Alcohol Penalties Mumbai 2020 – Drink and Drive Fines

“Common Sense for Road Safety “DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE”, Already year 2020, But as they say Common sense is Uncommon. Considering the rising offence upon so much awareness also, The last option left is to implement high fines and strict penalties for first and subsequent offenders. Results are good since 2018, Yet not as expected in year 2020.

Understanding the permissible alcohol level and related fines in Mumbai city is very important. Bribing a traffic police is history, If caught drunk on wheels, A big hole in your pocket is for sure, At times with jail..”

Anti Drink Drive Mission - Traffic Police Mumbai
Anti Drink Drive Mission – Traffic Police Mumbai

Alcohol Level :: Fines Penalties And / Or Jail as of 2020

Below are permissible alcohol level for Drink and Drive and fines & penalties for offenders. This is according to Motor Vehicle Act (MVA S 185) in Mumbai / Maharashtra / India and as mentioned on Traffic Police Website as of March 2020.

Updated Year 2020 : First time Offender if caught under influence of alcohol or any type of drug with (30 Mg per 100 ML) as measured positive in breathalyzer will have to pay a fine of Rs.10,000. The penalties has an optional imprisonment of upto 6 months (Decided by authorities). Second time & Subsequent offender if measured positive above the permissible limits ha to pay a fine of Rs.20,000 (and / or Jail up to 2 years).

Remember, You may also lose you Driving license permanently if you are under influence of alcohol / drug and their is any accident or misbehaviour with traffic police or any authority. The decision solely depends upon the offence, court orders and authorities. This applies to all vehicles on road & not just 2 Wheelers & 4 Wheelers, LMV etc.

Before Year 2020, Till around 2018 : Below were Fine and Penalties if found guilty of Drink & Driving under Drugs or Alcohol influence.

  • 150 mg or above per 100 ml blood :: First time offence charged Rs.5000 and 2 years imprisonment. Repeated offence within 3 years Rs.10000 fine plus 4 years jail.
  • 60 to 150 mg per 100 ml blood :: 1 year imprisonment and/or Rs.4000 fine. Second and repeated offence attracts 3 years jail and/or Rs.8000 fine.
  • 30 to 60 mg alcohol per 100 ml blood :: Rs.2000 or/and 6 months jail.
  • 30 mg or lower per 100 ml :: Offence is not considered at this level of alcohol in blood.

Ongoing Anti Drink and Drive Campaign in Mumbai

It’s a matter of shame that Mumbai traffic police have to start such campaigns. How can someone just ignore safety of self and others after seeing many previous incidents of Drink driving horrible fatalities. Many a times, Life do not give another chance.

Considering the facts, Mumbai traffic police had go very strict with road offences, when it came to road safety of other pedestrians walking on road. Some shocking numbers according to many leading newspapers of Mumbai since 2012 :

  • Anti Drink and Drive campaign in Mumbai started in June 2007.
  • About 15 crores and more is collected as fines and penalties from drunk drivers (First and Second time offence included) till 2018.
  • During 2012, second time offenders reduced, Still first time offences were still on rise.
  • Police patrolling on drunk drivers was regular done. They watched two wheelers, four wheelers and other vehicles specially on weekends and festivals as this were the major days of celebration and drink driving cases were high in Mumbai city.
  • Since then, Breathalysers are used to check the alcohol level, this device can read total mg of alcohol present per 100 ml in blood, immediate results are shows & charges are applied.
  • Traffic police created awareness via SMS alerts, Hoardings and other TV & Radio media advertising. Road safety was & still is the top priority.
  • Approximate about 77000 cases were registered till then, about 42000 of such drunk drivers were already punished with 6 month imprisonment and above 37000 licenses were suspended in this mission.
  • Finally the awareness and strict fines, jail punishments showed improving signs and good results in first time road offenders under influence of alcohol while driving.

No Bribing for road traffic Offences as BREATHALYSERS are in.

After so many years, Finally a reliable solutions is out to grab the bribers and also those on duty taking it. Like a decade before, Bribing a traffic police and getting away for any road offence (Not Just Drink Driving) is nearly impossible.

ALL THE BREATHALYSERS ARE LINKED TO TRAFFIC CONTROL ROOM. Yes, the proof that you used and gave a test to a particular BREATHALYSERS is noted with time and location, along with your photo that is stored at traffic control database.

This was done as the number of offences recorded on BREATHALYSERS were not matching the total fines collected. CCTV at major junction and nakabandi areas are made compulsory with a dedicated team of anti corruption for all offences related to Mumbai road traffic keeping watch and also tracks the GPS location of all the devices on duty.

Decoys (Officers acting as commuter doing offences) often visit to keep check on duty officers, training sessions are held & as of year 2020 are internal part of all rules and sessions to bring the corruption down to the minimal.

It’s all about we citizens, Enjoy Alcohol as per your preference but keep a driver or friend who is not drunk, After all we never want this to be our last party of life.

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