Road Safety Guidelines for Drivers and Pedestrians – Mumbai

“Road Safety is at utmost priority as Mumbai is one of the high road traffic city in India. Safety of drivers as well as pedestrians should be taken seriously and strict penalties need to applied. Following simple road safety guidelines should be applied strictly which will save many life. Below are few things to keep in mind when on Mumbai roads..”

Guidelines for Road Safety
Guidelines for Road Safety

Guidelines for Pedestrians

  • Be a obedient civilian and the kids will learn from you, this is a lesson of safety for them too.
  • Starting with the most important and most ignored safety rule which has caused many fatalities is Mobile texting. While crossing road or looking at those attractive hoarding or talking with friends and while crossing the road, Remember it cost one or many life.
  • Walking on main carriageway may be fatal, Be on safer side and Do not walk their.
  • Latest road developments by MMRDA and BMC have given facilities like skywalks, footpath (Although not everywhere) and subways at major traffic locations in Mumbai that helps elders and kids to cross roads safely. Healthy distance is maintained between drivers and pedestrians and is a healthy safety move.
  • Educate kids and help yourself with habits of seeing on both directions of road before crossing. Many times habitually people look just one side and cross the road. We have some TV commercial of famous Tyre companies which titles ‘Our Roads Are Filled With Idiots’ which is sadly true. People do ignore signals and drive in opposite direction (wrong way) and if our habits are not taken care of, we might get injured due to such idiots.

Guidelines for Drivers

If you are a newbie and just got your driving license, DO NOT get excited and make your first drive on city roads unmemorable or the last. Go steady and slow for couple of months and gain road confidence. Rash driving, speeding and impatience is the reason for major road accidents in Mumbai city. Chances are you may hurt others or yourself due to less experience and not following the golden rule of road safety. Follow the basic driving traffic rules which you learned and follow the traffic rules seriously.

  • If on Bike, make sure you wear a helmet. Pillion riders are more prone to deaths as seen in news related road accidents, so why not helmet for them too.
  • REMEMBER, vehicles are live weapons if not handled carefully.
  • Ride Safely, Making kids ride on fuel tanks due to less space on bike is very dangerous. Don’t ignore basic safety norms and assume nothing happens, Children are smart and can hold the mirror bar safely while seating on fuel tanks.
  • Importance of seat belts can be asked to a survivor road accident victim. Do not ignore seat belts, its a one point safety medium for many vehicles.
  • Parking on road side may welcome damage or may be more dangerous too, Avoid it and use pay and park wherever possible. In worst scenario, park at a safe location have to on road and that too in the best possible way. Close you side mirror before leaving.
  • Carry important documents in original along with your driving license with you always, Traffic Police are more sticker compare to past when it comes to rash and drink driving. Strict checking by Mumbai traffic police are always as surprise now. Checking the documents before hand and help decrease road offence.
  • Zebra crossing are made for pedestrians. Drivers should slow down and stop before (NOT ON) zebra crossings. Live CCTV cameras are promptly catching such road offence creators and automatic penalties and Chalan are send at vehicle owners home.

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