Butterfly Garden inside Byculla Zoo – Mumbai

“Mumbai is still waiting to get first of its kind of butterfly garden inside Byculla Zoo. The revamp of Byculla zoo Garden project that will bring 3 new gardens inside wide 53 acres green land and with special Butterfly garden there are plans for Medicinal Garden, Tactile Garden that will attract thousands of visitors and varieties of Butterflies too..”

Butterfly Garden Zoo
Butterfly Garden Zoo

Get ready to explore the green land of butterflies inside Mumbai Zoo which along with other 2 new gardens will open doors to hundreds of new species of butterflies and will be soon be accessible to public inside regular zoo. Timings of this new butterfly garden will not be different and will be part of regular visiting hours.

Zoo committee is making special arrangements to attract lots of new butterflies inside this dedicated garden section by planting nectarine and new food plants and flowers that produces honey and other food that attracts this little species in huge groups.

Till date their was no such garden in Mumbai and this will be the very first of its kind. Also expected at those little caterpillars to be seen inside garden premises.

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