Basic Driving Rules and Guidelines For Mumbai Roads

“Year 2020, Some important driving guidelines to be followed when driving in Mumbai. This Driving rules are set by Mumbai Traffic Police who are the authorized government identity for regulating traffic and other related to road offences, fines and related things. Also keep Updated that strict rules are applied for vehicle honking, parking related, drink and driving in city. Below are details with complete new article on rules, DO and DON’T with fines etc..”

Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling
Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling

Rules to Follow When Driving On Mumbai Roads

Before we understand the basic road guidelines and rules for year 2020, We need to understand 3 main Road traffic rules & signs / indicators which a driver uses and needs to adhere too. Below images explains each signs in details.

Understanding Traffic Signal Lights in Mumbai
Understanding Traffic Signal Lights in Mumbai
Markings on Mumbai Roads
Markings on Mumbai Roads
Important Hand Signs From Vehicle
Important Hand Signs From Vehicle
  • Wear Seat Belts : A very important rule for four wheelers, Also for adjacent front seat near driver. Although, now back seats also do have seat belts and everyone should wear the same at least on national highways with speeding vehicles.
  • Obey all traffic signs: Understand all the road signs and and obey it seriously.
  • Carry Valid Driving license : License and other documents like RC (Registration Certificate) book, Insurance papers, PUC (Pollution Under Control) Certificate etc in ORIGINAL
  • Drive Side Always drive on left side of the two way road. Overtake from right side of front vehicle and be on left if going slow.
  • Compulsory use side indicator lights when changing lanes. This driving rule bring a great level of safety from speeding vehicles.
  • Obey Speed Limits : Speed limits avoid many fatal accidents, specially on curvy roads, Take it seriously always.
  • Do not Drink and Drive : It’s been almost a decade and Mumbai Traffic Police has been very strict about such activities which is very dangerous and risky to you and others life and is one of the top reasons for major accidents and fatalities.
  • Drive slow : Hospitals, Schools, Colleges and at busy junctions to avoid accidents. Follow guidelines properly.
  • Care for Pedestrians : School going children, Senior citizens needs special attention, they get scared easy and always go slow, Allow them to cross the road and drive safely.
  • Follow Parking Rules : Parking improperly on busy roads, Narrow lanes and at locations with NO PARKING signs is illegal and can create traffic and inconvenience. Park only at pay and park zones whenever possible, This ensures vehicle safety and saves from damages.
  • Do not overload : Every vehicle comes with booklet with guidelines, Follow the weight limits as instructed. Overloading a car can be dangerous and is illegal too.
  • ‘L’ sign for Learners : A big L sign in red colour is a clear indication of the driver inside vehicle is learning and needs safe distance from other vehicles around. It helps the driver in many ways. It’s a simple rule to follow, Also ensure you carry a proper learning license too.
  • Avoid Mobile Phones, Use AUX : The historic date till date proves that it do not take more than few seconds for any accident and using mobile phones for talking, texting while driving has proved it many times on Mumbai roads. Cars with AUX options are safe and should be used to keep you eye on road and hands on steering properly.
  • Wearing Helmet : A must for 2 Wheeler vehicle drivers, In fact on safer side great if pillion rider wears it too.
  • Use Fog Lights & SOS for safety : SOS in heavy rains, foggy climate helps other vehicle to drive safely with maintaining proper distance.
  • Contact Traffic Police : Contact them at Junctions, Signals etc. RTO officers will always help as and when required.
  • Honking Honking should be your last option. Just because their is traffic ahead and vehicles are moving slow does not mean Honk like other idiots. ‘DO NOT MAKE FOOL OF YOURSELF’ as no person with stable mind likes it. Also considering the nonsense honkings, Rules have been implemented and one need to pay up to Rs.500 every time caught honking unnecessary. There are some DO’s and DON’T to be followed and legal boundaries to be followed when on road. See complete details on Vehicle Honking Rules and Related in Mumbai and do share with others. (Starts 4th may 2015)

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  1. Thank you for this information, i am applying for my learners licence and thought id brush up on traffic rules and regulations. your post has been useful to some extent.

    1. Who is following it ??? None of the bikers and rickshaws follow any traffic rules mentioned above.. shouldn’t we have a body monitoring it as well ??

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