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“A great news for those science and medical students as the New medicinal garden will be given access and it will be kind of new live laboratory to touch feel and get to know the beautiful herbs and day to day usage plants that have medicinal values, Our Byculla zoo (Also Called Rani Baug or Veer Jijamata Udhyan) is coming up to 3 new gardens among which medicinal garden is one in their 53 acres reserved open plot..”

Medicinal Garden at Byculla Zoo
Medicinal Garden at Byculla Zoo

‘Save Rani Baug Committee’ along with BMC is bringing up 3 new gardens inside the huge and famous reserved plot of Byculla zoo. This was part and addition as the revamp project of that special year when zoo completed its 150 years of existence in Mumbai. This zoo medicinal garden will be part of the already homed 3000 varieties of trees and 286 species and it will be a mixture of 850 medicinal and non-medicinal plants tagged as the biggest garden of Mumbai.

Plants that have medicinal values such as sabja, lemongrass, shatavari, brahmi, Tulsi are some of the very few to be listed among hundreds of others. Call it a live laboratory to experiment and learn all the values and features of various shrubs and the curing element each have. Sure a wow factor for all those medical & science students at various schools and colleges in Mumbai.

Benefiting schools who will start taking students as one day picnic to zoo to better known natural herbs of India that can be used in day to day life. Some of these medicinal plants inside garden such quick cure natural herbs has medicinal values since thousands of years and our ‘Rishi Muni’ (Yogi) use to explore such natural plants and flowers having medicinal values.

What’s more about this medicinal garden ? Zoo committee is already working on same and the garden will be open to public at bare minimum cost with same operational timings as be zoo. Every plant will have a info board that will detail name of the herb/shrubs with its medicinal benefits and use in day to day life. This will take our Mumbai zoo on top of natural heritage list.

More upcoming is the Tactile garden for blinds and Butterfly garden in very short time of 2012 year.

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