duty : Rs.200
  • Misbehaving with Passenger : Rs.200
  • If a Driver seen inside Vehicle Without Uniform : Rs.200
  • Not Wearing and Properly Displaying a Valid Badge : Rs.200
  • Delaying the Road Journey Without Valid Reasons : Rs.200

About Fines Challans One Must Know

Lately in 2016, I came across a nice information page by Daily Bhaskar about rights of a citizen and details about Officer level and restrictions, Fines / Penalties and Challans. Below is the same already implemented in 2017 and applicable for 2018.

  • When traffic police stopped for any reasons, The ‘constables’ on duty cannot seize your car or pull out the keys. They have no legal rights to do that.
  • Arresting an offender and asking for PUC (Pollution Under Control) cannot be done by traffic constable, Neither they can arrest you.
  • A police in traffic situation can only assist you. Fine collection is legally allowed to only Sub-Inspector and above designation.
  • 4 Reasons for which your license can be seized which are Jumping Red Signal, SMS / Social activities anything with phone while driving, Caught in over loaded car, Drink Drive situation.
  • Head constable can fine up to Rs.100 only, Officer of level ASI and SI can charge fines beyond Rs.100
  • An officer without uniform cannot stop, charge or fine you.
  • What original / Xerox documents to keep while driving : Driving License (Original), PUC (Original), Vehicle RC (Registration Copy Xerox), Insurance Certificate (Xerox).
  • Helmet for 2 wheelers are exemption for sikh community person wearing a turban and a person with mastoid surgery.
  • Spot Fine / Challans : You need to pay your fines on the spot. In case you don’t have money your driving license will be surrendered and upon paying fine in the given period will be issued again. But this can be a hectic situation consuming time and travel.
  • Notice Fine / Challans : If a traffic offender in Mumbai manages to flee away, He will receive a notice challan to visit department within a month and pay required fine. If not done within period time, Challan will be forwarded to court for further proceedings.
  • Court Challans : Penalty OR / AND imprisonment is what the offender may attract if caught for serious situations like Drink drive. Challan will be issued and penalty has to be paid inside court.

Parking Offences Towing Charges Year 2020

New rules & High Penalties for road side car parkings are out. Also details on rates per hour have been updated and pay park policies related have been listed. Complete details on same is available here.

What Wrong Parking Means ?

  • If you parked in a way which creates OBSTRUCTIONS.
  • On Authorized taxi stands or within 15 Meter area of BEST bus stand.
  • If not parked in correct manner.
  • Parking on any flyover bridges or at any of the listed traffic islands.
  • At locations with sign boards saying NO PARKING ZONE.
  • Illegal parking is also when parked on footpath or at pedestrian crossing.
  • In front of any residential or commercial building gates.

Towing Charges

Important Update : Towing charges are revised and have been increased. For two wheelers its goes approximate above 400 and for 4 wheelers around 675 which now includes GST too. Will update below once get the exact fine / charges.

Vehicle Type Towing Charges (INR. Rs)
Two Wheeler (Bike, Cycles etc) 180
Cars and Jeeps (Low Weight) 360
Taxi ( All Type Cabs) 270
Auto Rickshaw 180
Tempo 540
Truck, Tankers and Other Trailer (Heavy Vehicles) 1080

See Also : Road Traffic Rules and Signs and Driving Rules For Mumbai.

Paying Fines via E-Challan System

One of the major moves by traffic department of Mumbai, Introduction of E-Challan machines to collect fines and penalty amounts that till date were paid in cash. Traffic cops use to give back receipt (pavti in Hindi) upon paying actual amount, and few use to bribe and take bribe accepting cash Rs.100 (Just an example) when the actual offence attracts Rs.500 legally.

Trying to bring end to the corruption in department, About E-Challan machines which is a wireless device which will accept only Debit and Credit cards to deduct fine amount from citizens who break rules. About one thousand such machines will be given to traffic police which are centrally connected to a database inside a data centre of servers which device connects and updates the information details about offenders. With every fine amount, Rs.9.5 will be extra charged on Debit / Credit card as convenience charge towards the easy to use device.

What about those who do not carry such electronic debit or credit cards ? Traffic department gives a time period of 15 days within which the offender has to pay the requested fine amount via NEFT (National Electronic Funds Transfer) also commonly called a medium of ‘wire transfer’ or ‘Online Payment’. Fail to pay the fines within 15 days, from 16th day Rs.10 extra be added for every next day till you pay. Police are further planning to increase the devices upon successful workout of initial 1000 devices and also to introduce prepaid cards as an alternative option which like any other smart card has money added already via some E-Wallet or R-Wallet. Does that mean, whoever will use that prepaid cards are confident of doing any of the listed road offences in Mumbai city or else the card amount will expire / be unused ? (Just kidding).

Very good idea and nice initiative, But does that means ‘Sou Rupiya Lo Baat Khatam Karo’ (Bribing with Rs.100 note and saying finish the matter here and let me go) kind things will not happen. Getting rid off every loophole to make this system powerful / uncorrupted is very important and i am waiting for same to be updated here. Till then have a safe journey, Hope you cards are never swiped in E-Challan machine.

My love towards Mumbai city took me to passion blogging from hobby. Upon quitting job, now i am one of the online city & travel guide since 2007. Hope my efforts helps citizen, foreign nationals & tourists in some or other ways.

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