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“Some updated and important driving rules and guidelines to be followed when on Mumbai roads. Every year, these updated driving rules are implemented by the Mumbai Traffic Police (Maharashtra Traffic Authority), which is the government agency responsible for regulating road traffic in Mumbai city and MMR, as well as on highways.

This article will help you with basic driving rules to follow and other important things related to road safety, like road offences, fines, honking, parking, signs, and signals for both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicle owners. Below are details with a complete new article on rules, dos and don’ts, and lots more.”

Shout Note

 HONKING is bad. Let’s practise no honking.  Give space immediately to AMBULANCE. Give maximum space. Properly follow all traffic rules.

Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling
Mumbai Traffic Police Ruling

Increasing amount of traffic on Mumbai road is somewhere understood by the number of Vehicles sold in the year 2022. According to Statista an approximate & nearest exact figure of total sales volume of cars along in India is 37,80,000. Cities like Mumbai takes a major chunk of that sales volume. Equally are everyday increase in the number of Learners driving license application online.

Driving rules needs to be strict for both two and four wheelers owners. Drivers should be well verse with all traffic rules that has to be followed in Mumbai and around India.

Understanding Traffic Signal Lights in Mumbai
Understanding Traffic Signal Lights in Mumbai
Markings on Mumbai Roads
Markings on Mumbai Roads
Important Hand Signs From Vehicle
Important Hand Signs From Vehicle

The Dos and Don’ts of Road Driving

The DOs

  • Follow lane rules properly, especially when on national highways.Seat belts for cars and helmets for bikes should not be an option. Both the driver and the pillion rider should always wear it.
  • Give priority to your and your family’s safety. ‘Obey speed limits’, Reaching your destination a little late in safe and sound condition is everyone’s will.Enjoy your drive, Drive easy within speed limits.
  • Take extreme care while crossing intersections and junctions and while overtaking. Within City, Give a helping gesture to pedestrians by allowing them to cross first.People do observe you and learn from you. Be a role model for yourself first.
  • Take extra care during the monsoon should be taken. SOS or parking lights should be used when weather conditions are bad, i.e., during heavy rains.
  • Always be helpful to other drivers on the highway. Equally, be aware of highway fraud and scams.

The DON’Ts

  • Do not drink and drive. Enjoy your drinks with friends and family, but let the sober one who has not consumed alcohol drive.
  • Never use mobile phones for texting, etc. while you are in the driver’s seat. For calls, always use the AUX feature available in most cars.
  • Rash driving can be dangerous for you and others on the road. In most cases, fatalities are observed due to this. Always avoid it.
  • Do not drive without proper headlights and taillights. During monsoons, extra care should be taken.
  • While on hilly locations, never overtake in a rush. Always give space to those who are driving uphill. They cannot slow down easily compared to one who is driving downhill.
  • Never overload your vehicle with passengers or humans.

Recent New Driving Rules

  1. Just 2 to 3 years ago, the Maharashtra traffic department came up with some new ideas for going digital, which helps commuters who drive their vehicles (both two-wheelers and four-wheelers) in Mumbai and around the state. Similarly, every year, as and when required, new rules are implemented.

    Since these new driving rules have been implemented, things are going smoothly and are both time-saving and easy for both drivers and the traffic department. Below are those new rules and changes:

  2. Hefty updated fines and penalties have been implemented for “Drink and Drive” rules. The updated fine for the “Drink and Drive’ offence is Rs. 10,000/-, which may also have a 6-month jail sentence included depending upon the case. If any repeat offence of driving under the influence of alcohol is found by the same driver, increased penalties of Rs. 15,000 (plus 2 years of jail) will be applied.
  3. Repeat offenders are also at high risk of losing their licence permanently or being suspended for a period of time. Be extremely careful before sitting in the driver’s seat after drinking alcohol.
  4. Another increase in road penalties for drivers in Mumbai and across Maharashtra is for pillion riders on two wheelers. Wearing a helmet is mandatory for pillion riders. A fine of Rs. 1000 will be charged immediately if found guilty.
  5. Authorities are now able to issue E-Challans (Fines). No physical paper (‘Pavti’ in Hindi) was given. Vehicle and owner information with contact details is available with the traffic department of Mumbai. They can simply connect to their portal and issue e-challans, which the owner or driver can pay online.
  6. The traffic department can now check the validity of your vehicle and other related documents online. Electronically, the updated information is available for you as well. Your driving licence, insurance papers, registration certificate (also called ‘RC Book’), and PUC certificate (Pollution Under Control Check) can all be safely uploaded at Digilocker or the Portal of MTrasport and can be referred to anytime when required. It is a revolution in itself to go paperless.
  7. Records of all your fines (E-Challans), driving licences revoked or restricted for any reason, etc. are all recorded and updated online now. At any given time, when needed, action can be taken against the driver or vehicle owner, who can easily be located for any legalities.
  8. Restrictions on using mobile phones while driving are loosening up. Considering all safety concerns, the dangers of using mobile phones for texting and other things are still under restrictions, except for the use of mobile smart phones for direction apps during travel. Yes, your phone can be used for getting help from travel maps, which is indeed a very useful feature of any smartphone today.
  9. An addition to the current driving rules in Mumbai (Maharashtra) is that now all passengers have to wear seatbelts while inside the car in motion. If any passenger or driver himself is seen without seatbelts, E-Challan can be an issue, as this new driving rule has already been implemented and is active.
  10. Similarly, for bikers, the new rule is to wear helmets. Here I am talking about pillion riders. It is now mandatory for a pillion rider to wear a helmet for safety, which is not required of the driver anymore. From all past road accidents, it was observed that it was the pillion rider who got more hurt and suffered more head injuries and fatalities compared to the driver himself.

Important Driving Rules to Follow

  • Seat Belts: Wearing seat belts is mandatory for all passengers in a car, not just the driver.
  • Obey all traffic signs: properly understand and obey traffic signals, hand signs, etc. while driving. Read more about the meaning of road signs and White and yellow lines / dividers.
  • Carry a Valid Driving Licence: Every driver should make sure that a valid (non-expired, commercial, etc.) driving licence is procured and shown when requested by traffic police. Carrying all other documents like the RC Book, PUC Certificate, and Tax Certificate (printed or digital) is mandatory as per driving rules. A commercial vehicle should also have and carry a valid Vehicle fitness certificate.
  • Driving Side: When on a two-way road, always drive on the left side of the road. Always overtake from the right side of another vehicle. Always keep left if driving slowly.
  • Using Side Lights and SOS Indicators: Be sure to give left and right indicator lights before you change lanes on highways and also inside Mumbai city. SOS and parking indicators are for safety; use them when visibility is low during the monsoon.
  • Do not “drink and drive”: Driving under the influence of alcohol is a serious offence, and updated, hefty fines (as detailed on this page) have already been implemented.
  • Drive Slow: Always drive slowly as per speed limits at locations around hospitals, schools, and colleges, as well as at busy junctions, to avoid accidents.
  • Care for pedestrians: especially schoolchildren and the elderly, should be your top priority. Allow them to cross the road first. A few vendors who carry heavy loads on their backs and heads should also be allowed to cross the road in priority. Humanity stays on top.
  • Honking is bad: Unless required or in an emergency, do not honk, as honking itself cannot remove traffic. We all also observe a few people honking for no reason. When in traffic, be logical and understand that the guy in front of you is also waiting to move ahead. Simply honking without knowing the situation ahead is stupid. Read about Honking rules in detail.
  • Follow Parking Rules: Parking improperly on busy roads, narrow lanes, or at locations with ‘NO PARKING’ signs is illegal and can attract penalties. It also creates traffic and inconveniences others. Park only at pay-and-park zones whenever possible, This ensures vehicle safety and also saves on damages. Road more about Parking rules.
  • Do not overload vehicles: be they private or commercial. Driving rules apply to all types of overloaded vehicles. It is dangerous.
  • Number Plate Fonts and Colour: There are laid down rules for the types of fonts and colours allowed depending on vehicle type. Fancy number plates are strictly not allowed. Read more about Traffic rules related to vehicle number plates.
  • ‘L’ letter sign on vehicle: Both two-wheeler and four-wheeler vehicle owners who carry a valid learner’s licence in Mumbai should have a red-coloured ‘L’ letter sign on the back and front of the vehicle, which helps other drivers be cautioned.
  • Avoid Mobile Phones, Use AUX: As per updated driving rules, mobile phones are allowed only to be used for directions apps (i.e., Maps, etc.). Otherwise, it is risky and illegal and may attract road offences and penalties.
  • Wearing an ISI marked helmet: Both the driver and pillion riders must wear an ISI-marked safety verified helmet.
  • Use fog lights and SOS: During heavy rains and while roadside parking, SOS and parking lights should be kept on. Fog lights and SOS are for your own safety.
  • Contact Traffic Police: If and when required, contact Mumbai traffic police helplines mobile on 8454999999. Traffic Control Room direct numbers are : +91-22-24937755, +91-22-24937746, and +91-22-24940303. Also know about RTO Offices in Mumbai.

See also: Road Safety Guidelines for Drivers and Pedestrians in Mumbai. Vehicle number series and related RTO’s.

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